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i want a super luxurious bedroom, any suggestions?

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booyhoo Tue 07-Jul-09 13:32:35

ive just ordered this, with a chest of drawers and two bedside cabinets to match. and now i want update my bedroom altogether. the walls are dull magnolia and the landlord wishes them to remain that way. so, i have to use fabrics and furnishings to add the colour and make it beautiful.

i have an OH so im not looking anything really girly, not pink or butterflies. im thinking luxury, and sophistocation (sp?). does anyone have any suggestions that might inspire me? TIA

ninedragons Tue 07-Jul-09 13:53:36

Chocolate brown leather headboard and chocolate/cafe-au-lait curtains?

What is your floor like? A very thick 100% wool rug is fabulous on the feet first thing in the morning.

sleepwhenidie Tue 07-Jul-09 14:00:45

You can get some gorgeous throws in the sale section here - very indulgent, beautiful silk (keep the DC's OFF)- the pics don't do them justice. If you get some high quality plain bed linen from TK Maxx (get white and dye it if you want a specific colour) it will look fab. They also do fabric so you could cover a cheap headboard and make it look v expensive and grown up indeed....

booyhoo Tue 07-Jul-09 15:10:48

the floor is floorboard look lino. rug, v good idea. will do that. actually cant believe ive never had one in 4 years of living here.

the bed belongs to landlord, its pine. is there anything i could do to it that wouldnt be permanent or damage it?

HeadFairy Tue 07-Jul-09 15:21:24

different textures are good for creating a luxurious feel, think silks with linens with textured woollen with fluffy deep rugs. On your bed pile up the cushions, not too matchy matchy but complimenting each other perhaps, and different textures again. Thick curtains with blinds behind (wooden louvre blinds or roman blinds) or a toile curtain behind.... doubling up the layers looks more luxurious. You can have as many patterns as you like but stick to a colour palette of about three or four complimenting colours.

ninedragons Wed 08-Jul-09 01:36:16

Look on Gumtree or eBay for rugs. A good-quality rug is fantastically expensive new but they go very cheap secondhand when people are re-decorating. We got a fawny-pink one for DD's room that cost nearly a thousand pounds new - it was 25 quid on Gumtree. And get the largest one your room will take - a too-small rug looks mean.

How good is your sewing? Hard to say without seeing the bed, but could you make a slipcover for the headboard? Get a valance if the legs are ugly.

nomorecake Wed 08-Jul-09 11:57:04

declutter (just have a few nice things out, everything else in wardrobe)

rug or rugs, really fluffy ones are quite luxurious, even small ones.

cushions and throws on the bed.
or a very nice duvet cover that suits he theme/decor of the room.

curtains/blinds that go with cushions, or duvet, but not exactly match.

canvas or framed picture on the wall.

vase of fresh flowers.

decorative light fitting.

booyhoo Thu 09-Jul-09 08:37:46

good idea about the picture, hadnt thought of that, theres no cluter anyway as i just dont like clutter so thats not a problem. thanks all.

SparkyToo Wed 15-Jul-09 21:26:51

I'd just go really simple and make the bed the focus with some really clean, smart and ultra luxurious Egyptian cotton bedding with a simple beige throw at the end of the bed. I also love the mirrored bedside tables in this photo. Graham and Green do some similar in style to your new wardrobe here. I just think they add a bit of sparkle to a room!

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