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Swapping bedrooms - have you done iot

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ellerman Sat 08-Aug-09 20:18:46

I am in the middle of swapping rooms, DD1 to smallest room, DD2 and DS1 to share. But the amount of stuff they have - done charity shop run already today, but its such a big task I feel quite depressed about it now! I am being really ruthless, not keeping things for DS1 for 5 years - I can buy them in 5 years. Anyone else done this and survived?

englishpatient Sat 08-Aug-09 21:01:48

We did this about 18 mths ago - it did take ages but has been really worth it, as the DCs are both delighted with the rooms they have now. It was helpful to DD as we could sort out her stuff properly and she found lots she hadn't remembered!

Could you not put some of the things for DS1 in the loft for now?

Squitch Sun 09-Aug-09 14:38:45

I did/started this about a month ago. It was horrendously hard work (given that one of the rooms was a junk room, admit it we've all got one).

It has been worth it though,even though I'm not finished. I have a lovely big bedroom. DD has a lovely big bedroom and the teeny tiny box room is now a study with ALL my books in. I plan to keep the room layout this way though for next 30 odd years!

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