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Help! Are all hob burner bits the same size?

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robino Sat 15-Aug-09 06:17:41

And can you buy spares?

Bollocks. I'm a lazy slattern at heart so thought I'd stick my hob burner bits in the very top cutlery tray of my dishwasher to clean them. Brilliant idea, eh? grin

Except now the silvery round bits (do you know what I mean?) aren't silver anymore. Kitchen is new (less than 3 months old). Now, I admit the hob top was a cheapy (we're planning on renting our house out eventually so went for cheap and easy to replace) but I didn't think I could kill it in the dishwasher .

It's a "new home" hob - and I can't find a website (can only assume it's a trade brand). I was hoping to pick up some spares. Any ideas?

dylsmum1998 Sat 15-Aug-09 08:09:59

i have replaced the top peice of the hob burner on mine (the flat black bit) as lost one in house move. i got it from e spares

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