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Wednesday Fly - Up Up and Away for Anti-Procrastination Day

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swanriver Wed 08-Jul-09 09:17:38


swanriver Wed 08-Jul-09 09:47:05

Counsellor sounds so helpful TMH, just for giving one the time to find one's own answers.
It's so difficult to move forward isn't it, I think it's because the past holds so much that is valuable and precious to us that it also has the power to drag us down.

Anyway enough blithering (deleted most of it), due I think to fact I have been up all night dealing with potential swine flu case in ds2, but his high fever has abated so I think it may just be 36 hour virus like ds1.
He has cough, sore throat headache and vomited once, and v. hot. But seems a bit better now - hope he will sleep most of today as awoke at 4.00.

Unable to think straight, what was my plan for today, whatever it was has gone out the window, so need torethink..hmm

dh has put out recycling and taken kds to school.
need to get dressed
put stuff in loft (2 big bags)
start culling paperwork drawers
ring dr now to cancel appt for dh
cancel next week's veg box
cancel next week's milk
give neighbour holiday course details

can do all those things next door to ds2 and keep an eye on him
dh has put small telly in his room shock all the children find this incredibly daring

Well done Simply for your cherry and fruit loaves, I made a delicious spinach and smoked salmon and filo pastry tart yest from freezer oddments smile which we ate whilst watching Torchwood, I do think it's a bit sub-Spooks and overblown, but quite enjoyable. Dh loves it.


galen Wed 08-Jul-09 10:01:21

Morning swan Gosh poor DS2, gald to hear he's improving though...Hope he gets lots of sleep today, and feels better later.

wendy oh yes tea party today - good luck!

everyone-else Hi!

Not sure what I'm doing here today either...
Still exhausted hmm

Have mopped kitchen and dining room
laundry reboot
DS1 taken to big school full day induction by DH
DD1 and 2 to school
DD3 still off poorly, but now in that almost better, but very miserable and annoying phase....hmm
DD4 being...well just dd4 lol

Going to make lemmon drizle cake next
then mop hall floor...
then washing away
sort dinner..???

no doubt more...

BBL grin

swanriver Wed 08-Jul-09 10:30:36

I'm just giving a big virtual hug to your little girls Galen, hope they can be magically transform themselves into happy bunnies. Dh and I were looking at pics of dd at 4. She looks so so sweet, I can't believe we found her so tiresome blush and let her wind us up so much.

Done cancelled hosp appt for dh and rescheduled
rearranged veg box for holiday plans
redid kerbside recycling in my nightie (dh had not understood the intricacies of this job)


ShannaraTiger Wed 08-Jul-09 11:31:12

Morning everyone

I'm feeling really down so not doing anything!
Actualy I'm going to try and have a nap and hopefully will wake up feeling abit happier!
Hi swan and galen hope poorlies feel better and happy v soon.


TheMadHouse Wed 08-Jul-09 12:22:32

Afternoon all

Not been able to have any PC time yet really.


DS1 to Preschool to meet new teacher
DS2 and me swimming
Lunch for all
Swimming kit in the wash

To Do's

Paint DS1's teachers cups with him
Bake with DS2
Hang washing out
Take mum home
Ironing and put AWAY
Go to the opticians with DS2's broken specs
Whats for dinner - saus and special mash

TheProfiteroleThief Wed 08-Jul-09 12:41:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

scattyspice Wed 08-Jul-09 13:00:58

Hi all.
swan - poor ds, hope he picks up. LOL at recycling in your nightie!
Shanna - hope you feel fully restored after your nap.
Galen - hope the LOs pick up. My 4yo is such a princess! I swing between wishing she would just co operate and wishing I could be more like her!
prof - hope you regain control and make it to sports day.
Hi everyone else.

To do
make cards for teachers
feed dc and wash up (dh working late)
tel mum and sis.

dylsmum1998 Wed 08-Jul-09 13:34:33

grrrrrr i posted a lovely long message this morning then my internet went down when i pushed send, have only just managed to get it going again

done today
ds lunch
ds took himself to school
car to garage
wash up
load washer
unload washer
re-load washer
sweep kitchen floor
s&s bathroom
made big batch of veg soup

still to go
15 mins in kitchen
unload washer
collect car (hopefully!)
bank to get money out to pay for car sad
dinner- have started to make fish cakes just need to finish them

not sure how much will do today as am shattered. i have a sore throat as well and just want to curl up but everytime i try dd pokes me lol

swan poor ds hope he better soon

Wolfcub Wed 08-Jul-09 13:49:00

afternoon all

yay I'm actually having a lunch break rather than working through it.

