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Saturday Fly your way to Family Happiness!

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wendyredkitchenredspots Sat 18-Jul-09 08:42:16

hi all
what a corny title I came up with there hmm

wendyredkitchenredspots Sat 18-Jul-09 08:44:14

Feeling shattered, had a terrible night's sleep, second night running. Not sure what we're up to today - weather look ok ish so should get out and about really.
have a good day everyone and see you later.
Thinking of you Galen

scattyspice Sat 18-Jul-09 09:38:07

Morning wendy, thanks for the thread. Shame about the bad nights (is it insomnia or insomniac child?). I am still sleeping on the sofa bed with dd 4 years on! I keep saying I'm going to do something about it but not sure what hmm.

Wolf - sorry you're not well, hope GP can help.

LBB - hope you had a lovely well deserved lie in smile

dh gone to get papers etc
me to town for last min stuff pre holiday
dh to garage to get car
dh family coming later (must remember to prepare lovely lunch hmm)
Night out with friend about to emigrate [yay to night out).

Have a good day all.

swanriver Sat 18-Jul-09 10:06:45

Thanks for thread Wendy,
not sure what we are doing today either

dw on
breakfast eaten
garden visited

To Do minor and major
scones still (milk gettign sourer and sourer)
some wonderful adventure - museum park river???
get dh to put something v. heavy in car for me to take to dump
post a letter
what's for lunch and dinner - cold chicken salad baked potatoes (if we are in) dinner pasta with aubergine and tomato
ringfence an hour to do housework in

Enjoy visitors, lie-ins and outings ladies
and Galen, hope your holiday committee plans go well, and that youget through next few weeks with all your family around you. (Hope your dh's brothers and sisters can pull together - my dad has 6 brothers and sisters an it is v.v. difficult to reach agreement on important emotional matters. But deep down they get a lot of support from just knowing there are lots of them.)

swanriver Sat 18-Jul-09 10:11:59

Wolf, hope pain can be under control tll they find cause.

TheProfiteroleThief Sat 18-Jul-09 10:17:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

swanriver Sat 18-Jul-09 11:45:49

He has taken them off grin

I think hols follow classic pattern

Day 1. Elation
Day 2. Collapse
Day 3. Bickering and Complaining
5. Anger
6. Acceptance, and settling down together interspersed with a lot of slightly meaningless exercise

Hope we are now on Day 6 (as were off Mon Tues Wed really)
Done lots of useful things already
tidied two bedrooms
Dh has put up a picture
spoke in mellow tones to dcs whilst forcing them to make their beds

Need to meet up in a hour with them in town

swanriver Sat 18-Jul-09 11:47:11

missed out day 4 - must have been bad or perhaps that was zombie day in front of telly

TheProfiteroleThief Sat 18-Jul-09 12:37:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grouchyoscar Sat 18-Jul-09 12:47:03

Nowt wrong with corny, it's cheerful wendy Thanks for the thread.

Wolf get well soon, hope you have a good weekend. Oh, Ed loves the suitcase bear, thanks for the tip

Bit happier day at the Gtouchy Hovel. Ed loves his pressies (phew) He's got a lot, probably too much but hey ho, your not 6 everyday. Were off to the ILs this afternoon su not much FLYing today for me. I have built a LEGO kit this morning and by heck, it was complicated! Only 2 to do now hmm

See you later lovelies

TeaMonster Sat 18-Jul-09 17:44:04

Happy Birthday Ed hope you are having a fantastic day my little friend

galen I was so sorry to hear your news, I hope you manage to get things sorted and do wish I lived closer to be able to help

Wolf Hope you feel better soon

Wendy hmmthey do say being on TV puts 10lb on at least

swan good on DH for taking them out.

Prof hope everyone is feeling better soon

Scatty Have a fab night out

Well the bed saga can be read on the blog, to say I am anoid was an understantment. But I was a very proud mummy with DS2.

I am feeling really off - really nasty headache that tablets wont shift, high temp, nausea and just generally not right, so DH has done most of the parenting today.

