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Message for Emyslou (or anyone else). Join me for house blitz

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glitterchick Thu 06-Aug-09 07:57:49

In a nutshell I am up shit creek. My house is in a heap. Emyslou posted a thread the other day and her house sounds similarly up shit creek. My DH informed me last night that his DB family are coming to visit for 4 days starting from next Fri. I DONT DO VISITORS for the simple reason that I am so mortified by the state of my house. Now, this is no ordinary family - his sis in law is cleanest woman in Britain. She is bitchy and critical and I am determined to have house spotless in 1 week. So I reach out to you Emyslou and all you other poor buggers who have organisational/cleaning issues to join me and blitz your house in 1 week. Is anyone interested??

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