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duvet recommendations - good quality but reasonable price!

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ministryofsleep Sat 27-Jun-09 21:49:10

I need a single duvet for DS1, do I need a summer and winter weight one or will an middle of the road tog rating do for all year round?

bubblagirl Sun 28-Jun-09 14:00:57

we managed to find summer winter duvet that clipped and unclipped together and not overly pricey cant remember where dp got them now though

but we also got summer duvet from sainsbury and was good quality for around 15 pounds or less

SparkyToo Wed 15-Jul-09 21:51:09

I'd thoroughly recommend this children's duvet and pillow bed set (available as cot bed duvet set or single duvet set) as it is available as a 7 tog duvet - which is perfect for winter as children are apparently prone to overheating in bed and need less warmth than we do - which kind of makes sense when I think of all the times I try and get a sweater on either of my 2 boys. They hate wearing anything more than a t-shirt, whatever the weather!! There is also a 4.5 tog for summer.

But basically they are really lightweight, soft and comfy and really, really washable. They can be washed at 60 degrees and dry really quickly. Just the job really!!

dreamteamgirl Thu 16-Jul-09 14:12:16

We tend to both sleep under 4.5 tog summer and winter- I think he has inherited my hot night gene!!

I did try a thicker one for us both, but it stayed on about 4 hours and have never used it again. 7 tog sounds interesting tho.

I bought our 4.5 tog ones from one of the supermarkets for about £10 and £20 respectively

Madsometimes Thu 16-Jul-09 14:28:36

Get a 4.5 tog washable duvet. I made the mistake of getting a 9 tog one for dd2 and I had to get another one because she got far too hot!

Madsometimes Thu 16-Jul-09 14:30:44

You could also get one the of all seasons ones which clip together, as bubblagirl suggested. However, you will probably use the summer weight section. The other one will come in handy for sleep overs etc.

ChristieF Fri 17-Jul-09 12:04:35

We have the all seasons ones. John Cotton I think. From Dunelm Mill. 4.5 tog for summer and 10.5 for autumn in the set. These pip together for winter. Means they are washable in an ordinary machine too. Our's is a double bed and the 10.5 tog in our set was too big for the washer so I cut it down the middle and sewed velcro on so it attaches together but splits into two smaller halves that fit into the washer.

SparkyToo Sun 26-Jul-09 11:11:33

Crikey Christie you must be a dab hand with a sewing machine - I would never be brave enough to start cutting up my duvets in order to get them into the washing machine!

Thing is, the reason I got onto the childrens cot bed / single duvets (mentioned above) was because before they were about we had had the grown up version of this duvet, ie the *Spundown duvet*. All sizes of this fantastic duvet (even the super kingsize - not that we have a super kingsize duvet, but I'll take the manufacturers word for it) fit into a standard-sized washing machine.

Basically you don't have to take them to the launderette as they can be washed at home. They also dry really quickly too (even in winter too - I just hang the duvet over the bannisters, with towel underneath) and it's dry within the day. What could be simpler - they're a complete dream to keep clean and feel soft, light and snuggly too. I just can't rave about them enough......obviously!!!

SparkyToo Sun 26-Jul-09 11:30:58

PS hmm I'm obviously not the only person who thinks they're great as here are some of the duvet reviews

ChristieF Wed 29-Jul-09 13:59:14

Yes. I'm old enough to have done O level needlework at school in the seventies. You could choose in Domestic Science between cookery and needlework. Am now a crap cook but great at sewing. DH cooks. Spundown? I'll have to look out for them. The last time I took a duvet to the laundrette for a service wash it cam back covered with someone else's dog hairs and smelling slightly of old men's coats. Never will I use a laundrette again.

kwaker5 Thu 30-Jul-09 15:40:29 is good for sheets and duvets

I would agree that 4.5 tog is plenty all year round

imaginewittynamehere Thu 30-Jul-09 16:09:33

~I'd reccommend duvet & pillow warehouse. We bought all seasons microfibre duvets for DD1 & Kingsize for us when dd1 went into a bed a year ago. Great value & quality & excellent service from them too, I'll be buying another for dd2.

I'd second the advice of those who say go for lower togs too, dd has rarely needed the 9tog part of her all seasons duvet (only when bedrooms were under 13 degrees) & when it is over 18 degrees the 4.5 tog is too hot for her - we live in a cold house so has been fine mostly

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