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Monday Flying

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wendyhappysmile Mon 10-Aug-09 08:48:51

Hi everyone

wendyhappysmile Mon 10-Aug-09 08:52:19

Just deciding what to do this morning - brave the rain or visit my mum, perhaps, have abandoned children downstairs while I am upstairs on the PC blush I am not with it this morning.
Slept really badly last night, sleep is so important isn't it!! Early night tonight.
Just put some stuff on Freecycle, hope it goes so we get the garage looking better, had an hour in there last night to try and improve it - i.e. so one can actually walk in there!

Well see you all later ladies, hope all is well with you all

EHM Mon 10-Aug-09 09:28:46

Morning ALL*

thanks for thread.hope you have a better nights sleep tonight. Have fun whatever you decide to do today.

Off to Soft Play with Ellie-she has requested to go to this particular SP so want to be there when it opens at 10am. Limited parking so will leave shortly to get there & park.

Have a good day ladies. Have spoken to DH he has arrived in Hong Kong very exciting for him.

swanriver Mon 10-Aug-09 09:31:55

Have done quite a bit this morning already.
Nitcombed ds2's hair, the others last night, made a big pile of things to pack in handluggage
switched off electric entertainers
now a friend of ds1 coming round (otherwise we won't have had him once in the entire six week break blush

Need to
wash up breakfast
clean saucepans away
hoover playroom and our room
one more load of washing for dh to hang out
dispose of some rubbish

find a catsitting neighbour for three days interim before teenage catsitter returns [all very complicated)

mop loo floors
pile my paperwork in a corner

lunch is the remains of enormous pie
oh yes sort recycling out
send two letters/bills

we are off at 3.00 pm

Starbear Mon 10-Aug-09 09:33:01

Morning all,
Too much wine with the neighbours have to get our act together soon!
Wash Dress and breakfast
Take sides of Ds's bed (Don't think he'll fall out now!)
Change bed linen
Make Picnic
Give a list of things to do to DH (haven't thought what yet!)
Take presents to nursery, pick nursery chq.
Try and get to the bank to put in chq
DH making dinner grin

swanriver Mon 10-Aug-09 09:37:35

Hong Kong! I have cousins there - and they don't want to leave, as it is such a great lifestyle - buzzy, etc.
Hope he buys you lots of lovely silken thngs!

EHM Mon 10-Aug-09 09:48:41

swan i have given him a pair of linen trousers & silk effect tunic I want copied. as they are perfect size & fit.
have great time away.
galen hope dc with CP are better today.
starbearget dh to do as much as

off to softplay-departure delayed by phone call from our estate agent. sols issued HIP with details of another property attached! the stress starts....

TeaMonster Mon 10-Aug-09 12:20:38

Afternoon all

Boys have been terrors havnt manahed more than a minute away from them. Mondays are always harder as they are used to DH being here at the weekend and them getting more attention.

I have home bleured upstairs
Washer is on
Lunch is in
Play dough has been out

I need to make a GP's appointment as I am having far too many mediterian moments blush

Didnt want rain todat, as outside activityes were planned sad

Anyway, must go back to the boys and catch you all later

scattyspice Mon 10-Aug-09 12:22:35

EHM oh no I hope its not going to get too bad! Have a good soft play.

wendy sympathies for lack of sleep, I didn't do too well last night either sad.

swan Have a good trip!

star Did you have a good BBQ then?

Today we have been up bright and early and into town for shoe shopping, 2 new pairs of school shoes (patent mary janes for dd smile) and some non school boots for ds. Thats it for new clothes/school stuff now as totally skint!

Need to make lunch now.

galen Mon 10-Aug-09 12:43:44

afternoon all
swan you are very non-stop with all your travells this holiday LOL Hope you sort the catsitter.
TM yeah, rain a dissappointment here today too.
wendy bad nights sleep are the worst.Hope your day goes smoothly
EHM enjoy soft play. I went to Hong Kong when I was a student - it was great!Hope house stuff sorts itself out.
starbearbusy list - good luck
scatty a productive morning. I loath shoe shopping LOL

making slow progress here
up lots with poxy DC last night (dd4 mostly)so very tired
ongoing washing battle...
not much else achieved...
will do littlies room next...
then hoover I think..

lots of baths and creams and lotions to keep me occupied though LOL Still no-one seems any worse today so hopefully they will start to settle down soon...

BBL ladies grin]

TheProfiteroleThief Mon 10-Aug-09 13:10:39

Hi all - I have wine flu.

