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how to get stains out of white clothing

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mustsleep Fri 14-Aug-09 10:49:36

ds's karate suit is covered in stains (dh stupidly took him to play in the beer garden on the way home angry) and now it's ruined

I have tried stain remover and bleaching it but the bleach didn't even lift it

It's only mud so not sure what I am doing wrong lol I used thin bleach I think and soaked it in this mixed diluted with water but did put some on neat first and no difference

KAEKAE Fri 14-Aug-09 16:16:08

I normally put stain remover on the stain and a bit in the washing machine dispenser then put item on a warm wash...I then leave it in direct on a really hot day and the sun normally bleaches out the stain!

mustsleep Fri 14-Aug-09 17:22:30

aaahhhhh i'll give that a go! thanks smile

raspberrytart Fri 14-Aug-09 17:26:11

I second the bright sunshine bleaching effect-my ds comes home covered in tomato sauce from school dinners and no amount of stain remover gets that out.
However you may be waiting a while for sunshine!

mustsleep Fri 14-Aug-09 18:58:06

yeah lol was going to say I wonder when we will have some sunshine grin

cazboldy Fri 14-Aug-09 19:00:06

Wash on a hot wash with some soda crystals in it - you can even soak them in it if necessary

GwarchodwrPlant Fri 14-Aug-09 19:01:00


kitkat9 Sat 15-Aug-09 08:03:31

laundry soap rubbed directly onto stains before washing, then echo what others have said - sunlight works wonders!

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