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Tuesday FLY

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Jas Tue 07-Jul-09 07:11:33

Sorry for lack of inspirational title again.


Jas Tue 07-Jul-09 07:13:09

tidy dining room
clear surfaces
wipe down in kitchen
wash up
tidy ds room
hoover everywhere
paint toe nails
ds from nursery
tidy garden toys away
cut grass

littleboyblue Tue 07-Jul-09 07:40:23

Morning Jas.

Change all beds
Full hoover
Inside of windows
Swish swipe
Sweep and mop bathroom nd hallway
hang dry washing
dress ds1
think about lunch
Make docs appointment
Mystery shopping assignment
Plan this weeks dinner menu
Plan meal for tomorrows play group (am cooking again)
15 mins zone detail
Clean blender and steamer now I have started weaning

ShannaraTiger Tue 07-Jul-09 07:47:37

Jas thanks for the thread. Good luck at teh dentist, nothing serious I hope. List looks good.
To do:
W/M, maybe if I can find enough lights or darks for one wash. Has anyone tried the colour catcher sheets that say you can put on a mix wash, I'm too scared of ruining our scarce clothes supply to try them. blush
Toddler gym/ bouncy castle, tired ds hopefully grin
Finish cleaning the hob - just remembered I put Mister Muscle on it last night and haven't wiped off yet oops blush
Meeting with Dd's teacher this afternoon 4:10, hope dp finishes work on time.
Clean the kitchen and bathroom floor - will have to use the mop as still can't kneel down to give it a proper scrub with the floor sponge sad

Caught up with some old friends from 6th form college yesterday on FB which I'm so plesed about so need to type lots of e-mails - a very scary photo of me from the old days on my FB page, best 2 years of my life made me feel really happy catching up with everyone.
Hope everyone has a good day


ShannaraTiger Tue 07-Jul-09 07:48:49

x-post morning littleboyblue looks like you have a busy day from that full list!

littleboyblue Tue 07-Jul-09 07:54:49

Morning Shannara Whether or not I get it all done is another matter grin
I do need to change the beds though, will have to go and kick dp out of it!

I never seperate lights and darks, everything here gets chucked in together. I don't use those colour catcher sheets either and I've not had any issues.
Goodluck with dd's teacher

TheMadHouse Tue 07-Jul-09 08:45:17

Morning all

DH is doing the Preschool drop off before we meet DS1's new teacher smile More chaos with DS1 and DH, than with the 2 boys. DH does add another ingredient in the mix and up-set our routine somewhat.

DS2 had a good night at Grannys, although I woke up missing him.


DS1's bedding in wash after accident
Washing hung on line (washed last night)

To Do's

Meet DS1's new techer
Straighten drawers
Clean under sink
polish canisters and other stainless steel
Hoover and mop floor
Clean blinds
Wipe skirting boards
Wash down back door
Change deodoriser in fridge
Change deodoriser in dishwasher
Run dishwasher with a cleaner in
Ironing and put away
Make DS1's bed
Collect DS1 from Preschool
Collect Mum and DS2
Whats for lunch
Spag bol in slow cooker
Take mum home
Drop DS2 at MIL
DS1 swimming lesson

Busy day today

littleboyblue Tue 07-Jul-09 09:07:36

Mad Exactly the same here re dp and routines. He just gets in the way, it seems everywhere I go, he is there!!! He sometimes tries to help which makes it worse, only because he doesn't know where anything is kept so it's a tirade of questions, especially when he attempts to unpack the shopping. Can you belive he doesn't know where I keep the medicines? Or that I keep the childrens seperate from the general stuff? I'll tell you where they are.......on top of my kitchen cupboard are 2 old ice cream tubs, one says 'childrens meds' the other says 'general meds' in big black marker pen

Just finished morning routine. Ds2 is napping and ds1 watching cbeebies in him pj's. I am just trying to gear myself up again now. He has chocolate from his coco pops all over his face and legs hmm and strawberry left overs in his hair, not sure i can face the clean up just yet! lol

swanriver Tue 07-Jul-09 09:11:41

You all have v. long and impressive lists.
Feelng absolutely knackered today, so I am doing bare minimum.

