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Suggest me a routine!

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LissyGlitter Fri 31-Jul-09 17:00:21

I have recently moved into a new house (the first one where it has just been me, DP and DD, no lodgers, housemates or random extended family) and I am determined to keep on top of the housework and have a house that I can have people drop unexpectedly into without me feeling ashamed of myself. However, I also want to occaisionally get out of the house and play with DD. I don't work, so this should be possible, in theory.

DD is 2 1/2, and I am 5 months pregnant. DP (in theory) works full time, but he is a temp so one week he could be at work every single day, the next only two or three days.

How do you manage it? My Mum and Nana both say that a routine is essential, so this is what i'm thinking.

7.30am Wake up, stick dressing gown on and stumble downstairs. Blearily make breakfast for myself and DD and stick the coffee in the cafetiere for DP. Eat breakfast, listen to radio, read newspaper. Wave DP off to work.

9am Dress self and DD. Put PJs either in beds if reasonably clean or in washing basket if not. Make some kind of effort to tidy beds, reduce chaos caused by DD as she was meant to be going to sleep in her room the night before.

9.30am set off out of house to some kind of educational and socially beneficial activity for DD eg playgroup, local park, library. Pick up stuff for tea if it's not already in the house from local co-op.

12 midday lunch, either from a cafe (or, mumsnet forgive me, greggs) or back at home

1pm naptime for DD. Brew and sit down for me, then washing up from breakfast and lunch and put a load of laundry in and hang out yesterdays laundry. General wipe down of house, hoover/mop if needed. Alternatively, if advanced state of pregnancy requires, nap for me as well.

2.30pm Wake up DD with a cuddle and some juice, maybe a little snack of some kind. Do creative, ethical and educational activity in house.

5.00pm tidy up AGAIN.

5.30 DP home from work. Make tea while DP and DD play together. Eat together as a family and discuss events of the day.

7pm Bathtime for dd if she is mucky. If not, quiet time. Story and bed.

7.30pm last tidy up/washing up of the day.

8pm Sit down with a well deserved cup of tea with DP.

10.30pm go to bed, read for a bit, sleep.

What do you lot think?

Mousey84 Fri 31-Jul-09 17:39:17

Sounds great to me, lots of tidying up as you go along is always good, and at 2 1/2 your DD can start to help you (laundry in basket, putting own toys away, brushing and vacumming - may make a pigs ear, but its good for her to join in)

Maybe think about more specific things like, on Monday I will sort out the hall/living room and kitchen. Tuesday Ill do bathrooms...

slayerette Fri 31-Jul-09 17:47:03

I agree you need to think about when you will do the cleaning or the ironing - so I have a daily routine but cleaning gets done every Thursday, laundry on Saturday (when beds and towels are changed), ironing on Sunday night. I run the hoover over the house and do a quick tidy while DH baths DS in the evening so the house looks nice and comfy for DH and I to crash out in in the evening!

It depends on what time your DD gets up and how good you are at getting up in the morning, but I am at my best in the morning and rubbish in the evening so I try to get up pretty early and get things done then.

LissyGlitter Fri 31-Jul-09 20:51:16

I am absolutely rubbish in the morning, especily when pregnant, so I'm probably best concentrating the hard work later in the day!

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