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help, trying to hang curtains up, maybe just a numpty!!

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cheeryface Fri 14-Aug-09 21:31:52

i have gathered them up with the strings i have got the rings on and got them on the pole BUT the sides are not hanging down at all straight, they look all cock eyed and twisted. have i done something wrong? i am wondering if they are just badly made or something??
any ideas??

BigGobMum Fri 14-Aug-09 21:46:46

You havent gathered them too tight have you? They still close fully?

bodiddly Fri 14-Aug-09 22:06:58

have you put the hooks in at the same height the whole way across the width of the curtain?

cheeryface Sat 15-Aug-09 08:04:29

they fully close, i have gathered them quite alot though as they are quite wide. could that be it?

Size6Feet Sun 16-Aug-09 00:04:39

It sounds like the gathering up is a bit uneven. If theres 3 strings to the tape then they all need to be pulled the same tension. Have you knotted the strings on the leading (inside) edges? If you didnt then this may explain the floppiness - the strings may have pulled through. You can get a big needle and pull them back to the end.

Another common problem is that curtain hooks get inserted higgledy piggledy when they should be inserted every, say, 5th slot working from the leading edge to the outside edge. Good luck.

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