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Chest Freezer - how do you fill yours so that you can access food easily.

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Concepta Fri 07-Aug-09 20:27:02

I have a chest freezer, but it only has one basket - (2nd hand freezer) It can be difficult to find anything. What is the tidiest way and easy to find things way! to fill it. Also is it better to have it full to save on elecricity - It is quite a big freezer and most of the time it is not full. Any advice most gratefully accepted.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Fri 07-Aug-09 20:28:54

This is my nightmare and I posted a similar question a while ago.

I have one basket which has frozen fruit and puddings in and a separate section with bready things in. The rest is meant to have sections but it doesn't last.

Concepta Fri 07-Aug-09 21:19:36


Size6Feet Sat 08-Aug-09 01:06:16

I use strong plastic bags to keep food types together. eg. all meat in one bag, all bread products in another, all vegetables together then all 'desert'in another. In the basket that comes with it I have ice cubes, fish, and stuff I go for most often. In between these bags I can squeeze in the large pizzas and garlic bread, etc. Oh, and My secret pot of ice cream is kept in a sprouts bag.

I try to make a list of whats in there for quick reference but its easier just to pull out a bag and see at a glance if you have whatever in there.

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