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Wednesday Fly - no dillydallying or shillyshallying

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swanriver Wed 29-Jul-09 08:48:53

I have a terrible headache, caused by a gin and tonic that was given me on my return yesterday.
And there is only decaffeinated coffee in thehouse [moan]

There is lots to do.
Willmake a list

Goodmorning everyone

Tortoise Wed 29-Jul-09 08:52:48

Morning Swan.
Weather looks totally pants today so it might be a day to play on the wii!

I have loads of tidying up to do as usual! grin

Listed loads on Ebay last night so hopefully that sells.

Have a good

swanriver Wed 29-Jul-09 09:06:13

Thanks Tortoise - good luck with [endless in this house] tidying
raining here in a dismal drizzely sort of way

yuk - kitchen is disgusting
but dishwasher now on
and tackling remains of two days lone man

Telly is going off in one minute as ds1 has to go to a singing lesson with my friend at 10.00 and need to get everyone in a directed omood.

littleboyblue Wed 29-Jul-09 09:21:28

I am not in the mood today, might take it easy. Not sure what I want to do. There isn't much on the to do list today and I have just wiped out my fridge and food cupboard, plus done the usual swish & swipe and swept and mopped.
I haven't even dressed ds1 yet. Not sure whether to go shopping. I should get the last of bits for ds1's bday next week so it's not all last minute and I have time to realise what I've forgotten, but don't think I have the energy today.

grouchyoscar Wed 29-Jul-09 09:23:39

Morning ALL

Welcome back to Swan and Galen

Ta for the thread Swan G&T hangovers are awful so I have sympathy

Ed is flatly refusing to get dressed and TBH, I can't face another day arguing with him <<bad mum emo>> so I'm just getting on withh chores. I have emptied the perpetually full laundry basket and put it away and created a mahoosive ironing pile hmm that will need doing.

Things to do, stuff to sort out, this house never stops. BBL

TeaMonster Wed 29-Jul-09 09:36:51

Morning all

I am in a BAD mood this morning with the world. I had a pants night sleep coupled with vomitting and fell ill, but DH kept DS1 up and DS1 woke at 5.30 and proceeded to wake everyone inc the neighbours with his shouting angry

He woke DS2 4 times, he has helped himself to ice looys etc and worst of all he has hit me sad.

Everytime I go off to be sick, something more naughty is done. All the bedding is in a pile on the landing thanks to the little monster.

I have had it. Why do I do nice things, I dont know anymore. I have told DH that I might as well be a nanny in my own house as I am sick of it.

I was in so much pain last night yet he didnt even give me a cuddle. I dropped mum off and went to Tescos and he told me the reason the boys were still up when I got back was they wanted to see me - yeh right they had been with me all day and were playing him and he didnt want to put them to bed. I am sick of all the crap jobs. I can not manage 2 of them and mum shopping anymore, will not manage tham with all the naughtyness, but I guess I will have to shop at midnight now. The weekend is no better as DH just tell them off and then they do it again as he never punishing them.

Sory for the moan, but I am just beyond it all at the moment and in need of a nreak for me - which is never going to happen in a million years. DH gives a sigh of relief when he leaves for work on a morning as they boys are a challenge at the best of times and today is not one of them.

I love them both, but dont like what DS1 is turning into sad he is so loud and shouty.

Sagacious Wed 29-Jul-09 09:39:46

Morning all

Meant to be out gardening at the school but its all sopping wet here (no rain but forecast)so am hoping its cancelled.

Need to pop to the shops to get bread and milk.

House needs some work (was out all day yesterday)

BBL after tea

littleboyblue Wed 29-Jul-09 09:39:51

TM Sorry you having a rough time. {{hugs}}

Wolfcub Wed 29-Jul-09 10:08:08

TM I really sympathise with your post and position ds gets me like that too and dp thinks he's helping but doesn't really. Moan away that's what we are here for. Men can be bloody thoughtless at times too. Can you try lying ds on his back in the middle of the floor and returning him there until he calms down (this sometimes works with ds as I wouldn't dare put him in his bedroom and hold the door as he would wreck the place.


bed made
dp to work
wm unloaded
hg service engineer put in wm and on
ds taken to mum's
just got back from having blood taken for tests - looking more and more likely that it's gallstones

working at home today so need to crack on now.

Sagacious Wed 29-Jul-09 10:13:02

x post teamonster

Sorry you're having a rough time x

galen Wed 29-Jul-09 10:18:32

morning all
swan thanks for thread. Just got back myself in early hours of yesterday.Where were you? somewhere nice? Hope hangover passes soon.

TM Poor you. Looking after littlies when you are ill yourself is so hard.
Shopping with littlies is also a complete PITA Maybe you could order online for a few weeks instead? Sorry to hear that the boys are being so challenging at the moment too. I know how you feel. Sometimes it all just gets too much doesnt it?
Have they got a favourite DVD they could watch for a bit while you lie on the sofa or something? Take it as easy as poss today. Emergency fish fingers sound in order.
Maybe you need to have an open discussion with Dh and tell him the things that are really getting to you. I find that my DH often needs things spelling out to him, even when I assume they would be obvious!
Be gentle on yourself today.Hope it goes as smoothly as possible.

everyone-else Hi

Today is going slowly here! I am still in my Pj's blush as are 4 out of 6 DC and DH LOL
Need to do
some serious washing catch up
Upstairs bleughing
Holiday planning
looking through DC work
whats for dinner....who knows!

will BBL grin

grouchyoscar Wed 29-Jul-09 10:48:11

TM It gets to you after a while doesn't it? Doing your upmost for everyone and ignoring yourself. Ed is LOUD and SHOUTY too and it's such hard work, Be kind to yourself sweetheart

The BBC are filming a drama up the road! Went for a mosey/nosey and, well, it was interesting but intrinsically dull. Ed can keep his tounge still so we cleared out of their ways. Rumour has it David Morrissey is about shock

Tortoise Wed 29-Jul-09 10:59:10

TM Sorry you have had a bad night. Hope you feel better soon.

