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Thursday FLY - Spending the day in the freezer aisle on errand day

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littleboyblue Thu 02-Jul-09 09:07:16

Just sorting links and will be right back smile

littleboyblue Thu 02-Jul-09 09:09:24



littleboyblue Thu 02-Jul-09 09:14:08

Morning all hope we're all ok today.

This is me

Morning routine incl swish swipe, mop hall and bathroom, washing up and bottles, ds's dressed, ds2 nap, washing done and drying
Soaking nappy wrapper
2 min hotspots in livingroom, bathroom and kitchen
Room rescue in living room, bathroom and kitchen

Go smoking clinic
Have blood test
Take ds1 for haircut
Go to tescos
Cook dinner
2 min hotspot in both bedrooms
2 min room rescue in both bedrooms
pack todays change bag and hand bag (need to get into habit of doing night before really)
Bedtime routine

But I'm hot hot hot.

swanriver Thu 02-Jul-09 09:31:27

Another beautiful morning in the South.
A few blips, but dcs are at school in a good mood.

2 lunchboxes and washed out old ones yuk{def better to do night before- blush
washed ds2
found various bits of uniform
finished some homework off
hung out last night's washing in garden
what's for dinner? bolognese already made
and dh watered all the plants thoroughly yest

BOOK TICKETS to go to parents in Eire
tidy all clothes away
tidy and wipe down kitchen
sort out car debris and put swimming stuff back in
sort out assorted hall debris
have shower and dress for work at 11.00

grouchyoscar Thu 02-Jul-09 09:39:32

Morning All

Thanks for the thread LLB


Up, wash and meds
Down with mugs etc
Empty WM and peg out
Water the plants
Empty DW
Put away
Hand wash brekkie pots
encoutage Ed to GET READY FOR SCHOOL
Get him to school

don't melt ladies

galen Thu 02-Jul-09 10:00:47

morning all

lbb thanks fr thread - feezer isle a great idea LOL
swan you're sounding organised today - yay for good start to the day!
grouchy a good start totally melting here!

Well survived yesterday - just! Sports day was HOT even though we got to sit under trees in the shade.Had taken an antihistamine (to ward off disaterous hayfever) which gave me a rather useful fuzzy slightly distant feeling for the afternoon LOL DS2 was better ,but still got grumpy in the heat.He ended up amuzing himself by tipping water from his beaker all over himself!
DD1 and DS2 were absolutely frazzled by the end of it - actually cant believe they made them do it in such heat!
Up to various DC in night as it was soooo hot they just couldnt sleep...
DD3 poorly again too so is at home...

Thankfully dont have to go out today (other than drop offs and pick ups) so will be hiding in relatively cool lounge!

Done so far:
morning routine (ish!)
school drop off
home - snack dd4
hoovered lounge
laundry reboot
mopped dining room and kitchen

to do:
sort dinner???
mop hall
second mop kitchen (twas bad LOL)
clean washing away
bedroom tidying

also must drink more water and eat more fruit today....have been eating too much rubbish again and not enough water....

right must crack on...

swanriver Thu 02-Jul-09 10:17:27

I love tht, Grouchy - "encourage TO GET READY FOR SCHOOL"
dd is completely focused (if she's not having a tantrum) packing her bags, brushing her hair, making sandwiches, whereas dss are are in world of their own reading Beano, listening to Queen, half dressed, waiting for someone to prod them into action.

breakfast cleared

swanriver Thu 02-Jul-09 10:20:38

x-post Galen.
You have done an amazing amount so far this morning, I must speed up.

TheMadHouse Thu 02-Jul-09 10:59:35

Morning all

We too are melting in the heat, but we are northerners and used to the dreaded cold NE wind grin


Washing on and hung out
DS1 to Preschool
Booked appointment for open evening
DS2 and me to get mum
Been to aldi and PO
Drop mum home
shopping unpacked and away
Washing brought in

To Do

Collect DS1 from preschool
Whats for lunch
Sort out garden and playhouse with the mini's
Whats for dinner - BBQ and new potatoes
repeat scrip to GP's

I can not manage much in this heat. My scars are sore from the sweating hmm

tostaky Thu 02-Jul-09 11:28:06


Im new to this so plase forgive me for all the faux-pas im going to make and for my ridicoulously small to-do list...

DS nap
bought notepad to start control diary
shiny sink

*to Do*
plan meals for this week-end guests
plan activities ofr this w-end guests
frame 3 pictures
hot spot --> coffee table needs to be clean

littleboyblue Thu 02-Jul-09 11:48:43

tostaky Hiya grin
You to do list looks great. I hate planning, takes me so long because I can't make decisions!
And I can't tell you how many times I've started putting together a control journal. I get all my routines written out, and then decide I'm still not happy with them so start again from scratch, I am a bit mental

gibbberish Thu 02-Jul-09 12:00:48

Morning (nearly aft) all smile

Hello tostaky Good list. You're doing better than me already!

