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Tues fly this one

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scattyspice Tue 14-Jul-09 07:51:38

I'll get there in the end.

scattyspice Tue 14-Jul-09 07:54:58


scattyspice Tue 14-Jul-09 08:02:19


Nice and sunny here smile. No exciting things happening (thank goodness).

To do:
school/nursery pick up
laundry (mountain)
feed dc
ds to gymnastics
buy food
post cards
reply to party invite (swimming shock)

Have a good day y'all.


(yes Tea she starts in Sept smile/sad).

littleboyblue Tue 14-Jul-09 08:13:49

Morning scatty
Thanks for thread grin
Today I am going to do morning and evening routines, maybe the ironing later and 15 mins in ds's closet, but nothing apart from that. Tioday is going to be child focus day in my house grin
I will do house jobs when they are in bed and focus all attention on them all day. Untril they piss me off that is! grin
BBL (you'll know I've had enough when I'm back on here)
Good day to you all
Will check in when ds's are tucked up in bed grin

TeaMonster Tue 14-Jul-09 09:46:42

Morning Scatty - well done on the links

Well today is a busy one for me

Last Toddlers this morning sad, although we will still be going for a couple of months whilst DS2 does afternoons at preschool initially

Collect Mum
Whats for lunch
Drop mum home
Drop DS2 at MIL
Swimming Lesson DS1
Collect DS2
Dinner - premade for the Mini's

Phew Busy busy busy - not much flying for me apart from the morning and evening routine LLB

swanriver Tue 14-Jul-09 09:57:33

Thanks for thread Scatty
Your party sounded lovely, will you do another next year at home?

wise decision LBB
Feel free to tell us you are having a nice time playing with them too, it all counts as housework (well I think so)

Feeling compeltely disorganised this mornng.
Dh is being hyper, I can't bear noise. Now ds1 is at home too, I think just a chill from lots of swimming at Sunday party. Dhhas gone tow rok leaving trailof testetorne behind him in thesense of waving bits of paper around and demanding I find things immediately.

Nw deep breath required.
Babysitter booked for lunch outing. Good
Talked to builder about Sept work.
Now need to do dw
breakfast dishes
turn telly off in 30 mins
last night's washing up
take in washng before it rains and putaway
write card to my aunt who had a knee operation yest

Eire tomorrow, tickets booked for a week to stay with my parents. Still waiting to see what the lurgy will do before setting out. My sister is determined we should not infect her as she's going on an expensive foreign hol soon.
Need to just leave house as tidy as poss for dh to live in while we are gone.
But it is much easier knowing he'll be here, and not needng to lock up etc.

swanriver Tue 14-Jul-09 10:02:32

Good luck with counselling TM. Did yesterday go alright, your morning sounded lovely?
It takes a while to settle into holiday norms doesn't it?

galen Tue 14-Jul-09 11:58:09

morning all

scatty thanks for thread
lbb sounds a good plan - enjoy littlies!
TM hope last toddlers went OK. Goo dluck with rest of busy list
swan Hope things have calmed down now dh has gone LOL Good luck with all going away preparations.

Busy so far here today too.
DC to school (slightly chaotic and grumpy morning...evryone V tired and needs a holiday LOL)
Me to Drs app. Got repeat prescription. (good job as I only had 3 days meds left , and now is not a time to run out LOL)
Been to chemist with prescription.
Bought DD4 a new (apparently essential, but also reduced to 70p!) fairy wand!
Home - DS2 up for quick nap
Lunch for DD4 already done as she said she was hungry LOL

Next: DD4 to nursery, me to watch her sports afternoon (3rd one this year, at least a little cooler than the week of the other 2 LOL)

Doing roast gammon tonight....
washing is seriously out of control, so need to tackle that at some point too...
oh dear I am not FLYing well ATM , oh well , babysteps LOL

BBL grin

scattyspice Tue 14-Jul-09 12:39:45

Hi again smile.

Galen - lol fairy wand - I need one of those

Tea - enjoy toddlers

LBB - have a good day with los (hard work when they are so small).

swan - Are you going tomorrow? Good luck and have fun.

grouchyoscar Tue 14-Jul-09 16:16:12

Howdydoodydootp All

Grouchy is on the mend (yay!) DH is fighting it and is going back to the office tomorrow hmm

Up and washed
Ed washed
Meds and dress
Down with mugs
Empty DW
Empty WM and sort for drying
Empty bleaching soaking water (very gingerly)
Load whites to WM and run
peg out
Put crockery away
make breakfast
Tidy away
Put grey bin back
Chivvy Ed along with getting dressed
Bags together and off to school
Morning session in Nursery
Dinnerlady stint
Downtown to get Ed's birtthday pressie for BIL (It's the same day just 47 yrs apart!) and gifts for the ETAs

