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Monday Fly - Let's Salsa with a dust cloth

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Starbear Mon 29-Jun-09 08:28:29

Morning all, Hope this works blush

littleboyblue Mon 29-Jun-09 08:30:51

Morning star I've been on the FlyLady website, but doesn't look like it's been updated from friday.

Am dreading this week. I hate cleaning the living room, there is so much crap in here. Far too many dvd's and cd's. I never listen to music anymore.
Too hot to do too much this week anyway, excuses I know, but hey, next time will roll on quickly.

Starbear Mon 29-Jun-09 08:32:15

LBB I don't know how to link it from the weekend there is a weekend thread. Can you do it blush

littleboyblue Mon 29-Jun-09 08:33:48


Starbear Mon 29-Jun-09 08:39:01

Thank you LBB
Right back on track. Can't start the day without you lot blush
Haven't made a full list yet
Wash & dress
Washing in W/M
Put fridge food into containers so I can empty quickly when the repair person turns up (bound to be a man!)
Plumber too this morning
make beds
bits of paper work
Take Ds to gymnastic
shopping for bits
I'm sure there is more but enough to go on.
Swan So true jogging bottoms are easy but I wanted the 'my little man has grown up' look too!

littleboyblue Mon 29-Jun-09 08:43:45

Well I have to try harder to keep up with these threads! You lot are just too chatty grin

So, to do
Finish morning routine (just waiting for ds2 to nod off before I jump in shower)
Home blessing hour
Change beds
Mirrors & windows
Glass shelves
Today's mission - when I find out what it is!
Pop to tescos
Go for blood test
pay council tax
pay off some on the tv
make drs appointment for tomorrow done
15min detailed clean
5 min room rescue (room to be decided!)

Thinking of skipping everything that involves going out, don't really ant to take the boys out in this heat tbh.

swanriver Mon 29-Jun-09 09:22:16

Very easy morning - children appear to be holiday mood, and
lunchboxes prepared last night smile and then assembled by dd with glee
cold water bottles to all
hats found for all
ds2 woke at 5.30 - put on DS1's uniform, came to wake us and then conked out again on our bed till 7.30 grin
dd practised her violin scales

feel slightly uneasy about the dcs at school in this weather - it is like a furnace in playground, with hardly any shade and headmistress said we weren't allowed to take kids away if it got too hot, in fact she just said it wouldn't be too hot hmm. Anyway will just have to wait and see what it's like this afternoon when I go in.

List for today
dw unload and reload
sort out tickets for visit to parents
clean out fridge a bit hmm
prepare shepherd's pie to use up stray veg
put away laundry
vacuum car and wipe down inside whilst it's in shade
swimming stuff back in car now dry
make beds
s & s
update calendar further

go to school pm

TheMadHouse Mon 29-Jun-09 09:49:22

Morning all

I need to get back on the fly wagon big stylee - 11 loads of washing to finnish drying and iron shock


Zone this week is the living room

My List

Put ironing away
tidy garage to fit in roof box
Food shop - the house is empty of food
collect DS1 from Preschool
Birthday card
More ironing
Whats for dinner
Off to 81st Birthday Party

I also need to rememebr to send in some money so that DS1 can try school dinner next week - eek

Star I dont like the jogging pants thing either. We do full school uniform from preschool. DS1 goes into reception next year and he can do his trousers without the need for nasty jogging pants.

Will be back later

littleboyblue Mon 29-Jun-09 10:25:12

swan IIRC there is a certain temp that if reached, staff aren't allowed to work anyway, so surely the same must apply for children and schools.
FWIW I don't think I'd be happy sending young children to school inm this. We're not going out today, it's not fair on them.

Finish morning routine (just waiting for ds2 to nod off before I jump in shower) done
Home blessing hour done
Hoover done
Change beds done
Polish done
Mirrors & windows done
Glass shelves done
Today's mission - when I find out what it is!
Pop to tescos
Go for blood test
pay council tax
pay off some on the tv
make drs appointment for tomorrow done
15min detailed clean
5 min room rescue (room to be decided!)

Just have to hoover living room, but need to find the floor first grin

littleboyblue Mon 29-Jun-09 10:26:31

Mad That link is still last weeks for the bedroom. Does anyone know today's for living room?