So, so hot and muggy here. Girls are in the pool and I am so tempted to join them but house is awful and needs to be done from top to bottom <groan>

Had a fab, fab, fab day yesterday! Was our work's day out. Did quad biking (I came FLYING off it at one point - bike went one way, I went the other. Ended up lying in a field of wheat watching the bike drive off into the distance through the field...). Did hovercrafting. Climbed up a ladder 30 metres high up a tree and zip wired all the way back down. Fab! Can't believe I did it. Climbed obstacle courses (fell flat on my back off one of the rope thingy, ouch) and threw cabres and wellies. Absolutely in agony all over today and blisters everywhere. But was well worth it because our team won and we got gold medals grin grin grin

Better get on dealing with house now <winces off>

Oh, fish are great btw. All seem healthy and enjoying their new, improved home!

lbl thanks for thread btw!

galen hope dd gets better today.

tmh spend the day in the paddling pool - would be bliss for your scars!

scattyspice Thu 02-Jul-09 12:15:35

Hi all.

Gib grin sounds fun!

Hi tostaky.

Have woke up with a headache which won't shift (not drinking enough water I expect). Wish everyone would go away and leave me alone sad.


galen Thu 02-Jul-09 13:22:04

afternoon all

mad hope you survive yout Thursday in the heat - well done on getting through shopping, sorry you're sore - take it as easy as poss
tostaky Hi - your lists look great -well done!
gibb sounds a fab day...hope the aches dont get worse!
scatty sad hope headache lifts

had a good morning.Ended up getting paddling pool out for dd 3,4 and ds2. All enjoyed lots of splashing!Dd3 seems fine hmm
Ds2 now supposed to be napping but will only sleep with me in the big bed, or with me sitting by his cot for some reason...obviously hes still not feeling totally well...trouble is I cant do either cause dds either start yelling or appear at the door and wake him had him almost asleep in his cot, then crept out....but now he's crying again...he's SO tired though...sigh...

anyway need to go round up dds who have worryingly dissappeared and are quiet shock

BBl grin

swanriver Thu 02-Jul-09 13:29:12

Gibbberish, amazing! Job is clearly worth keeping. Who needs fizz when you can have whizz?
Scatty sad can you ring up your dh and ask him to take over this eve?
I've been to school - not too bad there - some pupils seem to sitting in veg patch to do lessons smile
cleaned out, wiped down and seriously hoovered car , and put swimming things neatly back in it. Relief. can now lend to sister without shame when she comes over in ten days

Now a bit more hoovering and mopping
and bookclub book
Hello Tostaky - guests require serious planning don't they?

gibbberish Thu 02-Jul-09 13:47:26

Twas fun. Am suffering tho lol.

galen hehe at dds recovery. Trying to cope with an ill child when you have others to look after too is a nightmare. Hope he's better soon for your sanity!

scatty hope the headache has eased. This heat doesn't help.

We are apparently forecast for heavy showers. Just when we've got the pool out hmm


2 loads of washing out
3rd load on
Watered downstairs house plants
Tidied back garden
Watered o/s plants and baskets
Fed fish
Tidied living room
Tidied kitchen
Tidied dining room
Tidied hall
Tidied downstairs bathroom
Had lunch
Put on d/w

To do

Hang out 3rd load of washing
Put on and hang out 4th
Dust downstairs
Clean kitchen
Quick tidy of cupboards
Wipe fridge
Clean cooker
Shine sink
Wash floors
Clean utility room
Clean downstairs bathroom
Clean mirror
Tidy my room
Make my bed
Tidy dd3 and dd4s room
Hoover upstairs
Dust upstairs
Water upstairs plant
Clean upstairs bathroom
Put away mountain of clothes
Do online shop

Never going to get through it all today <sigh> Too hot to be doing this. At least all the girls have scarpered so peace to get on with it. Think of the positive!

gibbberish Thu 02-Jul-09 13:48:48

Oooh, just heard thunder... Hope it doesn't rain today. Got loads of washing drying.

TheMadHouse Thu 02-Jul-09 14:21:27

Scatty Sorry about the head, keep up the water intake

Gibb bug list there girl, dont demotiavate yourself

galen whish I could get in the pool, but it is parents afternoon, so have to collect mum etc.

Waves to everyone else.

To Do

Collect DS1 from preschool - done
Whats for lunch - done
Sort out garden and playhouse with the mini's - done
Errected their gazebo - done
blown up paddling pool - down
Whats for dinner - BBQ and new potatoes
repeat scrip to GP's

I am going to go and start the ironing next.

grouchyoscar Thu 02-Jul-09 14:35:36

Chaos is about to start!

Ed from school, straight to dentist
Renew Council pass
Home, Ed's tea to make (beans on toast?)
Ed to beevers
Tescobgrocery shop
collect him then hom by 7:30


scattyspice Thu 02-Jul-09 16:31:14

Hi again.

