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Wednesday - FLYing in the heatwave

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littleboyblue Wed 01-Jul-09 08:13:50


Morning all.
BB in a mo

littleboyblue Wed 01-Jul-09 08:19:52

Mad Hope you have a better day today.

Ds1 seems alot better this morning. If his temp is still ok in an hour, then it's off to his little gf's house as her mum has the paddling pool out.

To Do
Start morning routine blush
Yesterday's Mission blush
Soak nappy wrapper
Sort fridge
Pack change bag
Bottles x2
Water clothes
Teething rings and teddy

Have I forgotten anything? Probably grin

scattyspice Wed 01-Jul-09 08:22:57

Morning LBB. Glad ds1 is on the mend. Paddling pool sounds like a good plan smile.

Thankfully dc slept well so feeling more human today.

To do
suncream on dc then out of the house
charity bag out

After school
house bleugh
wrap sis present

have a sunny day all smile

dylsmum1998 Wed 01-Jul-09 08:54:43

morning LBB thanks for thread, enjoy the paddling pool

scatty Morning smile

its gym day today before we take my nan shoppping, however dd has just fallen asleep in th emiddle of living room floor so dont think we will make gym we need to leave in 15 mins if we going and she still in her nighty grin

to do
strip sofa throws and wash (1/2 in machine )
wash table cloth
sort dry washing done
wash up done
s&s bathroom
make dc lunch done
make beds done
more paperwork
nan shopping
ds to asthma nurse (after school)

SimplyIsATalentedBuzzard Wed 01-Jul-09 09:03:33

Thanks for the thread lbb.

Hello to all. smile

I'm at home today as I'm expecting our new bed and bed linen to be delivered. I need to finish making a space for the deliveries in the hall. Back in a bit!

swanriver Wed 01-Jul-09 09:47:34

Hope bed looks wonderful and feels wonderful Simply
LBB, you sound super organized, hope day is calm. Feels cool now at this time, but suspect dcs' school is still with all that tarmac. Our usually rather dark dank kitchen feels nice and cool too - until I switch oven on of course.

Off on a train to an funeral today, a friend of family who lived to 93. Dh is picking kids up. Wasn't sure if I could get away, so feel really glad I can be there.

Had a great evening out last night smile, half a glass of strawberry beer (these strange continental brands) and a delicious meal with dh, and babysitter managed brilliantly, 17 year olds clearly much better than us at putting kids to bed angry

Scatty, glad you feel a bit more rested today.
TMH, hope it wasn't the session that made the day bad
I had a long chat with dh yest eve about childmanagement tactics, goals and encouragement and criticism. We are trying to stop fruitless nagging so much and be more goal orientated. It takes a lot of working out.

kerbside recycling and rubbish
lunchboxes (lastnight)
routines - 10 %
vp x 2
homework x 1

Right, off now, taking my book for a long read on train.

swanriver Wed 01-Jul-09 09:51:37

Galen hope your poor little ds2 is alright.

galen Wed 01-Jul-09 10:07:03

morning all
LBB glad ds1 is on the mend, enjoy paddling pool
dyls awww bless little dd - she must be tired!
scatty yay for a good nights sleep
simply enjoy new bed!
swan evening out sounds great. I am so desperate to sort a babysitter out for us, dh and I havent been out together in absolutely ages. Have a possible very sensible 16 yr old in mind.....may get round to it one day!

Not a good night here, DS2 woke a couple of times needing a cuddle and a drink, DD3 woke up saying she'd wet the bed but was in fact just really sweaty , then DS2 woke at 5.30 hot, grumpy , and sad.Did manage to coax him back to sleep with a drink and cuddle, then we all overslept till 7.45 shock
DS2 still quite poorly, but temp not so bad and he did eat a bit of breakfast and hasnt been sick gone back for a nap, but whinging on and off...hope he goes off...

Sports day 2 this afternoon ( yes as if one wasnt enough fun they do 2 , one for Key stage 1 and one for key stage 2 - of course I have DC in both LOL) so no doubt that will be as good as yesterday...and it is hotter here today - was roasting already on school run so who knows what it will be like by this afternoon....
House in fair chaos ...but I need to take it easy this morning as I'm exhausted and also full of cold, so will do essentials only wink

I have however FINALLY posted off my passport forms YAAAAAY!!! now just have to cross everything and hope they come in time hmm

Right need to go make another cup of coffee and dose up with antihistamine and paracetamol to get through the day.....