TheMadHouse Mon 29-Jun-09 10:29:42

Swan Unfortunatly there is only HSE regulations to cover minimum temps - 16 degrees. There is still no regulations covering maximum temp for working in.

FWIW at DS1's school they had a couple of UV sails installed as they recognised that the playground had no shade whatsoever. Big yellow things on steel poles.

This is my past life creeping up on me - I was a Facilities Manager for a top three software company and it was a bug bear of all the techies we employed

Last load has been washed
Last load in the dryer

I have had a clean round downstairs and am going to do a shop and collect the cat from my mums - the boys are missing Mr Smudge

Starbear Mon 29-Jun-09 10:41:03

Hi all,
breakfast washed & dressed
ds had a shower under the hose pipe grin
beds made
Both repair men (of course) have been in.
w/m loaded
next load ready
Before Gym
Play with ds
hang washing
reload W/M
maybe some paper work!
then some snacks before Gym. i'm hungry now really!

Starbear Mon 29-Jun-09 10:42:31

Mad No choice with this school sad
Well I'm off to salsa with ds he has better hips than DH grin

dylsmum1998 Mon 29-Jun-09 10:52:39

morning all
sounds like you had a good holiday mad

i have been up and lazy this morning.
my washer wasnt spinning out so just spent half hour on phone to repair line, think it was ablockage so have pulled all apart as instructed and did find a bit of paper in th efilter so hopefully thats fixed it. am now running empty cycle with machine in middle of kitchen to see if that fixed it<<hopeful emotican>>

need to
wash up
load washer (if that fixed it)
strp beds and remake
find summer weight duvets
collect dd

going to start with bits in the kitchen as i have washing hose in a bucket rather than put it all back to pull it back out.

have just jumped from laptop to washer as it started spinning and in tryign to empty bucket quick before it over flowed from washing machine water i flung lovely cold water all over myself grin one way to cool down a bit!!
goign to start by sorting kitchen BBL

swanriver Mon 29-Jun-09 11:58:52

run out of time again before library
need to rush out and buy a present for an impromptu 9th birthday

but have made supper
and dealt with fridge
several piles of laundry washed and drying
s & s loos
beds made
watered courgettes and potatoes, and bamboos (buckets from the paddlng pool v. quick smile

MaggieTulliver Mon 29-Jun-09 12:44:12

Morning all.

Been to work. House not too bad. Need to hoover downstairs but it is too hot to do that really.

Might just have a cuppa while I think about what to do.

scattyspice Mon 29-Jun-09 13:02:15

Hi all.

Its very overcast here, not hot at all sad.

I am feeling very overwhelmed ATM sad. Lots of things happening and all this stuff at work is just dragging me down sad. I need to get a grip as I am becoming very snappy. DC are very hyper at the mo too, so many things to look forward to that they want it all to happen NOW. Ds was up at 9.30 last night complaining he was bored and again at 5am! Then he told me that he isn't happy all the time. He just wants life to be one big party. I don't know how to help him chill. He also tends to look forward to things soo much that he is inevitably disappointed in the actual event. It feels like the run up to Christmas. (Aggggg).


TO do:
Avon money


galen Mon 29-Jun-09 13:43:28

morning all
swan hope school not too hot. Bit overcast and breezy here so not too hot really.
star thanks for thread, enjoy salsa with ds!
dyls hope wm is fixed
mad wow 11 loads of washing, impressive even by my never ending laundry standards!
lbb impressive list!
MT cuppa sounds a good plan
scatty sorry you're feeling overwhelmed.And sorry ds is being a challenge. Its a hard time of year for them I think, definately a holiday feeling brewing stoking the excitement thing....yet school and routine not quite done with. Hope things settle down. Take it easy for a bit, basics only , till you're feeling better in yourself.