I've stayed out of the house as much as poss to let DH get on with it. I'm very tired now

Hope you're all hanging in there
Home, unpack, collect Ed
Feed the birds

galen Tue 14-Jul-09 16:20:49

Bum, bum and double bum.
Messed up timer on oven, and so roast gammon is now fishfingers and mashed pots for DC, roast gammon later for me and DH
Grrrr just when I try to plan ahead LOL

Been at school all afternoon, Ds2 very grumpy. DD4 refused to do most of the races (think shes tired, and also in a generally stroppy mood!) lovely nursery teacher was very patient with her, got her to at least try a bit of each activity, helped by the promise of and ice lolly at the end LOL
Then had to hang round for an hour till time to pick up older ones....(why can they never co-ordinate timings of these things....sigh)
House looks like a tip, having been out most of day,
Now been informed that DS1 needs a "costume" for his rock band performance tomorrow, and DD1 needs her"abba" outfit for singing group performance....
all need to bring wheeled toys on Thursday for golden treat, DD1 class won extra golden treat so get to wear own clothes tomorrow, and DD4 needs to bring a teddy for teddy bears picnic on Tursday.....
Wonder if there is any chance of sending any of them in the right clothes with the correct items any of the days before Friday...sigh...I need it to be the holidays!!

Best attend to the fishfingers LOL

BBL grin

swanriver Tue 14-Jul-09 16:33:41

Fish fngers sounds perfect for tired little ones.
Dd went to school in home clothes today for a disco hmm there was no disco and no one else was wearng home clothes.
Had to rush in with slightly damp uniform at 9.00 after reproachful phonecall from teacher

goodness organised mum diaries clearly need a special clothes stickers section [sparkly, book character, cool]

I remember lots of children cryng at nursery sports day, it was really toomuch for them - sort of runnng like a performance, instead of runnng whenthey felt like it.

well, not very constructive day housework wise. Lots of mini-moochers. Made a miniature garden with ds2 who is fed up and bored with being quarantined
abandoned everyone for 2 hour lunch outinggrin but missed the tiramisu bit
as hd to rush home

SimplyIsATalentedBuzzard Tue 14-Jul-09 17:14:49

scatty Thanks for the thread.

TM Yes, I did the hoovering, thanks. I haven't done the new ironing yet. I was doing lots of bits and bobs last night but not that. The items I left on the line I had to wash again as there was a sewagey type smell outside. I think one of the fields around here had human sewerage applied (injected into the ground, I think) and it takes a while for it to disappear esp when we have rain after a dry spell. So....I can't dry outside for a bit. [sigh] Of course, as it isn't very sunny atm then things aren't drying quickly in the conservatory at the mo either!

swanriver We had the best tiramisu ever on holiday in Ireland once. It was in a restaurant on a town square about an hour away from Dublin (south west I think). We tried to find the town a few years later when we went back on holiday but failed. Once ds changed a couple of times in a morning thinking it was/wasn't/was own clothes. Once he told his friend it was, the friend then got to the bus stop to find out it wasn't and had to either dash home (like ds had done) or had to go to school without uniform! They are one as twp as the other, mind.

Howdy partner go! So pleased to hear you're on the mend.

Going to get dressed now and make tea. Bbl I hope!

TeaMonster Tue 14-Jul-09 18:01:47

Evening all

Swan Yesterday was great - I am giving myself some planned activities and then some quiet activities with the boys.

galen I dont understand why nursery's or preschools have sports days is beyond me. DS's had a teddybears picnic with a little bit of sports involved, but no parents. I also think yum to fishfingers

Simply well done on the hoovering

I had a very productive councelling session and may even have come to the conclusion that I am going to ask Consultant if he can tidy up the scars even if it means a minor operation shock, which is a huge step for me after the complications.

DS1 earned his dulkings 4 badge today at swimming smile.

All in all a really productive and happy day.

TeaMonster Tue 14-Jul-09 18:08:18

I have started a blog to chronical our summer if you are intested here

scattyspice Tue 14-Jul-09 18:26:18

Hi all.

Galen shock that sounds like a very complicated morning for you tomorrow!

Simply/swan LOL at the non uniform confusion.

Grouchy - glad your feeling better.

Tea - envy at being on holiday already. I have my holiday head on too early and am finding last week of work/school/nursery a bit of a struggle. Will look at your blog later.

made sandwiches
posted card
ds to gym club
food bought
laundry folded and put away
dd bag packed

Car is sounding like a motorbike will have to visit garage after school tomorrow angry.