Sorry I was grumpy earlier. I have drank gallons of water and headache much better. Dh is probably working late, but dc are not being difficult so hopefully shouldn't be a problem. I am not planning to do much tonight.

Good luck with the chaos Grouchy. Hi everyone else, hope you're all staying cool smile.

BB tomorrow (hopefully in a better mood hmm).

gibbberish Thu 02-Jul-09 17:09:34

Got on really well today! Loads done and house back to how I like it. Really sore now so stopping for the rest of the day. dh going to get a salad for dinner.


2 loads of washing out
3rd load on
Watered downstairs house plants
Tidied back garden
Watered o/s plants and baskets
Fed fish
Tidied living room
Tidied kitchen
Tidied dining room
Tidied hall
Tidied downstairs bathroom
Had lunch
Put on d/w
Hang out 3rd load of washing
Put on and hang out 4th
Dust downstairs
Clean kitchen
Quick tidy of cupboards
Wipe fridge
Clean cooker
Shine sink
Wash floors
Clean utility room
Clean downstairs bathroom
Clean mirror
Tidy my room
Make my bed
Tidy dd3 and dd4s room
Hoover upstairs
Dust upstairs
Water upstairs plant
Clean upstairs bathroom
Put away mountain of clothes

To do

Do online shop

TheMadHouse Thu 02-Jul-09 17:28:39

Gibb Wow - well done you

I am just popping on as I am burting with Pride - been to DS1's parents meeting and he is an "exceptional" child and the brigtest his head of foundation stage can ever remember teaching and she is no spring chicken.

They are going to have a meeting with his new teacher (new to the school) and we are also meeting with her to ensure that he gets the encourargement he wants whilst he is happy learning.

galen Thu 02-Jul-09 18:41:53

evening all

mad wow, well done you and DS. What an achievement! Its definately worth trying to keep him interested and motivated. DS1 is very bright and more than once has been allowed to just drift and loose interest cause he found everything "boring" cause it didnt challenge him eneough.
Yay for you both grin

scatty glad headache is better

gib wow, what a productive day, well done you!

sawn well done for car! I tidied ours out but thats as far as I got!

Feeling quite pleased with how today (and the week in fact) has gone.

Ds finally went off to sleep, I mopped hall and kitchen X2
More playing with dd's
Quick shower.
put jacket spuds in oven
school pick up
home - paddling pool!!
Homemade burgers and jacket spuds and salad for tea ( our "faux" BBQ LOL)
littlies all bathed and beded
lunches done
dinner cleared
washing off line
whites in WM
older ones now chilling....
me having slightly indulgent glass of wine!

and tomorrow is Friday - YAY
DH will be home tomorrow evening so have almost survived the week! With relative lack of grumpy mommy monster; survived sweltering heat,; done 2 sports days; coped with various sick DC; kept all DC fed, reasonably clean, safe and relatively happy! Got all to school on time in clean uniform with lunches and kept house in relative state of order!!
Not bad - better than last time I was on my own anyway LOL grin

I do still have a large mountain of clean washing to put away...will wait till tomorrow though!

So going to read with DD2 now so see you all in the morning!

TheProfiteroleThief Thu 02-Jul-09 19:34:36

Hi all

been MIA for a couple of days with RL. Must stop that. Hot and sweaty here, and half of house is nice and half is messy, but making the most of the weather. Q mellow though and trying to relax with it.

Sorry to hear about scars Mad - how frustrating when you are just knocking body back onto normality.

TheMadHouse Thu 02-Jul-09 19:59:19

Evening all

relative calm has been restored to the Mad House - this is actually what everyone who knows us calls it!!!

Boys are in bed
BBQ was wonderful
DS1 was very proud when we told him we met with his teachers
Mum has been deposited back home
Garden has been watered
Cups of tea are being had (DH has moved away from the larger) grin
PJ's are on

I am still beaming blush

I am so so proud, but think that DS1 proved the rule about the whole being greater than the sum of the two parts.

He is very very clever, but with that read a real challange at home, as it apears he keeps it all together at school. What supprises the teachers is that he doesnt count out with his hands and just adds up in his head, he also understands and uses the concent of units, tens and hundreds and that is how he can count to 1000 and above shock. She also stated that he is way ahead with words and letters too, but he lacks the co-ordination to write well and this frustrates him.

He can type out words easily and also use magnetic letters. Boys take longer to develop the fine motor skills than girls, which is why their handwritting is often messier, so excercies like bead threading etc are good for this and to not comment on the state of his writing, just encourage him to draw and write if he wants. He is also very popular and doesnt have any one special friend, but everyone want him to be theirs - he he he. They only noticed this when reviewing who the children said their special friends were. DS1 listed all 12 of his group mates, but was listed in over 50% of the other 47 in the morning group!!!!! Neither me nor DH were popular - DH was a nerd and a was very shy.

It was lovley and they said that they are really looking forward to watching him develop and learn and also really keen to see DS2 in September.

Anyway. I must stop gushing

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