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Questions about washing machines

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CherryChoc Thu 25-Jun-09 10:44:49

I hope some of these don't sound too clueless. We don't have a manual for our washing machine so I can't look in there. I just have a few questions:

1. Out of all the programs on your washing machine, which ones do you actually use? And what for?

2. What does "Rinse Hold" do?

3. How do you know which clothes are safe to wash at 60? The labels all say 40, so that doesn't help.

4. I have three compartments in my washing machine drawer, a flower (fabric softener?) two lines (detergent?) and one line (??)

5. Is there any way of telling how long a wash cycle will take without timing it?

TIA grin

AMumInScotland Thu 25-Jun-09 11:08:46

1. I use a 40 degree 1200 spin wash for nearly everything, and a 95 degree was for flannels, teatowels and hankies. Plus occasionally the "just spin" option when I've handwashed something. My machine has about a hundred options, but I don't use the rest of them blush

2. Rinse hold will not do the final rinse or spin. If you set your maching to work in the early morning, or while you're out you can use this and then get it to finish up once you're up/home - that means they won't be lying in a heap getting creased.

3. I don't do anything hotter than it says on the label, except cotton flannels in pale colours. You don't usually have to do things at 60.

4. The extra one will be for a prewash - you can "soak" stuff with a bit of detergent or stain remover before the main wash on some programs.

5. Mine's very fancy and displays the time remaining, but otherwise I think you just have to time it one day.


charleymouse Thu 25-Jun-09 11:23:43

Lots of manufacturers publish manuals online so you may be able to find a manual if you google it.
I didn't think many of your questions related to a specific machine though.

I use
cotton wash(for towels/bedding),
minimum iron (for T.shirts/tops (I don't do ironing)),
wool wash (for wool and delicates)
express wash (for stuff that needs refreshing but is not realy dirty IYSWIM 30 mins).

I regularly use rinse hold as AMIS says to stop clothes getting too creased before removing from machine.

I think the 1 line compartment is for prewash and 2 lines for mainwash and yes flower for conditioner/softener

Think AMumInScotland has covered it all for you.

LastTrainToNowhere Thu 25-Jun-09 13:31:11

I use the 40 degree 1600 spin cycle for most loads. I use the gentle cycle (30 degree, 800 spin) for my --flimsy underwear-- delicates and the hot wash (60 degree 1600 spin) for towels, flannels and bathroom rugs.

Sometimes if the clothes I leave outside to dry get wet in the rain and start smelling musty I put them on a fast wash (30 minutes) but that's not very often.

Like others say, 1 line is for prewash and 2 lines for main wash.

Mmm, I've not really added to what others have already said, have I?

CherryChoc Thu 25-Jun-09 13:48:41

That helps, thanks

The reason I want to know what clothes are safe at 60 is I have started to wash some things at 60 (bibs, prefolds I use as a changing mat for DS, anything which gets significantly covered in poo... etc etc!) but they don't always fill up the machine and I don't want to be waiting ages to get a full wash so have been putting things in with them that are 100% cotton, but just wondered how you know whether other things are safe at 60 or not, I seem to remember that socks are not for example.

We have just got a "new" (second hand) washing machine from our landlord which seems quite ancient and has only one programme at 30 (silk) so I can't always follow the labels, they all seem to say 40 or "if it's not dirty wash at 30" or something like that. I'm not complaining - it works! But I don't think I'll be able to find a manual online.

charleymouse Thu 25-Jun-09 15:30:13

Cherrychoc I also think lots of suppliers put wash at 40 "just in case" so it might be worth checking content as you say 100% cotton should be fine. I would say anything with an elasticated finish to it would not be, like socks/pants/bras etc.

PS your DS is adorable.

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