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Wednesday FLY

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littleboyblue Wed 15-Jul-09 07:25:21

Morning girlies. Hold tight for links.......grin

littleboyblue Wed 15-Jul-09 07:30:26



Morning all. Hope we are all well.
Finish morning routine
Evening routine
Finish zone clean in bathroom (hoover, mop)
15mins clothes de-clutter in boys room
Go to playgroup
Puree more veg
Go Tesco
Lower ds2's mattress
Dp to put stuff in loft
Put lampshade up in hallway
Wipe out fridge

That list is not in order grin

galen Wed 15-Jul-09 08:13:29

Morning LBB
popping in for an uncharecteristic pre-school hello!
Early start again thanks to DS2.

I have a stinking headache and am absolutely shattered!

Have done basics ( breakfast, dressed, laundry etc...)and am now hiding for quick 5 mins before school run LOL
Assembly this morning, then medal presentation, then DD to nursery.

will have to do some major catching up this afternoon I fear!!

Also its pouring here, so not good for drying my many million loads of washing....sigh....

right best dash

Hope all are well this morning.

EustaciaVye Wed 15-Jul-09 08:14:15

Morning all.

Morning routine done. Out most of day. Hope you are all ok.

littleboyblue Wed 15-Jul-09 08:52:58

galen Hope you feel better. Good luck today. Has been raining heavy here too. Apparently, legend says that if it rains today, it will rain for the next 40 days...........great. We're going away next week.
Eustacia Morning. Have a good day, hope you stay dry.

Morning routine also done here. Ds2 is napping so about to get ds1 dressed and have a little play

TeaMonster Wed 15-Jul-09 09:41:12

Morning all

galen Pants about the headache - hope everyone left with all the right things and that assembly was fun

LBB Your two LO's sound wonderful - pmsl about the mamma and chest grin

Simply Dont worry about origional things to say - I am doing the blog for me, so thaty I can record our summer - I am planning to print it out and pop in the boys memory boxes. I still fear that someday I will leave far too early sad

EV Hope the flu has left you alone - I am starting to see many of our friends from down south fear the flu now

I have had a productive morning

Up, dressed
Washer on
TD on
Washer back on
DW emptied
cougettes harvested
ratatouille made
doctos played with the boys again

To Do's

We are off swimming this morning
Then back for lunch - just the rice to doTo collect some bits loaned to a friend
whats for dinner - lasagne to put together
puzzles with the boys

DH is late in tonight as he has a client meeting sad, so he will be dining alone

TheProfiteroleThief Wed 15-Jul-09 10:49:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

swanriver Wed 15-Jul-09 12:04:33

how do 5 get my 2eyb6ard ba2 t6 n6r0a3 aga5n

swanriver Wed 15-Jul-09 12:06:47

ah at 3ast the *assw6rd w6r2ed!

Tried *ressing the Fn key b4t won't stick.

littleboyblue Wed 15-Jul-09 12:25:22

grin swan what have you done? lol

swanriver Wed 15-Jul-09 13:29:12

ANY Clue to unsticking keyboard....

galen Wed 15-Jul-09 13:33:57

afternoon all
prof I also have a severe case of end-of-termitis!! Dont know whether I'm coming or going, so much going on, all need so many different outfits and props for each...havent even sorted teachers any gifts yet...I sympathise. Hang in there! Only a couple more days

TM sounds a busy , but good day. Hope swimming is great

swan yes, what have you done ??? (assuming it is you and not your DS like last time we all thought you werein despair over something when DS had actually posted LOL)Sounds like atechnical PC problem, but I cant help Im afraid, i'm technically challenged LOL

Assembly was lovely this morning. All DC (well oldest 3) were involved in lots of singing and music making.
DS2 was a bit was quite long, but lovely anyway!

DD4 now at nursery, have been to shops, now having brief cuppa before I try to rescue the house...actually really want to do some summer hols planning too , so that may win!
DD" has friend for tea, but shouldnt be too much hassle.....

right better dash. grin

galen Wed 15-Jul-09 13:36:15

Oh swan hmm...unsticking in what way....what happened to it LOL

littleboyblue Wed 15-Jul-09 13:58:53

swan Glad you got it sorted, sorry for laughing at you. It was Trinity's coded message that really got me going! grin

Finish morning routine done
Evening routine
Finish zone clean in bathroom (hoover, mop)
15mins clothes de-clutter in boys room
Go to playgroup
Puree more veg done
Go Tesco done
Lower ds2's mattress
Dp to put stuff in loft
Put lampshade up in hallway
Wipe out fridge

Off to hoover bathroom now and get finished in there while boys are in bed, then I am going to sit/lay down with my book grin

swanriver Wed 15-Jul-09 14:04:49

Phew Phew and double Phew, thanks to nice ladies in Geeky Section (LBB how did you get there so quickly?)

had nums lock on, after polishing sticky keyboard.

