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Clothes drying multi-tasking SOLUTION - following on from the LAUNDRY thread

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christiana Thu 30-Jul-09 20:53:11

Message withdrawn

kitkatqueen Fri 31-Jul-09 01:24:10

I have a gadget which has 3 washing lines on it. You screw it to one wall and then pull out a bar holding the three lines across to the other side of the room and hook it onto the wall using giant screw in cup hooks iykwim? The idea being that you can unhook it from the wall and it self retracts neatly into its little box until the next time you need it.

I've put it up inside my greenhouse If its sunny then it can hit 40 degrees very quickly meaning everything dries really fast, if it's cloudy it's still warmer in the greenhouse than in my bathroom and at least nothing gets rained on Also the cucumbers seem to love the extra humidity and as every time I add or remove washing I water the toms and cues they are all looking pretty yummy too grin.

kitkatqueen Fri 31-Jul-09 01:26:03

It looks like

OrangeFish Fri 31-Jul-09 01:36:27

I need a greenhouse...

kitkatqueen Fri 31-Jul-09 01:40:36

Just wish I'd thought of it sooner tbh

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