We popped out for milk in all the rain and the boys had a MDon treat lunch

Then we have been playdoughing all afternoon. I am going to make some tomorrow as ours is all blue!!!!

wendyredkitchenredspots Sat 18-Jul-09 19:25:29

hello everyone*
hope you're ok, don't assume it's not the swine flu! No rain here today!
Prof hope feeling better
Wolf have you recovered at all?
swan hope you had a mellow day lol that made me laugh

Well had a good day on the diet then had a korma made with double cream followed by ice cream. Then I watched myself on video (DH is taking them all off the PC at the minute) at DD's 2nd birthday in November and I looked so thin - I was about 9 lbs lighter I think - and wished I'd skipped the ice cream. it has hardened my resolve!

OK day - had a good morning at local small railway with a picnic, then DH and FIL spent all afternoon doing complicated electrics for new oven arriving next week. i cleaned the bathroom and played tennis with the dc.

Tomorrow just swimming, trip to the tip and then a street party at DH's parents' street - should be ok.

See you later

littleboyblue Sat 18-Jul-09 19:52:21

Just marking so comes on my threads i'm on page for later smile

littleboyblue Sat 18-Jul-09 20:02:05

wendy sorry you had a rubbish night, hope you get a better one tonight....
scatty yeah, I got up at 11, bith ds's were still in pj's and nothing had been done. Oh well.
Dp has the right ump today because ds2 was up all night apparently but as I was too drunk to let it wake me...........
TM sorry you're feeling so rough. Hope you get better soon.
Might make some playdough here too. Those cookie cutters need to be put to some use.....might as well let ds1 use them to play with

So, rushed around at lunch time getting the morning bits done. Then we all went shopping to get ds1 a beach outfit and some bits and pieces for going to SIL's next week.
That means I miss the master bedroom week doesn't it? It's always that week that dp is on nights or something else stops me getting in there! It's not too bad though and will get sorted one day.
Just in the middle of doing evening bits now, and am thinking of doing the ironing.....

swanriver Sat 18-Jul-09 20:05:42

Think it can just be a 48 hour thing as well as fullblown - hope you feel better tomorrow TM. What a hero your ds1 is to save the day on the bed front.
We had such a great holiday last year in Eire with FLOODs everywhere, literally paths disappearing as we walked, trees falling when their roots lost hold, stepping in puddles right up to our middle etc. But it was terrible for the farmers.

Dh has hung three more pictures (portraits of children smile pencil sketches by a friend from bookgroup - which I finally picked up from framers -they look very charming
I have hoovered our bedroom and dcs rooms
Done a bit of garden tidying - my borlotti beans need a SAS rescue from the slugs now, but are turning red smile like the picture!

We had a gang of kids (and I mum)over who played for about 2 and half hours all over house and had tea.
No supervision required, heaven.
Bit of telly earlier blush

Think dh is beginning to chill a bit too, at last hmm

hope you are alright Wolf and Galen
Sounds a good day Wendy

swanriver Sat 18-Jul-09 20:09:31

LBB, we did some playdough on Wed, we only had pink, so they made sausages and presented them to Dad when he came home shock. Dd even made a pink frying pan to go withthem.

SimplyIsATalentedBuzzard Sat 18-Jul-09 20:13:51

Hello to all.

I've done all the ironing that's ready for ironing TM. smile Just the one load on the line/airer and one in the w/m (which won't need ironing as it's the dog's and cat's blankets and towels).

