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Just alittle housework and messy dh rant, pretty please!

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HarleyQuinn Thu 25-Jun-09 11:12:50

I went to bed early last night, as I went Dh said " I'll tidy and wash up before I come to bed babe"
Has he?.... no! dishes are still in the same spot as last night, his work clothes from the day before are still over various chairs, wet towels are all over the bathroom.
If I have to trip over his sodding shoes in the hallway once more I will scream.

Now I find our communal washing machine isnt working, of course this was after I had everything in and put in the money! now the door wont open angry


Sarasue Thu 25-Jun-09 14:52:53

Wine(lots of)

HarleyQuinn Thu 25-Jun-09 17:20:51

Thanks Sarasue! If I had any I would, I'll have to stick to chocolate grin

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