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Pen on Baby Annabel's face- HELP

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thatsnotmymonster Wed 12-Aug-09 10:10:24

dd1 got baby annabel for her 3rd birthday a few weeks ago. It's her favourite thing.

I discovered this morning that dd2 (15mo) has drawn all over her face with blue ball point pen. The doll is ruined and I am gutted.

Will anything get it off?

notsoteenagemum Wed 12-Aug-09 10:22:23

Oh no!
Baby wipes?

mumtoaprincess Wed 12-Aug-09 11:11:45


PestoMonster Wed 12-Aug-09 11:13:45

Nail varnish remover?
White spirit?

Hopeoverexperience Wed 12-Aug-09 13:45:12

another vote for cif - seems to work wonders on most things!

PortAndLemon Wed 12-Aug-09 13:47:05

If you've got any of that alcohol hand sanitizer gel, that's quite good for getting pen off things.

PortAndLemon Wed 12-Aug-09 13:49:22

eHow has a method involving benzoyl peroxide acne ointment and a desk light and feedback here suggests it's worked for a number of people.

JackieNo Wed 12-Aug-09 13:57:06

Or try spraying it with hairspray, and wiping immediately.

thatsnotmymonster Wed 12-Aug-09 14:07:36

have tried baby wipes and nail polish remover but no luck.

I then tried milk cos heard that worked but nothing.

She now has clearasil all over her face but it doesn't seem to be working. Don't have a suitable lamp.

Apparantly peanut butter might work but I have none in at the moment.

any other suggestions?

PortAndLemon Wed 12-Aug-09 14:11:51

It does sound as though you need the lamp with the Clearasil method, and to leave it under the lamp for several hours (preferably without setting fire to your house)

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