<<holds head in hands then types very quietly>>

was v well behaved at fancy dress party, but had friends for lunch yesterday. Can barely carry wine recycling. Not sure when they left, but I fell asleep/passed out fully clothed after playing on trampoline.

have busted dishwasher (overloaded whilst hammered) so a bit annoyed with self.

I am a poorly, poorly girl but it is self inflicted. You would think I'd know better at my age. I don't do it very often, but when I do, i am out of hand blush

grouchyoscar Mon 10-Aug-09 13:27:40

Hello FLYfriends

Having a lazy day today, well, making it lazy. I have overdone it as per usual and I will not be a wreak for the holiday.

Wendy I'm not with it either, must be a Monday Thing smile

Wen t to see the GP about this wretched itchy head, new lotion given this time, hope it does the trick. Also collected my usual stack of meds so I don't run short while away.

blush The eternal frightful magpie here. We're getting new neighbours and while I was putting the green bins out I noticed they'd chucked out a substantial chest of drawers. It seems fine if a touch scratched and bumped. I've dropped a note in saying what I've done blush We need to replace our set so it could be a handy stand in if they don't want it

wendyhappysmile Mon 10-Aug-09 15:24:05

good one grouchy that's why I use Freecycle, I hate chucking useful stuff out.
Been horrid to the children today, keep forgetting they're only little, feeling so tired. Went to my mum's and my Dad was there, he doesn't tolerate shouting and general noisy rough behaviour (i.e. little boys' behaviour!) so I am always on edge. I think it is where I get my non tolerance from sad
haven't managed to get out otherwise, and children a bit stir crazy, suppose there's still time!
See you later, wish DS would just leave DD alone, he is forever tormenting her, teasing and taunting her, rough with her ... being an only child myself I find it intolerable!

wendyhappysmile Mon 10-Aug-09 15:24:58

lol at Prof that's what I'm like when very drunk too - but I'm a terrible flirt and end up flirting with all my friend's husbands blush so I have to keep myself in check!

Starbear Mon 10-Aug-09 16:33:43

Yes Thank you scattyspice like Prof I have wine flu! Galen Hope the kids are on the mend.
Wash Dress and breakfast Done
Take sides of Ds's bed Done
Turned over the mattress with help of DH Done
Change bed linen Done and in wash. about to dry
Make Picnic Done Poorly planned as I didn't take a flask of coffee
Give a list of things to do to DH Done Sort of only gave him to tasks that don't count get HIS driving Licence sorted He still has a torn paper one and set up a Direct debit into his savings account so HE has the money to go to 7 nations Rugby thingy in New Zealand in 4 years time. (I'm not going to be blamed for stopping him going)
Take presents to nursery, pick nursery chq.done
Picnic Done and it was lovely
Try and get to the bank to put in chq *carried over*
DH making dinner

scattyspice Mon 10-Aug-09 18:02:23

I too am prone to wine flu blush.
galen shoe shopping was fairly painless (except for the bit where I had to hand over all my spare cash!). Although the shop assistant did say'they're very hyper' when I thought they were being quite good blush.
wendy the fighting drives me to distraction too angry, improves as they age though (turns into name calling instead hmm).

Need to tidy up now.

TeaMonster Mon 10-Aug-09 19:56:17

Sorry Ladies

I am too tired for personals, safe to say the mini's are in bed and I need a rest.

Mondays are harder work than normal, so I sympathise Wendy and Scatty We are taking mum to the hospital tomorrow - eek hope the boys behave.

I have done the ironing today thgoug!!

wendyhappysmile Mon 10-Aug-09 20:35:31

Night all
Shattered and fed up here but never mind! Perhaps I will succumb to the wine flu! grin

Starbear Mon 10-Aug-09 20:43:25

Off to drink tea that DH has made me. Tired but I have a happy Ds & DH did make dinner. Weeds have taken over my garden,I noticed, when I went slug hunting tonight. angry
I was a bad tempered oldest of 4 kids I don't know what I put my poor Mum through except for her reaching for the sherry bottle blush

dylsmum1998 Mon 10-Aug-09 21:27:47

evening all.
not much flying here we have been to the beach.
i did general routines before we left.
had a lovely day with family playing in the water and digging in the sand.

ds is really wearing me down at the mo, he is confrontational all the time, stroppy and so tiring!!

we are off pond dipping tomorrow so likely to get not a lot done again

dylsmum1998 Tue 11-Aug-09 07:24:13

this way ...

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