BBL grin

dylsmum1998 Wed 01-Jul-09 11:23:29

oh dear dd woke up gave me a cuddle and was sick over us both, it was watery/phlegmy sick think where she hadnt eaten yet, she has since eaten 2 1/2 weetabix after badgering me for ages for them. so far they have stayed down and she is playing happily now.
Galen poor you, hope sports day goes well for you. well done on the passport forms, when do you need them by?

quick up date
to do
tidy done
hoover done
strip sofa throws and wash (1/2 in machine )
wash table cloth
sort dry washing done
wash up done
s&s bathroom done
mission done
iron done
make dc lunch done
make beds done
more paperwork
nan shopping cancelled, my cousin is going to help instead
ds to asthma nurse (after school)
have also washed all floors.

now going to scrub the living room rug

TheMadHouse Wed 01-Jul-09 11:48:09

morning all


DS1 to preschool
Got his wonderful report
Swimming with DS1
Washer on

I now need to sort heat, but I am suffering in the heat - I think it is due to the menopause symptons. I am having hot flushes and sweats - nice!!!!!

SimplyIsATalentedBuzzard Wed 01-Jul-09 11:50:36

Hello again! Thanks for joining in with my excitement at having a bed to sleep on again! It arrived a short while ago and is now in the hallway. That reminds me, I need to clear the space it is going to occupy in our bedroom so that we can carry it up and put it together tonight.

~ 3 loads of washing
~ d/w on, emptied and refilled
~ hall cleared ready for delivery & now rec'd

To do:-
~ clear space in bedroom
~ write 2 b/d cards
~ cancel some magazine subs
~ take out 1 sub as a b/d pressie
~ organise toings and froings for next week
~ check ds' clothes for things that don't fit as he is going away soon on a trip

swanriver Your chat with your dh re: childcare management tactics sounds like a good idea.

galen Well done for posting off the forms! Dh did his, ds' and dd's earlier this year. Poor ds' hair is sticking up in all directions in the photo, poor thing!

The other day there was talk of a playground with insufficient shade. I had a couple of things I thought of that might help. Ask to see the risk assessment for playtimes outdoors. I think there should be one and it would cover icy conditions in winter and should then also look at measures to prevent heat and sun stroke/burn. Speak to someone on the governing body i.e. a parent governor and if any others feel the same way then say that you have the backing of x other parents as well. If you get no joy there, take your concerns to the Local Education Authority. Do the children have the run of the school and the outdoors at lunchtime or just the outdoors? It is important that they have access to shade or shelter, toilets and water, I'd say. Someone posted about UV sails, I think. Look that up and take that info with you when you speak to someone. If you get no-where, try the Health and Safety Executive perhaps for advice.

That's me done. Off to do some jobs!

Oh! The bed linen has just arrived. I've nothing to wait in for now. Shall I go into work today or shall I stay home? Must go and decide.

dylsmum1998 Wed 01-Jul-09 13:00:02

quick question for those of you growing fruit/veg in your garden.
i am growing tomatoes in a basket, when do i need to start using tomato feed with them? the plants are a couple of inches high so far

scattyspice Wed 01-Jul-09 13:00:38

Hi again.

Simply - good suggestions, enjoy your new bed!

Swan - good idea to have a tactical plan with dh. My 2 are very adept at spotting the slightest discrepancy and taking full advantage lol.

Galen - well done on the passports. We are avoiding the whole thing by never taking them abroad hmm. Good luck with sports day2.

I am sitting at work dreaming of the paddling pool smile.

SimplyIsATalentedBuzzard Wed 01-Jul-09 13:30:31

dylsmum I've no idea on the tomato growing front, I'm sorry.

does this help you at all?

scattyspice I had to smile at you in work dreaming of the paddling pool! At work yest we could see porpoises or dolphins playing in the sea just a few hundred metres away which was lovely. smile

I'm going to stay at home this afternoon. Will be back with an updated list after lunch. T'pip!

wendyredkitchenredspots Wed 01-Jul-09 14:46:21

hello all
DC playdoughing at the table, been in paddling pool. Both are shattered - it must be the heat and not sleeping properly. I am pretty shattered too. I am looking forward to yoga tonight.
Still scrubbing the sofa (dd did a wee on it at the weekend - long story) and it still stinks - have tried normal detergent and carbolic soap - does anyone have any ideas? I am despairing of it sad and panicking it will be stinking for my fundraising tea party next week!
Thanks for all the info - hadn't thought of baking cakes to sell too! this is my list so far:
Chocolate cake
lemon drizzle
large butterfly buns
choc brownies
lemon biscuits
coconut slice or bakewell slices
fruit cake
marmalade loaf
couple of buttered tea loaves

Any omissions? I am expecting between 20 - 40 depending on who turns up - don't mind eating cake all week lol!

