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Random smell of wee - help!

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alicecrail Sat 27-Jun-09 20:24:34

My friend brought her puppy round yesterday, and today i keep getting a whiff of wee, but i cannot find where it is coming from. It is in the living room, but i have tried sniffing round the entire room and cannot find the actual spot (must have looked like a right one grin)

Anyway, is there anything i can try to get rid of the smell if i don't know exactly where it is? I've tried febreeze but now it just smells like wee mixed with lavender - delightful combination hmm

Angifi Sun 28-Jun-09 01:02:50

Is the room carpeted? If it is, I would sprinkle bicarb soda (you'll need a lot) over the entire area,leave it for about 15 mins,longer if you can, then vacuum it all up.
Good Luck!

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