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Weekend Flying - Family time

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TheMadHouse Sat 04-Jul-09 09:59:07

Morning all

I have had a lie in this morning - thanks DH.

Dones (most by DH)

Washer on
DW emtied
Boys dressed and breakfasted

To Do's

Football practice - with both as DS2 is now 3 he can go to
Whats for dinner and lunch

We are babysitting my BF nearly 3 and 20 week old tonight as they are at a family party, so I am going to collect them at 8pm.

The boys are so excited thet there friends will be here when they wake in the morning - I guess tomorrow morning will be fun.

dylsmum1998 Sat 04-Jul-09 11:19:14

morning tmh thanks for thread envy lie in

sort dry washing
water plants
make beds
dd to her dads
washer loaded
arrange for friends to come roun don fri next week smile

to do
unload washer
ds to swimming
ds to dads
wallpaper living room
new curtain pole up
new curtains up
iron and put up nets again

grouchyoscar Sat 04-Jul-09 11:21:58

Thanks for the thread Mad Hope you're well and the minimads and Mr Mad are tickety boo

Taking it well steady today, I'm feeling fragile and I have to pace myself.


Make berd
Wash and meds
S&S bathroom
S&S loo
Tidy front room
Empty WM
Peg out
water plants
Feed bird
Get another book for Ed's Birthday (Dinosaurs love underpants hmm)
Sweep kitchen

No plans today, BBQ later if the weather holds out.

Hugs to all

Wolfcub Sat 04-Jul-09 11:27:58

morning All

was supposed to have a lie in this morning but ended uo in a & e with ds instead - little so and so scoffed an Arnica stick and the nurse at NHS direct thought he needed to go to A & E

Now I have a very very cranky tantrummy toddler on my hands who no doubt has a very upset tummy (castor oil in the arnica stick plus all the other nasties)

grouchy take it easy
mad have a lovely day
dyls sounds like you are going to have a busy day

littleboyblue Sat 04-Jul-09 12:17:47

I am enjoying the breeze today grin
Thanks for thread mad hope you are ok.
Wolfcub sounds awful. What's an arnica stick? blush hope he's feeling better soon.

Not much doing here today, but not much needs doing iyswim.
I also had a lie in as been feeling a bit drained. I got up at 8:30 and had to start everything then, so will start my little diary tomorrow. I may write down what my goals and aims are, the things I would like to meet so I can compare. Think I'm thinking too much about it.......
Off to put ds1 down for a nap

grouchyoscar Sat 04-Jul-09 13:51:32

Wolf Poor DS! Hope he's bearing up. All his bruises will be sorted out hmm

Further DONES

Run DW
Load WM and run
Sweep kitchen
Vac frony room
Mop kitchen
Mop front room
Empty DW
Put away
rebuild the cafetiere
Buy another book

Ed badgering for PC time. Better go!

SimplyIsATalentedBuzzard Sat 04-Jul-09 16:21:10

Hello to all. Look after yourself today go. Sorry to hear of your ds varying his diet with inedible things Wolfcub. I hope he is okay. lbb I was feeling tired this morning so had a nap which ended up lasting about 2 hours! I do feel far more human now as a result.

Dh has given me the job of looking for tips on campsites on MN for the hols in (gasp) about 3 weeks. BBl or tomorrow.

wendyredkitchenredspots Sat 04-Jul-09 16:25:04

wolf poor ds! what did they say at a and e?
it's far too hot for me.
went to a lovely church garden party - clown and face painting, children entertained and parents chatting - bliss! Now feeling tired and fed up. Discovered MIL, SIL and MIL's sister her daughter going on one of their jaunts - this time to Paris. Fine you'd think but it feels hurtful that they never invite me sad - why should they I suppose I'm only the daughter in law and would ruin the numbers sad Am I over reacting?
everyone is fed up and tired here.
I have gained 4 lbs in a week eating crap!!!
Ho hum, I'll feel better tomorrow.

grouchyoscar Sat 04-Jul-09 16:38:34

Wendy I know how you feel. 18 years of being with DH and 1 DC later I still feel like an uncomfortable problem to the ILs. Also feel they have the same feelings with Ed (MIL take SIL's DC on weekend breaks, but Ed never hmm) Ho-hum, Their loss cos you're smashing

scattyspice Sat 04-Jul-09 17:02:03

Hi all.

What a nightmare wolf. Hope he is ok now.

Had a nice day. very sunny. DD managed to walk to the shop and back (with a lot of persuasion) and had a good chat with ds (depressing school report yest sad). Feel better about it now. Hopefully have convinced him that learning to read would be useful (should he ever wish to leave his fantasy world and try to make a go of it in the real world lol).