BB tomorrow girls.

galen Tue 14-Jul-09 19:35:35

well Dh came home fairly early and took over while I had a nice relaxing shower Yay!
Lots of shouting downstairs however which I did my best to ignore!

Yes tomorrow promises to be complex!
DD1 to school in own clothes, to bring suitable "abba" costume with her.
DS1 to school in uniform, to bring "rock band" uniform with him
DD2 to school in uniform - needs swimming form signing
DD2 to school in uniform

DD4 to be ready in uniform first thing...

Then to assembly(9.15) complete with rock band and abba and beatles performances
11.30 presentation of rounders final medals (DS1)
12.45 drop off DD4 at nursery
Somehow fit in lunch for DS2 and DD4
Home: DS2 nap
Me rescue some of total chaos in house
School pick up, with friend for tea for DD2

Oh dont want to think about it actually!!

TM I am very impressed with your blog, and all your wonderful summer planning. I REALLY need to get some planning begining to panic at the thought of rapidly vanishing holiday time with lack of planning and fun ativities...sigh...

well need to do something organised...

see you all tomorrow.

galen Tue 14-Jul-09 19:37:40

oh yes, and I also dont get the whole nursery sports day thing...they are so little, and all the parents were sat in a row watching...must have been unerving, and didnt seem much fun for any of them really.

Wolfcub Tue 14-Jul-09 20:52:37

just popping in to say a quick hello all*

glad you are getting better - dp has been in very very close proximity to 4 people with swine flu (two confirmed two suspected)

teamonster glad you had a positive session

galen hope you and dp and fil are doing as well as can be expected

littleboyblue Tue 14-Jul-09 21:03:03

Good evening.
Had a fine day here. Found out that ds2 thinks me singing incy wincy spider while walking my fingers up his leg is hilarious! Also that ds1 thinks his chest is called "mamma". The reason is he keeps calling me dadda, so I have been trying to teach him that my name is mamma, so I have been pointing to myself and putting my hand on my chest while saying "mamma. My name is mamma" but now he whacks himself on his chest and yells mamma hmm
I spent 2 15 min sessions in their closet and now have 4 binbags of outgrown clothes waiting to go into loft (dp wants to do a car boot sale).
Me and ds1 also did some colouring and played pairs. He is very good at that game. He really concentrates when looking for the matching card.
We also spent a while in the fruit and veg aisle in Tesco, and he learned what broccoli is, and what melons are, and we looked at lots of other veg. He tried to say potato which was quite funny. He is very good at getting things off the shelf and putting them in the basket, and putting things back that I tell him we don't need, so good day in all.

Also, my diary that I've been keeping I think is working. I think we have a feeding, playing, napping, story etc routine. It os quite interesting to look through and see writted down all the things that happen in the day.

SimplyIsATalentedBuzzard Tue 14-Jul-09 22:12:25

Lots of good things in individual posts on this thread so I think I'll just say "Da iawn i pawb" "Well done to everyone!" Actually, I'm not sure if there should be a mutation after i. If there is then I think it should be i bawb. Yep, I've just checked with dh and he says it should be Da iawn i bawb. smile

I loved reading your blog TM though I'm far too shy to leave a message there. Writing something original is nightmarish for me. Leaving cards and the like in work are something I really don't look forward to doing.

lbb Ds went from saying baba and patting my tummy to saying baba and patting newborn dd without seeming to notice the difference! He was only 15 months old at the time, it has to be said. How old is your ds2?

Right. I must get myself sorted for tomorrow and try to get to bed reasonably early tonight. I think I have an early start tomorrow and need to have things ready to take. I wish it wasn't 10pm already though! See you tomorrow. smile

littleboyblue Tue 14-Jul-09 22:18:46

simply Ds1 did that too, he was pointing to my stomach saying bubba and now calls ds2 bubba. Ds1 is 23 months and ds2 is 5 months.

Off to bed mysekf in a bit, but made the mistake of laying on floor with laptop......not sure I'll be able to get up hmm grin

SimplyIsATalentedBuzzard Tue 14-Jul-09 22:24:15

Aha! I stayed here to play chess on the PC but my tired brain was making silly mistakes so I've just taken washing out of the t/d and I really must make myself get stuff ready. I will (do that) if you will (get up from the floor). Deal? smile

littleboyblue Tue 14-Jul-09 22:26:29

Deal grin
I'm going now, wanted to be in bed at 10.
See you in the morning smile

littleboyblue Wed 15-Jul-09 07:26:10

this way

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