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Weekend Fly - take a deep breath and relax

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TeaMonster Sat 11-Jul-09 10:16:57

Morning all

Hope everyone is well this morning

We placed musical beds last night with the mini mads, so are shattered, but the sun is shinging.

SO football practice it is, then lunch and park

swanriver Sat 11-Jul-09 10:33:29

Musical beds is our favourite game grin
Football - good stuff

Good night insofar as no vomiting..
I think he is over it (whatever it was)but still a bit whacked (and whingy)
dcs have to gone to music with their dad
vp done
garden assessed - 4 courgettes
I large bucket of potatoes (possibly a lot of work for 5 meals worth hmm but satisfying to see that they do grow - it's like magic)

My list is
clear breakfast
strip ds2's bed and hot wash everything
tidy his room
put away rest of washing
change our bed
what's for lunch potatoes, cheese, frankfurters, courgettes, bit of plain rice for ds2

mop kitchen floor
and hall

Hope you are managing Galen

SimplyIsATalentedBuzzard Sat 11-Jul-09 10:56:32

Bore da pawb. Good morning all. Thanks for the thread TM.

I slept badly last night so I'm breakfasted but not showered or dressed yet. Yikes!

To do:-
~ put washing up away
~ finish drying clothes from yest as it is wet outside
~ get b/d cards and b/d parcels ready to post
~ ironing
~ finish the paperwork that's littering the kitchen
~ post some stuff back to John Lewis and order some replacements
~ put financial paperwork in the files they belong
~ take dd to work and fetch back
~ make sure ds has packed ready for Monday (trip for several days, then he's home, then away again)

swanriver Sat 11-Jul-09 11:01:28

How did your new bed work out Simply? Did you get the linen from JL? I'm sort of considering a new duvet and cover for our bed - just wondered what you thought of them.

Same hre, stillnot dressed
but hve done dw and brkst clearing

Wolfcub Sat 11-Jul-09 11:56:49

good morning all

done - up with ds at 6
played a bit and watched some cbeebies
breakfast made
bit more playing
quick kitchen and living room tidy
to Lidl for cleaning supplies
grot removed from inside of 1 door frame - can't believe I never noticed it before it was completely black

supposed to be going to fire station gala and to travel agents to discuss overseas wedding possibilities - somehow don't see us being able to do the travel agents as dp is going out for the night at 5pm

grouchyoscar Sat 11-Jul-09 12:55:28

Hello ALL

I have flu symptoms now (! feeling concerned and avoiding pork products emo) but good poinys, DH has confined me to bed and he has

Tidied kitchen
Emptied DW and put away
Made me breakfast in bed shock
Dug out a replacement laptop so I can surf while he fixes the other shock blush inc, help with mac tips (lappy 2 is a power mac set up)

He's being really fab bless him

Me, well I've

Dug out Ed's book bag
Found his library book
Quick tidy of his room
Pegged out
Watered and repotted plants
S&S front of porch

Then I was sent to bed.
Created and ordered Ed's Moonpig birthday card.

I'm online all day hmm better catch up on thread

Starbear Sat 11-Jul-09 15:16:07

Hi all
Really lazy weekend. I'm sure I should be doing something but can't be a* smile
Dishwasher empty.
Shower curtain in the wash
Another load ready to go
Euro collected
Fridge/freezer nearly empty ready to clean and switch off. As per repairman instructions)
No cooking Pizza for dinner
have a good weekend everyone smile

Tortoise Sat 11-Jul-09 15:58:10

Just thought i would pop in and see how peeps are. smile

I am good. Holiday all booked now. smile Going to Dawlish Warren.
House is a tip as norm lol!

Bit worried about swine flu as one confirmed case at DS1's school.

DD2's birthday party next week so i have been busy organising everything for that.

Hope everyone is OK? I should try and pop in more often! grin

SimplyIsATalentedBuzzard Sat 11-Jul-09 16:29:04

Hello to all. Just a quickie as I need to continue to crack on with jobs.

Tort Well done on booking your holiday!

Starbear Thanks for w/e wishes. I was definitely being lazy earlier this morning, that's for sure! I've picked my socks up now.

go Really sorry to hear that you have flu symptoms. Very pleased to hear that your dh is being considerate and caring. Get well soon! smile

swanriver I've ordered from John Lewis (and am ordering another set):- Product code 60532703, 60532413 and 61511612. I'm also going to buy 61314721 although the other duvet set I've already bought is from Laura Ashley this set in cream to hopefully go with these curtains which look much nicer than they do in this pic. We got this bed and a Silentnight Memory Comfort Mattress which gives a really good night's sleep. I like the JL sheets but they do feel a bit weird. I think they are 400 thread count which is quite high (says she knowing zip about such things!) smile We've spent quite a lot but we make things last until they literally wear out so it is money well spent in the long run. Hth.

