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routines !!!!!! any advice?

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freya555 Wed 29-Jul-09 13:02:14

I have a three bed house ,a ds and dd and dh and dog and part time job and a social life...Would like to have time to do more funstuff but find im constantly playing "catch up" eg today off work dealing with old photos which have not been put in albulms for 5 years ,sorting books for charity shop,etc baking ,cleaning floor ,walking dog ,I love it and know it part of life, BUT does anyone have any tips to stop clutter building ,any daily routinues to stop washing pile building and staying huge- eg daily wash ,put away ,or one huge wash day I must admit walking up and downstairs with daily wash is boring !!!....any tips to "steamline" life would be appriciated...(One mum I know has a file of all her ds achievments .old school reports etc - ive got photos waiting to be put in frame -the frame which ive not bought yet from ikea! and in meantime photo likely to get lost - and id like to be a bit more on top of things ...i tend to lose photos etc)
Would apriciate1. household hints -of any type! 2. hints re my "mean to do "stuff like filing photos,cleaning cupboards out ,storing old pics ds and dd have done - you know ,the stuff of life!!

staryeyed Wed 29-Jul-09 13:15:56

Well Im trying this recently and it seems to work for me. I do house work for up to 3 hours a day before 12noon. I never work beyond that except to do the dishes or quickly wipe the surfaces. I have a white board in the kitchen with all the important and near future to do things and I tick them off as I work my way down. I also schedule in things liek days out/ activities so that we do fun stuff.

Have a place for everything- if it doesnt have a place dont keep it (or maybe have one knick knacks draw/cupboard.

Keep cleaning stuff where you use it most so you can just get jobs done quickly.

Make sure your family help and follow the routines- put dirty clothes where they are supposed to go etc.

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