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How to make DP do more at home??

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tostaky Sun 26-Jul-09 09:14:14

Last night he promised me that every wednesday he would cook dinner and that he would put a few boxes in the loft tomorrow morning (this morning) before going sailing.
And he hasn't. Worse, I asked him to put the dishwasher on last night and he scattered some dishwashing powder all over the kitchen floor (without of course cleaning it).

Im dont know what to do, i often feel like i am the only one doing all the housechores and cooking. many times he promised me to do more like empty the dishwasher every morning but it works for a few days and then nothing again.
His excuse is he is busy/tired and he is the one bringing money home (im on mat leave and he earns times more than me anyway)

so what can i do? tips? help?

flaminhell Sun 26-Jul-09 09:20:25

its an age old question and unfortunately it will not change, you can either learn to live with it, or do as I did, stop doing for him, washing, ironing, picking up his stuff, leave it or pile it on his side of the bed, but it all goes back to how they were treated as kids, if someone did everything for them then they dont know any better now.

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