hope all the poorly ones feel better quickly

ds seems a bit grim after his arnica-eating incident but not too poorly. He is still insisting that 4.20am is a reasonable time to rise for the day [bleary eyed emoticon]

swept kitchen floor
quick tidy living room
ds taken to granny's

littleboyblue Wed 08-Jul-09 14:17:17

Hello. Just found you, no link on yesterday's page.
Anyway, been out all morning, but did full routine of beds, dressing, sweeping mopping etc. Left cutlery soaking in vinegar to sparkle and trays and drying dishes soaking in the bath, a quick wipe down and tey should be done.
Going to attempt mission a bit later, but day is up in the air atm.

wendyredkitchenredspots Wed 08-Jul-09 15:03:17

Thanks friends for the good wishes for the tea party! it's all finished - over 30 people were here plus children, it was lovely, and the table was groaning with cakes and buns and biscuits! Everyone really enjoyed it I think, the raffle and name the golly went down well too. Just counted up £145.10 so it was well worthwhile for Marie Curie.

Had some upsetting news last night, friend of DH's from childhood, still a neighbour of MIL - she is in remission from breast cancer and just found out she has a brain tumour - she is only early thirties. Apparently she went to a doctor 5 weeks ago with headaches - bearing in mind history of cancer - and he said 'Go home, take paracetamol, what do you think you've got, a brain tumour? it's just headaches' shock

Hope all poorlies well soon, need to get back to crafts with dc

grouchyoscar Wed 08-Jul-09 15:15:10

Wendy grin re the tea party and sad news about friend of DH

Hello All

Just got back from another hospital. They're running blood tests to find out why I am shattered all the time and think <<adopt whisper>> I'm probably overdoing things a bit shock]hmm] So I've got a plaster on my inside elbow and no matter how brave you try to be, IT HURTS! They took 4 vials for various things so we may get to the bottom of things (I hope)

Ed has his 1st swiming lesson tonight. Hope he enjoys it and pays attention.

Well siting at the lappy won't empty the dishwasher so TTFN

scattyspice Wed 08-Jul-09 15:49:49

Hi all.

Well done Wendy on a successful tea party smile. Sorry to hear about your friend.

Hope they can find something to help Grouchy.

DD walked to and from school today (hurray!). So I can finally throw out that buggy!
laundry rebooted

To do:
unpack bags
make cards with ds
wash up
make sandwiches and repack bags
dc bed
tel calls
review buget hmm.

littleboyblue Wed 08-Jul-09 16:33:45

wendy sounds like the tea party was a massive success. Well done on raising so much money, I hope you are very proud of yourself smile
shock re your dh friend. Doctors are just f**king crap aren't they? Sorry for language there, but doctors are a touchy subject for me. Why is it that most of us (people I've spoken to in RL) are left diagnosing ourselves through google????? My gp failed to diagnose a simple case of hives, the useless git. Plus, when I went to see him about PND, he tried to give me sleeping tablets! WTF???????!!!!!!!!! It's doctors like these (and your dh's friends) that I want to beat with my slipper.
Hope her and her family are coping as best they can. Can anything be done about the doctor? As you say, surely with her history a bit more care and attention should have been paid to this?
grouchy Hope they find the problem. I hate blood tests too and normally cry blush. You'd think after having babies, a little blood test would be nothing. I have to have them every 6 weeks or so because apparently my liver count is high and my useless doctor doesn't know why or what it could be.
Goodluck to Ed tonight. Hope it goes well.

I have complained about my gp surgery 3 times now and this week am going to register us somewhere else.

swanriver Wed 08-Jul-09 17:14:28

sorry you had the horrible hospital crawl again Grouchy
well done Wendy

Ive felt blotted out all day, lay down with ds2 to have a sleep but no use he didn't settle
Read him stories and then he had to walk to school with me - but he managed it so that's a good sign.
now kids have watched half of Hook and some Raven..oh dear...
more laundry done and hung out

But managed to get rid of another big pile of paperwork, and put rest in several coloured files, have to sort it AGAIN into date order, (then can chuck even more)once I've got to bottom of mountain. Also found a spare pair of glasses and a important certificate in process blush

Beavers helping tonight and dropping off duties.