Wolf I had my gall bladder out a few months ago. Feel so much better now. smile

Have packaged up Ebay parcels to post. And that is about all.

Next job is the kitchen.

Kids all behaving OK so far today.hmm How long will that last!

Wolfcub Wed 29-Jul-09 12:16:19


wm loaded and on
two substantial bits of work work that would have taken me all day in the office (each) because of constant interuptions
just having a cuppa soup to accompany piece of work number 3, I am freezing to death.

tort that's reassuring, did they try anything else before they tried surgery?

grouchy helllloooo

littleboyblue Wed 29-Jul-09 12:21:43

Ds1 fell over on way toTesco and cut his head. Just been to hospital with him and they have glued it. He's ok, more of a shock I think, cut wasn't as bad as first looked. Picture me sitting on car park floor with top pulled up so I could hold it to ds1's head to stop bleeding with fat saggy belly hanging out, stretch marks and all, with people coming over to check he was ok.......nice!

TeaMonster Wed 29-Jul-09 12:59:41

LBB What a trauma, glad that all is OK though. Sending Hugs to you.

Thanks for the ears ladies.

I just have a really nasty headache and DH doesnt get it, he thinks they will sleep later - yeh right.

Anyway I took them swimming and DS1 did 5 meters backstroke unaided smile no armbands

They have eaten
I am having a cuppa
WM in on

We are off out to a friends for a while.

DH better be all tea and sympathy toninight or else

Tortoise Wed 29-Jul-09 13:28:43

Wolf From what i was told surgery is the best option or follow a very low fat diet forever!

LBB Poor DS1. Glad all ok. My DD1 had a big fall off her bike Sunday. Luckily just scrapes and a big bruise on her side.

Just having lunch then i had better brave the rain to send parcels!

grouchyoscar Wed 29-Jul-09 13:55:19

Howdydoo to all again

Today is a wash out (booo) but Ed is sleepy so we couldn't do anything anyway. I have pottered and

S&S loo
S&S bathroom
Shown Ed what I expect from a tidy bedroom hmm
Made bed
Made lunch
Tidied away
Made a few phonecalls

Ed has to go for his swim lesson this aft. Week 4 and it's still all woggles and armbands!

Sagacious Wed 29-Jul-09 14:05:41

Have sorted and culled medicine and first aid boxes

Strangely satisfying

I now feel like crap though (achey/sore throat and headache)

That is Not Good

Oh well at least I know I have sufficient flu remedies.

LBB I'm sure they didn't notice your stomach. Glad he's ok .. any head injury scares the bejeeesus out of me

Tortoise Wed 29-Jul-09 14:36:16

Have decided i don't want to go out in this rain, parcels will have to be sent tomorrow.

ShannaraTiger Wed 29-Jul-09 14:51:00

Afternoon all

I should be packing!
Swan Hope you're feeling better now.
Tort hope your tidying is being successful.
LBB sounds traumatic, like sag said head injuries always very scary. Glad he's doing alright now.
TM hugs and sympathies. Hope you feel better soon, some men just don't 'get' kids do they.
grouchy hope Ed's enjoying his swimming lessons, on my to do list for Dd(5) blush.
Sag Reassuring about the flu remedies, now sit down and put your feet up!
Wolf My friend just had her gall bladder removed as well, she was back to her old self after a couple of weeks and no more pain.

Off on holiday to Haven Weymouth bay on saturday morning. Packing not getting done, but I'm going to go for a list first then hopefully won't forget anything. Dp says we're going to the supermarket when we get their, he hasn't thought though we will still need to get the bottles of shampoo etc. home again afterwards! hmm

Had hospital yesterday neurologist is changing my epilepsy medication as the depression, mood changes, forgetfullness etc. were getting too much and really affecting dp. Monday by 8:30 I had burst into tears twice yelled at the kids 6 times and feeling like a completely useless mum!!

Had better go and do something my to do list, had I written it is huge but can't remember any of it blush - can't wait to change these tablets!!
Have a good afternoon and evening everyone

ShannaraTiger Wed 29-Jul-09 14:51:50

X-post Tort don't blame you they'd get all wet and soggy anyway!

Tortoise Wed 29-Jul-09 14:56:27

Shannara We have been to Haven Weymouth bay twice now. grin Only an hour away from us. My lot love it their. Sure you will have a great time. Have you been to Haven before?

TheProfiteroleThief Wed 29-Jul-09 14:57:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littleboyblue Wed 29-Jul-09 16:02:36

Afternoon. We all managed a little nap, me not long though as kept checking on ds1's breathing.
Have done 2 min hotspot in kitchen which has been left to overspill for a while.
I really should do 15mins in living room, but don't really want to. I think I will set a timer for 15 mins and pull out the sofas and retrieve all the toys cars, planes and dinosaurs that are under there.....

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