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Wednesday FLY - Dust your bedrom.

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Jas Wed 22-Jul-09 07:18:05

Mission here

Good morning allsmile

Dp has no work after today, so will be in my way again until he finds something else.sad

The house is looking good, so just maintenance and daily routines for me. I have one extra child this afternoon, but no other plans.

swanriver Wed 22-Jul-09 08:26:55

I have hung out the washing and put a load of wet sad sheets in.
We had a 6.00 visitor, but luckily he stayed in his room till 7.00.

TM, what you said about your SALT feeling the love in the house, has made me think alot about what people feel when they walk into this house.

TeaMonster Wed 22-Jul-09 09:14:15

Morning all

Swan I was talking to DH about the SALT last night and we were both really supprised that was what she felt, but then everything we do, we are trying to do with love. We are having a positivity drive spured on by my councilling.

Prof I think the reason I feel disfigured is it is do brutal and raw and also so unexpected and also the fact that DH hates the scars. I can differentiate between him hating the scars and loving me though. I wouldnt have changed the decision. It was the right decision for us all at the time and we are dealing with the fall out in as positive a way as we can.

Jas Hope DH finds work soon

We are taking mum to the hospital today as Bro can not do Wednesdays, so hopefully all will be well. I am going to grab a few things for the boys to do in between her bloods, injections and consultant appointment.

The plan is then to have lunch out and collect sewing machine from mum.

Anyway need to feed the mini's

grouchyoscar Wed 22-Jul-09 09:18:26

Good Morning from soggy Grouchy Acres. Note to fella up in the sky 'IT'S JULY. STOP IT WITH THE RAIN PLEASE.

Thanks for the thread Jas Hope you are well and all that

How do Swan I hope people feel the same about my house (and ignore the bits that need cleaning)

I had a great night's sleep (for once) but I'm still shattered. hmm ah well, I'll battle through it

Yesterdays kids chemistry was fun. Mixing sand, water and iron powder in water the filtering out the solids then using a magnet to get the iron out. I really enjoyed it and I think Ed did too. Must remember to include a Tommy Salter kit in his Xmas stocking grin

Ed is showing off his DS skills to his new teddy (bless) Gives me chance to tackle the chores in my own time, which is nice. I'll have to think about some activities for him later.


Up and washed and meds
Ed washed
Make beds
Empty DW
put away
Load WM and run
Take down dry washing
Hang up wet washing
Make and have my breakfast
Coax Ed down for his (in progress)

I intend to tackle the ironing heap and get Ed to his swimming lesson this aft.

Laters ladies

swanriver Wed 22-Jul-09 09:56:03

feeling a bit all over the place this morning, bursting with ideas and theories (after talking with my friend last night about various matters to do with parents and parenting)but coming slap bang up against dailylife.
slightly disconcerting to talk to mum on phone this morning and find her completely her normal[rather than this theoretical construct]self. But nice.

finding it very difficult to get out of house, but trying to not get irritated by the slowness of the pace, but just enjoy the fact that it doesn't matter.

Anyway we are supposed to go to Science Museum this morning - if we ever get there.
Breezy and showery, my favourite weather for sightseeing really, (I mean it).

TheProfiteroleThief Wed 22-Jul-09 10:27:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

galen Wed 22-Jul-09 11:12:43

hello all
just wanted to touch base with all you wonderful friends.
It has been in fact the most harrowing few days of my life.
FIL funeral was yesterday - it was beautiful , but incredibly heart breaking.It was atteneded by around 1000 people. He was a well loved man.
We took the older children and found a wonderful childminder for the other 3. (even DS2 stayed with her fine and I have NEVER left him with anyone before)
The journey over took the usual 12 hours, very draining, and then had to face all the sadness waiting here.
We were able to see FIL to say goodbye, which was immensley difficult but necessary for Dh especially.
Today I am so completely exhausted I can hardly stand. Have hardly slept in 3 days and all the children are shattered too.

It has really made me think about life and what matters etc...and I am going to make such an effort to cherish and enjoy every minute of my family from now on.

Hope you are all OK...havent been able to catch up threads sorry.

Not sure how long we are staying in Ireland, but will catch up with you all later in the week.

TheProfiteroleThief Wed 22-Jul-09 11:17:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grouchyoscar Wed 22-Jul-09 15:14:27

Glad it went as well as could be expected Galen Here's hoping for some R&R for you DH and DCs

I've done

The ironing heap
Cleaned out the (huge) fridge and reorganised it
Made lunch for Ed and I

Got to get him to the pool at 4:30 for his lesson. It's weird seeing him in the pool and me being in clothes hmm

See you tomorrow

swanriver Wed 22-Jul-09 16:06:09

Galen, what a big gap he is going to leave, wishing you every strength to cope with next year together, and the immediate next few weeks. Itsounds very hard. A friend who has lost someone recently said youjust keep going over the last days of their illness and it is so difficult to get back the good memories, but they do comeback.

We have just come back from Science Museum; glad we went but don't think I can face it for another few years, kept losing children amongst the exhibits andhaving to stand on blocks bellowing their names. Imax 3D, though excellent, moon one, has given me vertigo and a foul headache. [ungrateful emoticon]

TeaMonster Wed 22-Jul-09 17:09:19

galen I hope that the next couple of days are not an anti-climax for you and DH. After my dad's funeral it was all so down and strange, we had been so built up for the funeral - everything else was such a strange thing.

I also agree that life is far to short and it makes you much more aware of how fragile life is and how much we sweat the small stuff instead of just enjoying the little things.

Prof this is partly why I was so keen to ensure that my metal well being was looked after too. I need to be positive. I only really have two frames of mind up or down and the down is a scary place grin

Also I am considering a tidy up operation like your sis and it should make things look a bit more symetrical and less butchered and brutal. Infact I have an appointment on the 14 to discuss with consultant.

Swan Sounds like a hard day. I worry that 3D would make me sick, I have a hard time with the wii and PC some times [wimp emo]

Hospital with mum was a chore, espeically as they have not been giving her some medication she needs, so she is back next week to see consultant sad. She is in pain and needs them to pull their fingers out.

Boys were good at the hospital and also at lunchtime, but have been a bit sir crazy this afternoon, but we have puddle jumped and been on the PC togeter oh and played cars too.

I have a really sore right eye too sad

TheProfiteroleThief Wed 22-Jul-09 19:32:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

swanriver Wed 22-Jul-09 21:47:05

Have done some housework [at last]
toy redirection
playroom quick tidy
piles of laundry piled up
floors swept
recycling this morning and rubbish collection
dishwasher loaded
stray things washed up
milkbottles out

friend visited withher son, but my children were a bit tiresome, possibly we need to have a day of local activity tomorrow. Ds2 is completely mad at the moment talking very loudly and really annoying his brother. Though fine when absorbed by wonders of science grin.
All went to bed very nicelythough - they do love holiday bedtmes..and seem much less demanding of our attention,[havng possiblyhad it all day)

Sorry about your mum's arthritis (?) TM, it's very kind of you to look after her so well.

Think this has been the least successful day of holidays so far, and all down to me being in a slightly bad mood I fear, not really because anything went wrong, so will have to try harder tomorrow to chill once more. [in an organised sort of way]

TeaMonster Thu 23-Jul-09 02:58:32

pst I can not sleep

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