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Do you have a disaster/emergency kit ready?

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missingthemountains Sat 04-Jul-09 09:33:12

DH thinks I'm overly concerned about all this but in the wake of Katrina, the UK floods last year (and watching films like Day after Tomorrow hmm) I am putting together a disaster/emergency kit.

Do you have one?

What's in yours?

mrsgboring Sat 04-Jul-09 09:37:40

I have an emergency meal in the cupboard - it's potato rosti in a packet, jar of frankfurter sausages and a tin of peaches. I can feed six on a campstove with it. Also have a first aid kit of course and I used to try to keep bottled water in though that has slipped lately.

Do you mean a bag to pack? If so, I'd add things like disinfectant and some sheets - multiple uses from clothing to floor covering to bandages.

Don't know how apocalyptic an imagination you need to have smile

missingthemountains Sat 04-Jul-09 09:44:34

ooo - hadn't thought of sheets - good idea

following the floods last year and the slightly scary scenes when they were trying to distribute drinking water I was thinking of investing in a water filter - we can all survive without food for a while but I don't fancy having to give my children untreated water

FEMA - the US government website have quite comprehensive kit lists but I think I could end up filling the entire spare room with all that they recommend....

SparkyToo Wed 15-Jul-09 21:33:15

Do you know - I don't and I felt that I should definitely get one for the car as was at a cricket match on Sunday when my 4year old was stung by a bee. Well I was amazed at how many mums produced their emergency medical kits with 'zappers' to remove the sting, anti histemine (sorry - can't spell!) and creams to deal with the sting. What a life-saver!!

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