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Vinegar as a cleaning product - how?

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nothingventured Wed 29-Jul-09 14:53:12

I know that vinegar can be used to clean most things but I'm not sure how to go about it.

So, those of you that use it can you tell me what you use it for and how you do (do I need any spray bottles etc)??

Also, if you use anything else instead of mainstream cleaners add that in too!! Thanks

LIZS Wed 29-Jul-09 16:01:24

I use it neat to wipe sinks, chrome, glass light fittings glass etc but you could easily dilute it in a spray bottle so you can wipe over mirrors, tiles and windows etc

nothingventured Wed 29-Jul-09 20:36:49

Thanks LIZS, Will give that a go. Vinegar is much cheaper than Flash, Jif etc I want to find all the uses I can [worried entire house will smell of vinegar emoticon]

MrsHappy Wed 29-Jul-09 20:39:43

It does smell a bit, but doesn't smell for long.
I spray it on mirrors to clean them.
Also I soak kitchen roll in it, wrap the kitchen roll around taps and put a plastic bag over the top. It eats the limescale if you leave it overnight.
And I mix it with baking soda into a paste and use that to clean the oven.

Cosmosis Thu 30-Jul-09 11:56:29

put a few drops of lavender oil in the spray bottle as well and it smells less.

HensMum Thu 30-Jul-09 12:01:02

I like a mix of equal parts vinegar and water and a few drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle (an old Flash one, not a specially bought one).
I use it neat on the sink and draining board and chuck some down the drain with bicarb to unblock and freshen.
Oh, and I put some in the wash with nappies to get them to rinse clean.

Curiousmama Thu 30-Jul-09 12:01:35

Don't you have to rinse chrome afterwards though?

I use white vinegar. It's good added to salt and bicarb to clean sink pipes.

nothingventured Thu 30-Jul-09 13:18:29

Brilliant ladies, am off to Tesco later so will be buying my vinegar - any other ideas appreciated!

sazzerbear Sun 02-Aug-09 14:02:09

also good used diluted with water to wipe sticky fingerprints/elbowprints off wood dining tables

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