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shower curtain ??

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ilovesprouts Wed 08-Jul-09 20:07:39

i have just had a new bathroom put in whith shower !!all my bathroom stuff are chrome ,curtains blue silver ,as got blue ish tiles going across the white tiles by the shower iuswim !i have a white shower curtain ,i dont like it !!so ive been on ebay lokking and cant decide what to get for the shower and advice eg do i get silver blue or a kids one gor my ds2 !!hmm

cookielove Wed 08-Jul-09 20:10:44


ilovesprouts Wed 08-Jul-09 20:32:49

no,not keen on this at all but thanks for looking dh hates ikea !!

cookielove Wed 08-Jul-09 20:46:48

for the kids

want this myself


or this

a bit of glam

ilovesprouts Wed 08-Jul-09 23:28:35

mmn like the silver one from argos and the bright stripe one tasmile

cookielove Thu 09-Jul-09 18:59:54

your welcome i'm glad i did that search, i think i'll buy the stripey one, dp will have a heart attack when he see's that

ilovesprouts Thu 09-Jul-09 19:23:02

yes love that but not the price !!

cookielove Thu 09-Jul-09 19:31:02

very true, may buy it as a treat for myself, oh that does sound very sad grin

ilovesprouts Thu 09-Jul-09 20:50:54

lol !!

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