Things not too bad here. DH took DC to school,before heading off to airport for his flight to Ireland. I am so sad for him. It must be an awful feeling going to say goodbye to your Dad, knowing this will most likely be the last time he sees him. Wish I could have gone with dh...hate the thought of him being on his own....
Anyway things otherwise OK
Thankfully today is Homestart helper day, so got on top of things this morning.
House bleugh more or less done.
3rd load o washing now in, rest drying,
Bathrooms done inc washed floors
bedroom tidy DC rooms

To Do:
Bit of tidying and sorting in our room, then dust in there.
sort dinner (will be something quick wink)
school pick up
rounders club pick up
Buy large envelope on way home
Get together all docs(last required birth cert arrived today!) for passport applications and put in envelope to FINALLY post tomorrow yay
home - dinner
bath littlies
tomorrows clothes out
littlies bed
biggies shower
biggies bed
me chill
me shower
me bed!!!

will see how I go, going to just lower all standards again this week, whilst trying to keep up my basic routines to get through week on my own as best as possible with the least ammount of grumpiness!
Feeling positive so far but no doubt will be flagging by Thursday!
Right need a quick cuppa...

BBL grin

TheProfiteroleThief Mon 29-Jun-09 13:43:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grouchyoscar Mon 29-Jun-09 14:23:56

Hello ALL

Cheers for the thread Star*
Thanks LLB These threads run away with me too
Take it easy on yourself Galen*
I am on being dumped with the holiday washing (again) this year [grr]
Dyls Swan Maggie Prof and Scatty A big huge grouchy wave
And another to all who follow

Just grabbing some free time before I collect Ed. My DONE list so far is

Up and medicate
Dry and dressed
S&S bathroom
S&S loo
Wake sleepy Ed
Wash him and clean teeth
Dress him
Peg washing out
Bags together
Take him to breakfast club
Go to work
Do 2.5 hr session
Go to LTA job
Home, Empty DW
Put away
Clean sink

Sort out a to do list
Collect Ed

I'm shattered already and it's only Monday afternoon FPS

galen Mon 29-Jun-09 14:36:26

prof I would also really like to get rid of our TV and just have dvds , but not quite brave enough! (we dont have sky etc... either wink)

grouchy huge list, no wonder you're shattered - take it easy!

gibberish How are you doing? Hope your taking it as easy as possible.

littleboyblue Mon 29-Jun-09 14:46:43

scatty One word for you. Valium. For you and dc's! (only joking) Sorry it's a bit tough at the mo, hope it gets better soon.

I'm just putting off organising my cd's. I don't think any of them are in the right cases! Think it might be one of those 15min a day jobs.

littleboyblue Mon 29-Jun-09 15:25:33

I have just looked at the 'sneak peak' for the week and am wondering why we only have today and tomorrow in the living room and then back to Zone 1? So this runs on calendar month and not weekly then?

TheMadHouse Mon 29-Jun-09 15:36:32

LBB Not sure about the sneak peak

Prof If you can get away with it then do it. Me and DH like our TV too much to give it up

galen you are all in my thoughts at the moment. It must be so hard, take it easy this week and remember you can fly next week

scatty I think that it must be really hard having issues at work and at home - you have no escape from anything. Try and work on one issue at a time. Why not try and change DS's focus from a specific event to something each week you can do together. I really like this I am going to try a paired down version for the boys

Well I have:

Done the shopping
sorted the garage
done half the ironing
coloring and maze games
Sang some Wiggles with DS2
Collected the cat

I am angry to find out MIL did all BIL and SIL's holiday ironing envy

I have also bought a card for the party this evening and the boys have coloured one too.

Still to do

More ironing
Put it away
Make us all a little more presentable
Go to Bros collecting mum on the way

dylsmum1998 Mon 29-Jun-09 15:38:06

galen yes wM fixed, it had a blockage its merrily washing clothes once again smile
havent managed to do the bedding tho, will do it tomorrow now i think

prof it is incredibly hot, am wishing for a garden and a pool right now grin. i do mainly use tv for dvds etc, i occasionally put it on in the eve to watch eastenders if i am bored lol. i never know what anyone is talking about cos its always about the latest progs blush

lbb yes we often have a mixed week due to working to calenders. although as i dont really have a hall, entrance porch i tend to do living room each day plus the missions for zone 1

update on my list done
need to
wash up
load washer (if that fixed it)
collect dd
post office to post stuff
sorting office to collect missed post
b&q to buy wallpaper for living room
popped in new wilkis opened in next town, think will stick to big one though as not much choice in new one

still to go
strp beds and remake
find summer weight duvets

dd is naked watching fifi now.
did make me laugh in the car on way home saw a man with no top on, and said mum he has no top on. no dd thats because he's hot. to which she replied i am hot but i havent taken my top off hmm in a voice suggesting she did not agree with his top off lol lol

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