grouchyoscar Sat 11-Jul-09 17:37:45

Thanks Simply DH being great, kept Ed happy and made lunch too. Bless him

Done a white wash
Loaded and run DW
Paid for the holiday (Whitby here we come!)
Wrapped a few of Ed's pressies for next week
Brought in the washing
Empty WM and sorted for drying

Tum te tum

I know it's silly but I think I need to buy Ed an antfarm hmm

SimplyIsATalentedBuzzard Sat 11-Jul-09 18:13:27

Thanks for making me giggle! "...I think I need to buy Ed an antfarm"! Is he particularly interested in ants and it's something he'd think was fab or is it something you're interested in? smile

I met a friend at the butcher's this afternoon (we Welsh folk know how to live! - actually, she's English - ooops) and I was impressed that she could leave her dh to buy what she wanted whilst she and I chatted outside. I recounted how hopeless generally my dh is in the house and suggested a swap. Her top tip? Give dh a clip around the earhole when he does something daft or send him to her for training. Is it too late for dh (mid forties) to change his ways do you reckon? Should we give it a go? wink

grouchyoscar Sat 11-Jul-09 18:33:47

Well I looked into it, read a review and decided agains it. Seems the gel may stufficate the ants. They had one in the school library and sadly, the ants are all dead too. Shame cos the answer is 'yes' to all the questions.

Worm farm I think!

Starbear Sat 11-Jul-09 19:30:26

Tortoise I just love Dawlish Warren. So musch I've been as a single person shock At Star Cross nearby they do Medieval Jousting, good fun for kids & adults. smile

littleboyblue Sat 11-Jul-09 20:23:55

Hello all
Thanks for thread TM*
hope you're feeling a bit better

I've been feeling really rough too.
Ds2 had rough night, he kept losing his dummy so I was up hunting for it every hour on the hour. He is only 5 months, I stopped feeding him when he was at the end of 3 months because he settled back to sleep with his dummy and I figure if he was hungry he'd be screaming, not just whinging and he wouldn't settle at all, so convinced it's not hunger but more teething and loss of dummy/teddy. He is also quite a sweaty baby so might have to stop putting the vest under the sleepsuit.
I wentr back to bed at 11:30am and dp woke me at 4pm when I decided to pack some things together and take ds's to my parents. Ds1 is at my dad's and ds2 at my mums. I'm hoping after a god nights sleep I will feel better.

How do you know if it's swine flu or just normal cold/flu? I have blocked and runny nose, headache, eyes ache, I'm cold, sneezing, cough and I'm really tired. What would I do if I susopect swine flu? What if the boys have it? They're both snotty too. Should I not have sent them to parents? Should I keep us all locked indoors for a few days?

Wolfcub Sat 11-Jul-09 21:13:11

evening all


vaccum living room and litchen
dust living room and part of kitchen
washed kitchen table
washed back door
washed front of wm and dw
cleaned inside and outside of oven door
cleaned switch-plates in living room and kitchen
went to fire station gala
went to thomas cook (boo nasty sales lady)
went to thomsons (yay lovely sales lady) - and discovered that a wedding abroad hasn't gone up as much as we though, we will discuss through the week and may go and book next weekend - looking at the first 2 weeks in May grin
took dp into city to meet his friends
fed, read and bed ds

grouchy I hope you start to feel better soon, glad dp is looking after you

Wolfcub Sat 11-Jul-09 21:13:11

evening all


vaccum living room and litchen
dust living room and part of kitchen
washed kitchen table
washed back door
washed front of wm and dw
cleaned inside and outside of oven door
cleaned switch-plates in living room and kitchen
went to fire station gala
went to thomas cook (boo nasty sales lady)
went to thomsons (yay lovely sales lady) - and discovered that a wedding abroad hasn't gone up as much as we though, we will discuss through the week and may go and book next weekend - looking at the first 2 weeks in May grin
took dp into city to meet his friends
fed, read and bed ds

grouchy I hope you start to feel better soon, glad dp is looking after you

galen Sat 11-Jul-09 21:26:27

Quick hello all

swan glad DS is recovering

lbb sorry you're feeling rough.
hope you get a good nights sleep tonight

mad hope you've had a restful day after musical beds!

grouchy I hate ants LOL they give me the creeps! Hope you're feeling better

everyone-else Hi!

Things not too bad here. Have heard from DH, FIL has apparently regained consciouness, although hs levels are fluctuating....
Things are very difficult with his family though...they sound as if they are still a bit in denial of the whole situation, and arguing a lot between themselves, possibly to avoid dealing with the tragic situation...
DH sounded very worn down...but is cominghome tomorrow, as there is little to be gained by him staying there any longer at this stage

A reasonable day here today.
been and got DD1 trainers this morning (slightly stressfull, busy shops...6 children...not a good combination, but needs must LOL)
Lots of playing outside while DS2 napped
Pursuaded (actually bribed with lollipops oops!) all DC to tidy their bedrooms and put washing away
Been to watch local history group re-enactment of civil war battle! Older DC loved it, younger ones hated it due to loud cannons...sigh and DD3 asked "why do people watch wars...they're sacry" so maybe not an altogether successful outing, but it was free and only down the road LOL
some washing done.
lots of tidying...despite which house still a tip LOL
Bolognese for dinner
Dropped DS1 to leavers party
Home - littlies to bed
biggies to bed
Now have to wait up for DS1 to get back LOL
Then fall into bed , shattered!!