~ kitchen stuff
~ ironing
~ choose new glasses (as in specs)

To do:-
~ some work stuff I brought home
~ some paperwork that is in the kitchen

See you tomorrow!

galen Sat 18-Jul-09 21:22:10

quick hello all.
After many phonecalls and uncertainty, we are now all off to Ireland tomorrow. Seems that FIl will pass away in the next couple of days , so DH needs to be there,and we need to be with him. Did suggest leaving a couple of the younger DC behind with my parents but DH wants us all to go, so we will.
It's all going to be very difficult and upsetting, but we'll get through it. We're goin to try and find reliable freindly local teenager known to DH family for babysitting duties for possible funeral etc... We will bring the older 2 dc to funeral ...not sure how they'll handle it though.Hope we can all stay strong to help DH through it.
So basically been running round today sorting out last minute mad packing for 8 LOL and trying to find suitable funeral attire for all....
Also had to but DD 3's Bday presents as her Bday is a week on Monday and we may still be in Ireland so need to take them with me...
All in all quite a mad panic rush day. Not quite the peaceful start to holiday planning day I had hoped for, but still.

Not sure when we'll be back but will get back to you all then! House sadly disorganised, not left in a good going away state really, but will get back on that old FLY wagon when I get back!

Sorry to all the poorlies TM and others.. - hope you feeling better soon
Ed happy Bday!

TeaMonster Sun 19-Jul-09 06:27:19

galen Hope you managed to get the packing sorted and I am sending you love, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope everything is as peaceful as can be and as stressless as possible for DH. I can understanding him wanting you and the children around him for comfort. Take care and dont worry about the house at all - more pressing and important things

swanriver Sun 19-Jul-09 08:43:42

Prayers and best wishes from here too.
Hope ferry goes smoothly and packing not too nervewracking.

Children are justwaking upnow, (one a lot earlier has been measuring me with a tape)
Have unloaded dw
dh is still asleep

wendyredkitchenredspots Sun 19-Jul-09 08:46:50

galen hope you got all sorted. Thinking of you and your whole family lots during such a difficult time for you all - you are amazing keeping it all together for your family.
llb hope you have a good week at SIL's much better than cleaning the bedroom!
swan pics sounds lovely. I finally got some framed on Friday and need to get DH to put them up - we have no pics up yet in our house
Morning TM are you feeling better?

I had a good night's sleep last night - 11 pm til 7 pm, perfect and a deep sleep.

DD just told me something in her mouth hurts, think she may have a sore throat, need to keep a close eye on her.

Prob swimming in an hour. I haven't woken up yet!

Have a good day everyone

wendyredkitchenredspots Sun 19-Jul-09 08:48:14

x posts swan you had a nice lie in! My DS is into measuring at the minute too. have a good day

littleboyblue Sun 19-Jul-09 09:13:14

galen Thoughts with you. Hope it all goes as smoothly as possible.

So far I have got me and ds2 dressed, given us all breakfast, showered (before I dressed) as swished and swiped, swept and mopped bathroom and hallway, taken rubbish out, washed and sterilised bottles.

Today, I have to
Go to Tesco
Write out a packing list for trip (we leaving tues morning, so packint the car tomorrow evening)
A bit more ironing

I am also going to make fruit tartlets for ds1 today. Need to get some lemon curd. I bet my local store doesn't sell it.

scattyspice Sun 19-Jul-09 09:33:42

Morning all.

Galen - we'll be thinking of you.

Had a good family knees up yesterday and a good night out smile.

start packing - London tomorrow
get some cash!
DC to a party
take it easy hmm.


TeaMonster Sun 19-Jul-09 09:47:49

Morning again

wendy I was "perspiring" sweating all night

swan sounds like a great morning

scatty sounds like a good day!

LBB Yum lemon curd

Well I have got some washing hung out
Cleaned the cooker door
Emtied the dishwasher
Fed the cooking fat
Got everyone dressed and fed

We are off to buy a new loo seat in a mo - destructive children

DH is doing Jigsaw puzzels with the boys. DS1 got a new 60 peice clone wars one yesterday and have already done it 5 times this morning. I think we need more peices shock

To Do's

harvest some veg - update on blof swan as requested
Dinner - toad in the hole
Ironing away
Plan week

We are also going to take down the cot bed ion DS2's room and pop the sofa bed in as they have done really well and want to share a room - I am going to cancel bed order on Monday.

We will then give it a week - if all is well we will move his wardrobe and drawers in and turn his old bedroom in to a spare with all the toys.

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