lunchboxes (lastnight)
dcs off on their school trip to central London
cheque for ds1's outward bound trip in Sept
washed children (as last night they managed tosneakin a Dr Who viewing instead of having bath)
ironed dry dd's still damp dress blush

Need to
lie down - perhaps then will feel more organized
tidy up playroom which is scuzzy scuzzy scuzzy
bring in milk
tidy breakfast

TheProfiteroleThief Tue 07-Jul-09 09:29:23

Hi all
thanks for kind words. Disastrous night here with about 3 hours sleep. Am now looking desperately forward to summer hols and time to catch up a bit. I spend about 3 hours per day on school runs - so that will make a difference.

Deep breathes - keep calm and carry on.

galen Tue 07-Jul-09 09:45:58

morning all

sorry for couple of days absence...have been busy here, and not doing much flying...but hoping to catch up today

Thanks for all kind messages re DH and FIL. DH is in a bit better mood....reallife has sort of taken over and kept him busy which may be a good thing.Still it is always there hanging over us atm....nurses have said it will be 2-3 weeks they just bracing ourselves for the phonecall.....

Anyway am feeling more positive and motivated today ( not sure whay as had a disaterous nights sleep due to porrly DC....))

jas good luck at dentist
tiger I also always mix lights and darks...oops!! Just way too much washing here always LOL
lbb good luck with impressive list
swan you sound V tired, take it as easy as poss
mad good luck with ds1 teacher

well I have dd3 at home poorly again...she seems to be ok for a couple of days then goes downhill again...hmm was up a lot through the night complaining of earache...but says that's better now hmm
DD4 is an extremely challenging phase
DS2 was up at 5.15 shock so is shattered and has gone back for a nap...

to do:
Bake cappucino brownies with dd4 (havent baked much recently and I love baking...)
washing away
mop floors

dont know what else....

right off to bake

BBL grin

galen Tue 07-Jul-09 09:47:02

prof you sound shattered too...also really need it to be the holidays now....hang in there.

dylsmum1998 Tue 07-Jul-09 09:58:29

morning all
hope all the tired ones get a peaceful day smile

jas thanks for thread, hope dentist goes ok

I have 3 weeks til my holiday grin very excited and scared all at once

washed up
dc breakfast
ds lunch
ds took himself off to school
dd to nursery
make beds

to do
15 mins in kitchen
s&s bathroom
nan to shops

TheMadHouse Tue 07-Jul-09 10:09:48

Prof Chin up my wonderful friend. Maybe DH is going through a mid life crisis. Money is always an issue in this house too. But what is worse is that if DH is unhappy so am I. Sorry about the bike - Ba***ds

Pant about the sick littles - hope you manage to get the baking sone - feed that soul as well as those tummys

LBB It is just that I have a diferent routine during the week to the weekend and DH knows that hmm MEN

Shanna Sorry knee still isnt sorted

Jas Grass is far too wet here to mow

Well..................... I cried on the way home from school. I can not believe that DS1 will be starting Reception in Settember. It just seems far too fast. I know he is ready, but I am not sure I am blush

His new teacher seems lovley - comes from a very well thought of school in a very challenging area and she seems to understand DS1's challenges - he is spending the morning with her tomorrow, so we will see if he likes her as much as we did. DH thought her ideas were great and she did seem to understand boys well. I am guessing the transition will be harder for me than him blush

I am just having a cup of tea before cracking on with my list before collecting him in 50 mins.

MaggieTulliver Tue 07-Jul-09 10:44:20

prof - sorry you're going through it. summer hols not far away so hold on to that thought.

mad - it is a wrench when they start school but then you realise they are clever little individuals and he will love it.

