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washing duvets

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makipuppy Wed 05-Aug-09 12:21:54

I just took the duvet and 2 pillows to the dry cleaners and they want to charge me £22 for the duvet and will get back to me on the price for the pillows. Am a bit shock

Can you put pillows in the washing machine? They are goose feather.

Thanks soo much!

englishpatient Wed 05-Aug-09 12:35:58

I have washed a feather pillow in the washing machine at home and dried it on the line in hot weather - it came out fine.

makipuppy Wed 05-Aug-09 13:08:45

Thanks, it makes sense, feathers should fluff up shouldn't they?

makipuppy Wed 05-Aug-09 14:57:36

Actually I've just stuffed the duvet in the washing machine. I just about got it in, but there's not much water sloshing around - hope I haven't ruined it...

booyhoo Wed 05-Aug-09 15:22:29

maki what size duvet and washing machine drum have you got?

ive a kingsize and cant get it into my 7 kg drum.

makipuppy Wed 05-Aug-09 15:28:27

I think it was a mistake. It's a double duvet, the washing machine is sort of normal size looking, I can't see a kg size.

I've just switched off the machine, because half an hour into the cycle the duvet still looks dry and there's loads of powder visible. I'm going to handwash it in the bath...

Thanks booyhoo,

booyhoo Wed 05-Aug-09 15:31:20

i need to get mine dry cleaned now aswell but £22 seems really dear.

makipuppy Wed 05-Aug-09 15:39:29

I know! I've just put mine in the bath but the feathers make it awful difficult to keep under water. The pillows are in the machine.

This is of course all normal behaviour for one whose due date fast approaches...

booyhoo Wed 05-Aug-09 16:25:54

aww bless maki, now i understand

mosschops30 Wed 05-Aug-09 16:27:27

I take mine to thge launderette, they charge me £7 for a single and £12 for a king, I leave it there with a scary man for a service wash and pick it up at the end of the day

wilbur Wed 05-Aug-09 16:30:23

Ditto mosschops - laundrette much cheaper and no scary dry cleaning chemicals. Ours charges £10 for a double duvet.

makipuppy Wed 05-Aug-09 18:33:27

I wish it was like the duvet I bought for the moses basket. You could wash it in a teapot!

It's hanging outside now, I just hope the seagulls don't crap on it...

Mosschops oh for normal shop round here that sold socks or potatoes or string instead of gaggia coffee makers in fourteen colours for a squillion pounds and outfits for hairless dogs.

makipuppy Fri 07-Aug-09 18:37:25

I know you're all finding it hard to get on with your lives while worrying whether my duvet made it through the wash so I can report a positive meranguesque duvet and pillows and a saving of at least £22. Huzzah!

If anyone else has any random, ill-advised cleaning ideas for late pregnancy, do spill...

Toots Sun 09-Aug-09 14:11:57

Cleaning grout of bath tiles using something bleach based and an old toothbrush.

Stand in the bath, you'll create a nicely deranged tableau vivant.

Went into labour the next day...

moaningminniewhingesagain Sun 09-Aug-09 15:06:51

Put lots of things away on low shelves that require bending over awkwardly. I tried this and my waters broke with a huge splash/pop.

I needed my duvet cleaning due to incontinent dog pissing on it - I bought a cheap new one for less than the cost of getting it cleaned - not posh goose feather though, obv!

Montifer Sun 09-Aug-09 15:32:56

Enthusiastically scrubbing garden furniture brought on my labour (2 weeks early), still managed to mow the lawn (with TENS machine in situ) !once the tables and chairs were sparkling.
Good luck with it all Maki (might chance my duvet in the machine whilst the sun's shining smile

SparkyToo Thu 13-Aug-09 13:11:06

Problem with washing feather duvets and pillows yourself, isn't so much the washing (if they fit in the machine) - it's the drying. If they aren't dried properly they get all smelly and can mildew. I rather feel for these launderettes as our local one told me that the council put up his rates by £7,000 a year. No wonder they have to charge so much!!

I have a down duvet, but bought the boys duvets that fit in the machine, no problem, on the strength of these duvet reviews. Every single size of duvet fits in a normal-sized washing machine, so can be washed at home and dry fantastically quickly too, so back on the bed the same day. They have just proved such a find as my boys still manage to wet their beds from time to time and often the duvet needs a wash along with all the other bedding. I can't recommend them highly enough.

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