All dcs at home now, hols have started grin
Delivered presents to 7 teachers and TAs.

Everyone was at home all mornng which put paid to any planning or sortingLOL, it's in at the deepend here with holiday fun.
Ds1 has a fever, tho not nearly as ill as ds2, so we will change plans to go in August (they were cheap tickets) - it was only for a week, and we'll go for 3 weeks in August instead.

Anyway a rather grumpy morning, dcs settling down to being FREE again.

We did
paper boats
labels and cards for teachers
something from Big Cook LC, involving sausage rolls and colouring
listening to music
wind sock from climbing frame
interspersed by cries of MUMMEE, MUMEE, A B C's annoying me, can you bring me some x..y..z MUMMEE Wheeeere are you?

Anyway I am looking forward to a fun week relaxing hmm no really, think ds1 will recover quite soon, and then we can go out.
A friend who has HAD flu is coming round tomorrow to play football.

Now need to tidy up whilst they are watching a fil
Did some shopping last night so at least we have food. Nor did I get round to cancelling milk smile

swanriver Wed 15-Jul-09 14:06:58


littleboyblue Wed 15-Jul-09 14:08:41

How did I get where so quickly? grin

Just hoovered all the bathroom and behind toilet, sink, clothes basket etc. Boys still in bed, have packed bag for playgroup this afternoon, hd a quick tidy up and now just going to relax until all hell breaks loose and the terrors wake up.......

swanriver Wed 15-Jul-09 14:18:50

Geeks Section grin
but it must be said you have got everywhere v. quickly.

Film has been abandoned,(and housework again) we are having a picnic outside.

littleboyblue Wed 15-Jul-09 14:22:31

The boys are asleep, I've done a few bits that needed doing, so I am just sitting here now enjoying the peace and quiet, hence my being all over the place smile

grouchyoscar Wed 15-Jul-09 14:52:33

Hello all

Super busy here and I have to take Ed to his sweimming lesson!

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all

scattyspice Wed 15-Jul-09 15:59:54

Hi all. Busy bees one and all.

Swan - yay to being on holiday but boo to the flu.

Tea - had a look at your blog - lovely. You are seriously organised envy.

Galen - sounds like you're doing well. Hope you can last the day

Prof - endof termitis has got me too blush.

nursery pick up (lovely folder with pictures and comments from her time at nursery) smile.
School pick up (lovely class photo) smile
dh called - car not ready til sat angry
laundry reboot

To do
more laundry and usual eve routines

No holiday planning done here yet either. I have a folder with leaflets stuffed in it. I'll think about it when we get back from holiday.

swanriver Wed 15-Jul-09 18:22:02

I think everyone has settled down now [hopeful emoticon] and started playing nicely, just in time for bed hmm

As usual tides of STUFF that have come home, books, artwork, PE kits have me flummoxed, mngling as theydo with piles of toys and unfinshed projcts.
Today Dd has made a mousetrap (not a real one)
Ds1 has demanded pink lemonade and sausage rolls, and to have his temp taken several times an hour
Ds2 has got into several bustups, but now calmly playing Noah's Ark

Fsh and potatoes for dh
pasta and sausages for los (sounds silly but this fish too grand for them and they won't eat it unless in white sauce)

Feel completely shattered, all this fun is too much for me.

Leaflets in folder sounds EXCELLENT Scatty
Loved reading your blog TM, I liked meeting your cat too, has made me try harder to be v. responsive to dcs. Your day sounded v. well planned.
LBB, well done on peace and quiet and a little musing
Grouchy, hope swimming was pleasure for Ed

TheProfiteroleThief Wed 15-Jul-09 19:12:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

swanriver Wed 15-Jul-09 19:16:10

They should be giving YOU the chocs!

TheProfiteroleThief Wed 15-Jul-09 19:21:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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