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Thursday FLY - Errand Day today

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grouchyoscar Thu 06-Aug-09 08:33:16

Back in mo

grouchyoscar Thu 06-Aug-09 08:43:30

Good Morrow Ladies and hello to all

Seems we're in ZONE 1 this week (yep, I've really been keeping up hmm and here is today's mission

and if you're following them, here are the babysteps

Tortoise Thu 06-Aug-09 09:29:55

Morning GO.

Very sneezy this morning. Forgot hayfever tablet yesterday so my own fault!

Got to go to the shops later, also need to get DS1 and DS2's hair cut.

Just over a week until we go on holiday. grin Need to start getting organised and think about what we need to take with us.

scattyspice Thu 06-Aug-09 09:44:00

Morning Grouchy and Tort.

Hope you get a rest day today Grouchy. Yay to the holiday tort.

Wolf - hope you're ok.

Well had a terrible night with dd last night. Having agreed (or so I thought hmm) to trying a spot of controlled crying with dd to keep her in her own bed, DH totally lost his temper after about 2 mins and decided she must be ill (can you tell who's done all the night shifts for the past 6 yrs!)so I ended up on the sofa with her as usual. I have decided its not worth the aggro I can barely cope with a tantruming toddler at 1am never mind a tantruming husband as well. angry. DD wins again.

Anyway, today:
ds has a friend coming

TeaMonster Thu 06-Aug-09 10:22:40

Morning all

Scatty I feel your pain. One thing you do need to crack it is both parents.

We had our first night that DS2 went off to sleep without me or DH sitting in with him. We have gradually been moving towards the door and last night he read a book and fell asleep.

DS1 also got a treat for not getting up pre 6.30 blush

I feel much better for the sleep.

Tort I am so glad I dont have hayfeaver and woohoo for the hols

Groucy remember take it easy today.

We are off shopping and then having an easy afternoon

fairybubbles Thu 06-Aug-09 11:07:40

Morning all,

V busy morning here! Got some friends that not seen in a while coming to visit later. Isn't is amazing how much more work you manage to do when you know someone is coming over?

Anyway, until then I'm off to visit another friend (means I can keep house clean grin).

I just have to pick up a few hundred pieces of pretend food angry and hang out a load of washing first smile.


EHM Thu 06-Aug-09 14:23:20

OMG I just realised its about 6 weeks since I last logged on & postblush hope all you flyladies & flybabies are all well?

grouchyoscar Thu 06-Aug-09 15:22:37

Hello EMH We are fine in grouchyland thanks. Hope you and Ellie are well, good to see you again

Had a huge list of things to do and.....I've spent it in bed blush and I've nodded off a couple of time shock I am just rubbish.

Better knuckle down to it

scattyspice Thu 06-Aug-09 16:16:31

Hi EHM and *fairy bubbles* smile.

grouchy you weren't supposed to be doing a huge list of things, you were ment to be resting remember, so well done!

DS friend gone home, they played really well. DD was feeling left out so made biscuits with her (boys joined in too lol) and read some books.Feeling very tired now and I expect dh will be too (and no doubt grumpy).

some ironing
buy food

To do:
tidy up
sweep floors (hundreds and thousands everywhere)
reboot laundry

EHM Thu 06-Aug-09 16:35:18

grouchy hope you are ok? is it Boris again?
scatty hope you get a rest tonight sounds like you've been very busy.

Tortoise Thu 06-Aug-09 17:30:15

DS's have smart, sorry cool new hair cuts lol.
Cooking sausage casserole for tea.

Kids have been trashing the room as usual! But shouldn't take long to sort later. Will get them to put some bits away too.

Half cleaned bathroom. Loo to do in a bit.

Nice to see you EHM*

Well done for taking it easy for a change. grin

Jas Thu 06-Aug-09 17:34:52


No FLYing going on here with school hols. I have n idea how home edders do it.

Grouchy - can I suggest if you fell asleep it is because you were tired, and therefore the best thing to have done with your daysmile I hope you are ok.

EHM Thu 06-Aug-09 17:40:38

tort enjoy your sausage
jas hellosmile

TheProfiteroleThief Thu 06-Aug-09 17:50:53

Oi Grouch - YOU said this should be day off! <<TPT uses stern voice>>

Been out all day. DOne sweet fa. DOn't care either grin.

However, we seem to make less mess when we are not here hmm

scattyspice Thu 06-Aug-09 18:22:00

hmm I think that is the key Prof.

Hi Jas.

Just need to sweep floors then done.

scattyspice Thu 06-Aug-09 18:32:32

Sorry. Hi EHM and tot too smile.

Tortoise Thu 06-Aug-09 18:51:28

lol @ tot! grin

Sausage casserole was scrummy! Kids all seem to enjoy it. DD2 is tired though so not to interested in eating.

scattyspice Thu 06-Aug-09 20:06:27


TeaMonster Thu 06-Aug-09 20:40:26

Hello All

EHM Hope you are well and cant wait to see you again when you are next in area!!!

Prof Thats the case with us too

Jas Wise words as always - did you have a nice time away

I have had an OK day.

Shopping was hell on earth as expected, but we had a fun afternoon scootering

I have just done the first coat on 15 bottles with PVA..................... you will have to wait to see what we do with them.

Ironing is done and away
Washer is on
Beds were changed today and remade

We are off to soft play is the rain comes with neice, if not beach tomorrow!!!!

EHM Fri 07-Aug-09 07:38:37


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