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Tips for cleaning Heuga carpet tiles please

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Pekkala Tue 04-Aug-09 08:03:53

I want to help my parents to clean the heuga "le bistro" tiles in their dining room.

All the Heuga sales blurb goes on about stain resistance and being easy to clean but with just normal usage (and a few spills that got missed at the the time) they are horrendously stained.

The heuga site just says "clean with gentle detergents" but some resellers mention bleach can be used.
Anybody got experience or tips please?

fishypie Thu 27-Feb-14 14:03:33

Hi Pekkala
I have these make of carpet tiles - got spills on some of them, cleaning products don't work and seem to just make more mess! Found out the best way is to pull the dirty tile up wash under hot water in kitchen sink and scrub with a little washing up liquid (you can see all the gunk rinsing out).

Wash all detergent out and let dry naturally (not with heat)

DON'T USE BLEACH!! you'll just end up ruining it by taking out the colour

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