And inspired by Cakemakers United, threw together a nice apple, yoghurt and sultana loaf which ds1 and I have eaten most of hmm

swanriver Wed 08-Jul-09 17:16:54

Scatty - don't do it, you will have nowhere to put the bags! I wished I had had a buggy today for ds2 - it would have been v. useful.

scattyspice Wed 08-Jul-09 17:47:56

lol swan - I might swap the buggy for a wheel barrow!

dc tea
ds made cards

To do
wash up

Wolfcub Wed 08-Jul-09 19:46:16

evening all*

well done on raising so much money
grouchy are you eating enough nag nag, stop doing too much nag nag
swan the cake sounds yummy

ds picked up from granny's
wm unloaded reloaded and on
3 lots of rubbish out
draining board and dish drainer thingy cleaned and boiled!
washing up done
dry dishes put away
dinner made for ds
quick tidy in the kitchen

TheMadHouse Wed 08-Jul-09 20:19:35

Wendy Well done you on your T-Party. All the cakes sounded fab

Swan Please can I have your receipe

Scatty Mine are to list on ebay. I am thinking of getting a shopping trolley grin

Wolf Hope things are getting better at work.

Groucy Hope they get to the bottom of things.

galen Sorry you have poorley Littleones and you too Swan Hope things improve overnight

Shanna Hope you are a little less down tomorrow

Waves to everyone else

DS2 is still not settles (has been in bed since 7.30 hmm

Paint DS1's teachers cups with him - Done
Paint a money box with DS2 - done
Bake with DS2
Hang washing out - done
Take mum home - done
Ironing and put AWAY - not even started
Go to the opticians with DS2's broken specs - done - technican is on holiday for two weeks, so temp repair
Whats for dinner - saus and special mash - done

I am feeling a little overwelmed today - I think my mum wants to know the ins and outs of the councelling and I dont want to share with her, plus swimming really tires me out

See you gals in the morning

swanriver Wed 08-Jul-09 20:33:24

Terrible evening has turned into quite a nice one smile
I think it is coming back to dh and ds1 playing a nice board game, v. sweet.

Managed to put supper together and make more mashed potato for tomorrow's dish
feed to 2 dcs
minister to ds2 who luckily went to sleep
manically put away mess before dh returned
deal with ds1's homework on Forces [doh why did I not link this with STWRS - he might have paid more attn]
manically rush off to Beavers when dh returned
we played Grandmother's Footsteps smile
bar of choc eaten
now to make supper for dh pasta prawns and mushroom

cake recipe, wll wrte out tomorrow

oh More Torchwood dh says
Grouchy you are the lady in Torchwood
So are you Wolf
haven't quite caught upt with rest of charaters...

scattyspice Wed 08-Jul-09 20:48:18

Very busy swan.

Mad - Agree that your mum doesn't need to know the details of your councelling.

washed up
sandwiches made
bags packed
school forms filled in (late blush).
dc in bed (1 asleep)
school paper work filled (mostly binned)
calendar updated
holiday paperwork put in a folder
tel calls made (out).

To do tomorrow:
Get school holidays dates for 2009/10 as work need to know (tsk).
buy PE tops for both DC shocksad my baby doing PE! from school.

BB tomorrow.

Wolfcub Wed 08-Jul-09 21:57:12

mad I had a similar experience with my mum in my teens when my bloody stupid doctor wrote to my parents to tell them I was being treated for depression and would they come to a family counseling session - the doctor never asked me for permission (i was over 16) and clearly missed the fact that my parents were a major part of the prob.

It caused all sorts of ructions in the family. Mum asked pretty much daily and it was a huge extra pressure when there was already too much to deal with. I ended up lying and telling them that the counseling and pills had finished just to avoid the subject, I ducked questions about the session contents with vague answers. Yes the counselor is nice (she wasn't), yes I'm feeling better etc.

I have never since told them about periods when I've needed meds or counseling. The good thing about a counsellor is that you can tell them things that you can't tell anyone else. I firmly believe that that it what makes it effective. I would politely but firmly tell your mother that you don't wish to discuss it. If she keeps asking then I would thank her for her interest and concern and you understand that she is only concerned for your welfare but that this is something that you need to do for yourself.


swan does my torchwood character get to shag John Barrowman?

wendyredkitchenredspots Wed 08-Jul-09 22:42:32

Mad agree with wolf. could you tell her the counsellor told you not to share with anyone else as part of the process - then it doesn't seem like it's you doing it?

lol wolf he is, as my mum says, a dish!

night all

EustaciaVye Thu 09-Jul-09 09:39:44


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