TheProfiteroleThief Tue 07-Jul-09 10:46:19

Thanks for sympathy - have decided just to plod in 15 minute chunks today - back to basics!

swanriver Tue 07-Jul-09 10:56:06

I felt like that TMH with ds1 and then with dts too, worse.
Tbh just feel relief whenever they are at home for some reason. (Unfortunately as day progresses and hols, often begin to remember why I choose to send them to school)
It really is just an extension of pre-school at first, it is only when they get to the end of the year that I think it starts feeling more like SCHOOL.
After all, he has only just stopped being three so it is not surprising it feels like an enormous leap.

Feel a bit more motivated after admitting defeat grin

defrosting freezer and have found makings of an entire week's meals in there hmm as you say Grouchy [putting keep stuff in a coolbag for now)

done dw and kitchen
hung out clothes upstairs
still rainng on and off
thrown away a lot of strange strange thngs ichtosaurausus types from freezer
mission accplshed last week (only one marge tub left sob)
what's for dinner - (xmas) smoked salmon spinach and cream filo tart, kds roast pots,
veg half piece of steak, eggs

Now playroom
and kitchen floor

TheMadHouse Tue 07-Jul-09 11:07:04

Thanks for the kind words, he is ready - I will be ready grin

Off to collect him, then DS2 and mum

Later fly dudes

littleboyblue Tue 07-Jul-09 12:33:02

galen hope dd feels better
Mad Glad it went well with teacher. My ds1 starts nursery next year, bet that'll fly by too.

littleboyblue Tue 07-Jul-09 12:34:53

Change all beds
Full hoover
Polish/dust done
Inside of windows done
Swish swipe done
Sweep and mop bathroom nd hallway done
hang dry washing done
dress ds1 done
think about lunch done
Make docs appointment
Mystery shopping assignment
Plan this weeks dinner menu
Tesco done
Plan meal for tomorrows play group (am cooking again)
15 mins zone detail
Clean blender and steamer now I have started weaning

I have also cleaned oven and hobs, and cleaned chip pan. Am now having a rest while dp has taken ds1 out before I start the hoovering and beds.

TheMadHouse Tue 07-Jul-09 13:41:07

To Do's

Meet DS1's new techer - Done
Straighten drawers - Done
Clean under sink
polish canisters and other stainless steel - Done
Hoover and mop floor
Clean blinds - Done
Wipe skirting boards - Done
Wash down back door
Change deodoriser in fridge
Change deodoriser in dishwasher
Run dishwasher with a cleaner in
Ironing and put away
Make DS1's bed
Collect DS1 from Preschool - Done
Collect Mum and DS2 - Done
Whats for lunch - Done
Spag bol in slow cooker - doing
Take mum home
Drop DS2 at MIL
DS1 swimming lesson

Phew somedays are never ending - thank godness for 15 min rule it really helps me.

MaggieTulliver Tue 07-Jul-09 13:48:43

So, suspected swine flu at dds school. How long until dds get it?

littleboyblue Tue 07-Jul-09 13:50:26

Oh maggie sad
It's easily treated though and all have recovered quickly unless they have other medical issues. Hopefully dd's will be ok. x

SimplyIsATalentedBuzzard Tue 07-Jul-09 14:43:48

Hello to all and esp to anyone having a tough day or time for whatever reason.
Thanks for the thread Jas.

~ work this morning
~ rec'd two parcels

To do:-
~ washing up
~ put ironing away
~ put the paperwork that's out away

This talk of baking is going to encourage me to make a few cakes, I think! Another 'to do'. smile

Jas Tue 07-Jul-09 14:43:48

Swine flu at ds' nursery and the infant school attached to dds school this week, too. Mine are pretty healthy so I'm hoping that if/when they get it they won't be too bad.

15 min chunks is the best thing I learned from FLYing. When everything else isn't coming together, I can usually manage something if I just get stuck in for 15 mins.

My kitchen is clean......because ds got hold of a can of wd40, and sat on the worktop spraying it everywhere this afternoonangry so I was forced to do it all.

Dentist was ok. I got a lecture about cleaning better, but no fillings, and the wisdom tooth which has been causing problems has settled down so can stay for now.

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