DC played in the garden all aft (went a bit mental with the hose so gardens had a good watering!).

DH went across town to the walk-in centre as has another UTI sad. Mananged to buy a motorbike jacket and join a bike club on the way home! Birthday looming hmm.

I have:
washed kitchen window
washed K and BR floors


gibbberish Sat 04-Jul-09 17:43:42

'ello 'ello 'ello!

mad babysitting a 20mth old! You are brave.

dyl busy again, esp for a weekend!

grouchy and wendy Pants to the outlaws! You don't need and are obviously far too good for them.

wolf shock at ds! Very scary for you. And very tiring.

scatty feel sorry for dh having UTI. They are so nasty.

lbl and simply, there must be something in the water what with everyone being tired! I am constantly exhausted atm. Having about 11hrs sleep at night and it's not enough. Fell asleep this afternoon for an hour. Constantly yawning. Can't read because my eyes hurt with tiredness then fall asleep on the chair. Thinking of seeing the doc cos this can't be normal...

Quiet day today. dh took the girls out to a fete so I had the afternoon to myself. Should have enjoyed the peace but fell asleep hmm

Have tidied the house and made dinner. Dishwasher on. Off to quickly hoover then fall asleep again no doubt.

scattyspice Sat 04-Jul-09 17:51:49

Gib - this heat makes me very sleepy. Maybe you should see the GP though to check for anaemia etc.

galen Sat 04-Jul-09 17:56:50

afternoon all
wolf gosh.Poor ds. hope hes feeling better soon
mad gosh it will be busy in your house tomorrow morning! Good luck
wendy In-laws can be very trying. I try to let a lot of stuff wash over me now - easier said than done though. Hope you feel brighter tomorrow
scatty poor you with school report. It can be demoralising when they are not on the same level as their classmates, but I'm sure he'll progress at his own pace. Try not to let it get you down too much.

everyone-else Hi!

Had a sort of trying couple of days
DS2 still poorly. Spent most of yesterday asleep in my lap. Not much flying done therefor.
DH home last night which is good. He is really fed up though - obviously understandably. I feel helpless as I cant do or say anything to make him feel better.
He is being really cranky with DC and with me, which again I know is down to hum being down for very understandable reasons , but it is quite a strain trying to keep the peace, and stay patient wih all.
I am also exhausted from lots of really rubbish nights sleep due to heat and poorly generally feeling quite low.
Trouble is I am always so busy looking after everyone else , there is never anyone to look after me once in a while....sigh...

Anyway enough self pitying waffle...
Today have been and got DS1 new football boots (for rounders actually cause e hates football LOL)
Got DD1 the apperently essential hair accessory that she needs to wear to the school summer fayre tomorrow hmm
Been to the park with all DC and dh in attempt (not all together succesful) to have happy family fun and lift DH mood a bit (sadly tantruming 3 yr old and still unwell DS2 just proved another test of my rapidly disappearing patience...)
But have now had indulgently long shower, and applied yummy smelling new body butter!!!
Feeling slightly cheered.
DH pottering in garden ( seems best left alone actually sad)
Going to get littlies to bed ASAP and try to have nice meal with DH....

See you all tomorrow. grin

gibbberish Sat 04-Jul-09 18:24:53

galen am inclined to hug you. Rubbish day. Hope tomorrow is better.

scatty Yes, I'll make an appt with the doc for this week.

dylsmum1998 Sat 04-Jul-09 18:47:42

go my dd loves that book smile

galen you have so much going on at the mo, i think you are doing really well with keeping all together. hope tomorrow is an easier day for you

am 3/4 of way through the wallpapering and i have run out of paper, i messed up one drop and lining up the pattern has wasted more than i anticipated. so am off to b&q to but another roll so can get it finished today, am pleased with how it looking so far smile

Wolfcub Sat 04-Jul-09 19:59:39

evening all*

not unreasonable at all to feel a bit miffed
grouchy it would be good if it did help the bruises from the inside, he's covered in them

hope everyone else has had a good day


a&e - ds seems fine just a lot out of sorts (I think I now have bald patches from him yanking my hair out) and no doubt he will be having bottom issues tomorrow, gave him calpol and milk as instructed.
He managed to run down the street and fall flat on his face this afternoon too so has yet more bruises and grazes

garden centre
other garden centre
b & q
reseeded and watered lawn

that's kind of it really

scattyspice Sat 04-Jul-09 20:11:28

Galen my heart goes out to you and dh sad. Hope things are a little easier tomorrow.

