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Help me get my desk sorted.

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nkf Tue 23-Jun-09 12:00:56

Both desks. Work and home. They are piled with paper. I don't seem able to conquer it. Is it a mindset? Do I just not own the right storage? I want clear surfaces and space to work. Please. Please. Share your ideas/hints/tips.

nkf Tue 23-Jun-09 12:23:05

Help before I suffocate under papers.

onepieceofcremeegg Tue 23-Jun-09 12:32:45

Don't buy/acquire any more storage at all until you have had a ruthless clear out of stuff.

Sit down with a box for paper to be recycled and the shredder.

Put all the essential stuff to one side (passports, birth certificates etc) to ensure they don't get shredded. Don't keep anything that you don't need.

I only keep the last utility bill that was sent to me. I get rid of all the envelopes and other junk that comes in with bills - it takes up a massive amount of space.

Go paperless with future utility bills if you can.

If you are sentimental just keep a tiny selection of dcs artwork etc.

If you have a dp/dh that shares the office space at home then put all of his/her stuff to one side to be sorted - NOT by you!

Good luck.

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