It's far too hot for me and too hot to go out anywhere unless you have to - I pity you and sports afternoon, galen esp with poorly little one sad

dyls i haven't fed my tomatoes at all - they are all looking ok though! I have black flies on my broad bean plants sad but all else is growing well. hope dd is ok and not sick again

swan hope funeral ok - i love going on the train and reading books there it's fab! your chat with dh sounds timely here too, fed up of shouting and nagging for ds in particular not doing as he is asked!

grouchyoscar Wed 01-Jul-09 15:27:31

Help me I'm melting...shock

Hello all It's too darn hot hmm

Just got back in from the school walk this morning...well, took Ed to school then went for coffee and breakfast, Tesco, work and Reading friends. Got to collect the Lazarus like Ed in 1/2 hr, feed him then go to the Govenors meeting at the school


Up and down with crockery
Empty DW
Put away
Peg out washing
Feed birds
Feed cat (not with the birds!)
Water plants
Make Toast and drinks
Wash and meds
Help Ed wash and dress
S&S bathroom
S&S loo
Make beds
Bags ready and off.

Still lots to do. Tomorrow is going to be crazy daft with dentist,beavers and grocery shopping after school <<GULP EMO>>

FLY keeps me sane, honest grin

scattyspice Wed 01-Jul-09 15:38:42

Take it easy Grouchy.

Simply - where do you work? (are you a lifeguard?)

No paddling pool for me a now raining and thundering sad.

TheMadHouse Wed 01-Jul-09 20:05:49

Far too humid, we ended up at the seaside eating fish, chips and icecream grin

I have a really sore throat and headache though.

I am feeling a little more upbeat though too BBL

littleboyblue Wed 01-Jul-09 20:39:37

swan glad you had a nice evening out with dh. Hope the funeral ran smoothly.
galen sorry to hear about the rough night. Hope tonight's better and that your day has been ok.
dyls hope your dd is feeling better from earlier
wendy no suggestions on the sofa, but hope you crack it soon. You can probably smell it a lot worse than it is just because you know it's there iykwim.

We had a lovely day. My friend prepared a lovely salad for lunch and the little ones ran around like mad, in the end they were so worn out, they climbed into bed together! so cute.

Dp is back on nights so have been out all day. Won't be able to do much this week. Shame grin

Wolfcub Wed 01-Jul-09 22:01:56

boiled Wolf

swanriver Wed 01-Jul-09 22:53:35

Had a very good day, funeral very peaceful and then tea in a lovely garden, and nice to see some family members and reminisce.

Managed to wash upstairs and downstairs floors and change two beds before I left, so house seems fresher.

dd went swimming with Brownies as an outing
dss ate pizza and salad, played in garden and computer with dh (all in good mood), so only work I had to do when I returned at 8.30 was kiss everyone goodnight.

Simply - simple answer, headmistress is opposed to sails. PTA put in a largish fixed sunshade two years ago, She did not want us to spend the money on it. There is no OFFICICAL requirement for sails, or shade, only that a risk assessment is made - meaning recommendations for hats, suncream and yes you guessed it, water, and provision for using classrooms for quiet activities at playtime. All of which school has done so I suppose I should be grateful. You have no idea how long we debated all this two years ago at PTA meetings. I think the problem is that heatwaves are still "freak events" like snow so schools don't want to spend money on that eventuality. Essentially the school probably like loads of other public buildings is not designed for hot weather.

Starbear Thu 02-Jul-09 00:01:11

Hi all Sorry I haven't kept up with thread, but I have read that some are going through difficult times. My heart goes out to you.
galen Glad you got those passports posted I know they were bugging you.
Too hot at work today I've got a heat rash on my neck!!!!
Right brought a paddling pool & fan on my way home. Hope they both work okay.
So tonight I've made DH's dinner (me not hungry ate DS leftover stew!)
unpacked fan & put it together.
Cleaned yukky recycling big veg bin!
cancelled Love film membership never really used it cheaper for us to just buy them!
Sent e-mail to cousin to say what flight we are on. She can't read English and I can't writing in Spanish so cross fingers for me!
e-mail to friend.
Written list ready for tomorrow!
It's late, have a lovely day tomorrow smile

littleboyblue Thu 02-Jul-09 09:06:16

I'll start today's thread then, watch this space.....

littleboyblue Thu 02-Jul-09 09:07:55

FLY FLY away

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