littleboyblue Sat 04-Jul-09 20:27:52

wendy My FIL doesn't even remember my name!
galen I hope your evening goes well. Sorry you're feeling a bit down.
dyls We bought a patterned wallpaper for our bedroom, just for a afeature wall and ended up buying way too much! Our luck would be buying a couple of rolls, it not being enough and going to store to find it had been discontinued. On the bright side, it meant my dad could decorate his bedroom and didn't have to buy wallpaper, but now has a bedroom that looks exactly like mine hmm

Just finished my evening routine. Sink shiny and all.
Cooked a lovely dinner, pork stir-fry, was yummy.
Am thinking about doing the ironing.......but will probably leave it for tomorrow now

swanriver Sat 04-Jul-09 20:33:12

What a tough day Galen, just never being able to hand over
Wendy - very annoying.
Scatty, great to have glamorous biker dh -
dreadng my kids reports: 1 is silly, 2 is mad and 3 is behind. Everyone's handwriting is atrocious. Dd in year 2 has only just learnt to read despite drowning in books.
Grouchy - that is also annoying about MIL.
Gibbberish - hope sleep is recuperative, you DID have a v. strenous week.
TMH - good to have them both at football
LBB, hope you are relaxing
Dylsmum, I love the way that you do all the things you set your mind to.

Day rather contorted with endless dropoff and pickups from clashing parties, traffic jams,sweltering cars etc etc.
Ds2 and I went for a swim first thing not our Sat routine at all, but great to try out as a breakfast treat.
Everyone is waking too early and being a bit loco, but otherwise it is has been a good day, not v. well coordinated but I think they are all going to bed now with happy smiles, or perhaps just relieved expressions.

swanriver Sat 04-Jul-09 20:37:44

Wolf, ds2 once ate a firelighter with no illefects -
Oh yes TMH, hope little friends are fun! We are having 3 cousins for sleepover next weekend without parents, dcs are so lookign forward to it, and all fighting over who gets to share bedroom, or mattress with who.

dylsmum1998 Sat 04-Jul-09 22:20:18

tmh hope all is well with your little visitors.
swan my dc are waking up very early at the moment as well, it must be the heat, but it then means they get tired quicker.

i have finished decorating th eliving room smile feeling very proud of myself, wallpapering wasnt as bad as i expected it to be, i quite enjoyed it. i managaed to take down the old curtain rail and put up the new pole as well. so new curtains are up, new sofa throws are on. i just need some new cushion covers now. am stopping for tonight, plan to tidy all the bits on shelves etc in here tomorrow before dc come home, after a peaceful lay in of course wink

littleboyblue Sat 04-Jul-09 22:22:22

Well done dyls You must be very pleased with yourself.

Off to bed, see you all tomorrow

littleboyblue Sun 05-Jul-09 09:05:46

Had one of those nights. They were both up and down but at different times so I was just up. Knackered now.
But so far have.......
Made all beds and opened all windows
Fed and dressed ds2
Fed ds1
Had breakfast myself
Checked e-mails
Put away dry washing
Run washing machine
Hung load to dry
Showered and dresses, hair and face
Swished and swiped
Swept and mopped bathroom and hallway
Taken out rubbish
Washed up from last night
Sterilised bottles
Written in my new current diary
Written todays shopping list

Waiting for ds2 to fall asleep
Dress ds1
Go shopping
Play with both ds's
Ds1 to lunch and nap
Me to nap when dp gets up
Cook dinner (vegtable macaroni)
Evening routine
Long hot bath with book and glass of wine
BED ignore ds's through the night

dylsmum1998 Sun 05-Jul-09 09:23:54

lbb hope you get some rest today.

today i need to
sort computer desk out
make shopping list
go shopping
tidy kitchen

hopefully if i do that all really quicklyi will get some time on the sofa with a book before dc come home

Starbear Sun 05-Jul-09 10:06:46

lbb Wow! You have done so much already. Hope Dh takes kids out so you can really rest. I am so glad Only now do really I understand how hard it is to have children when you work on shifts. I was a great one for routine when Ds was little I used the book Baby Whisper and wrote down a week or two of Ds body clock. Actually got to the gym during that time and lost weight! She has great advice, for me, on sleep routines.
Galen In a few weeks time ask DH, if you can get away by yourself for a day or two, it sounds like you need it! OR just ask him to help. Keep him busy. Men don't guess what you need they need to be told! (in my opinion)
I'm feeling down about work and need to snap out of it!
Right back in a mo with a list!

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