Will see you al tomorow.grin

swanriver Sat 11-Jul-09 23:06:06

You've worked very hard Galen, glad dh is nearly home again
Grouchy, dh sounds lovely - but you must GO BACK to bed and leave him to it.

It's v. late, I've just returned from "music school"concert with ds1 and pizza with friend. He has declared he needs to learn another instrument so that he didn't get bored listening to other people play all the time LOL.
The last orchestral piece played was Jurassic Park, it was fabulous. And we listened to a guitar ensemble playing Beat It by MJ grin We walked home on a high smile

Anyway earlier back at home we had
picture polishing
bed re-making
linen boiling
potato boiling
ds2 room fumigating and hoovering

a bit of quarrelling between kids, loads of telly and quite a nice day considering smile

Wolfcub, glad arrangements are coming together for May.

SimplyIsATalentedBuzzard Sat 11-Jul-09 23:21:17

Sorry littleboyblue I've no advice for you on the swine flu front or the small children and sleeping front. I hope you get a good night's sleep tonight.

I've been looking at my family history file tonight (on the PC) and playing on this website My English side's surnames are really quite individual. The Welsh ones are Jones, Davies, etc which are a hard slog esp as they weren't very imaginative with the Christian names. I suppose they had to keep the grandparents happy by naming children after them but things did become mighty repetitive as a result! I must get back to it. I haven't done much for years.

Nos da pawb.

SimplyIsATalentedBuzzard Sat 11-Jul-09 23:36:53

Disclaimer That website in my last post may cause you to lose an hour or so of your time as you look up all the surnames in your family. I am in no way responsible for this nor for any following obsessional interest in family tree research. Thank you for reading.

wink smile

P.S. I have over 2000 people in my tree. It is fascinating stuff. Be warned!

scattyspice Sun 12-Jul-09 09:31:10

Morning girls smile.

simpl I'd love to research our family trees. Dh had a hanging in his family shockand we have at least one vagabond lol.

Sorry for all those with flu (or fluy dc). It said in yesterdays Guardian that anyone with flu at this time of year is likely to be swine flu but not to go to GP as they aren't testing or treating and no drugs needed (if normally healthy) treat as normal flu and take it easy.

BBL DS wants on.

TeaMonster Sun 12-Jul-09 09:50:11

Morning all

Scatty and Simply I too would like to do some family tree research, but that website didnt include my maiden name, as there are less than 100 people in the UK with it shock

DH has just got up - his turn for a lie in


Boys fed and dressed
Me dressed
Washing hung out
DW emptied
Floors swept and mopped
Outlook issue resolved

DH is now going to attempt to fix DS2's broken specs hmm Tantrum this time about yoghurt.

To Do's

Roast Dinner
Ironing and put away
Plans for the week
Check on Mum
check the weather forcaste for the week ahead

scattyspice Sun 12-Jul-09 09:54:57

Morning tea.

Having a busy weekend. Yesterday ended up being erand day (with dc in tow!) then lovely sociable friends had a house party so piled round there smile. Today is DS party so trying to get ready for that (and keep dc busy until 3 as they are already very excited). BB when its all over.

Have a good day evevryone.

SimplyIsATalentedBuzzard Sun 12-Jul-09 10:17:28

scattyspice Don't worry, we all have our skeletons. I've found a few!

TM Now I'm jealous! I've far too many "John Jones, coal miner, married to Mary." types in my family. The only unusual names I have are on the English side. Your unusual maiden name should make for a great starting point should you ever decide to do it.

swanriver Sun 12-Jul-09 10:37:07

Dh has taken 2 dcs on train to a big family getogether in Hants with strict instructions not to kiss anyone, but they seem well. Maybe this was something dd already had 2 months ago when she ws off school for week..And ds had a 24 something or other last week. So I'm thoroughly confused and eating loads of garlic and onions.

Hope you got a good night's sleep LBB, I think there are dozens of ways we could all pick up this flu. We have been keeping ds2 away from his siblings most of this week, (but letting him walk down street to pick up from school) no playdates etc or fraternization.
NHS direct website explains about tamiflu admin for vulnerable patients.

Scatty, party should be great fun. My boy guests always loved just general romping as well as a few organized games. Giving a party always quadrupled my admiration for teachers - how DO they do it?

Simply - We have a family tree already but it is so complicated Swedes, Welshmen, Norman-Irish, Germans. We found we had called one of the twins after a 1200 ancestor shock the only one in the family with that name - that was spooky.

Now I need to give ds2 a nice bath, and generally continue tidying up.

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