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divider with storage for shared bedroom for brother and sister any ideas please?

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jadine Sun 21-Jun-09 20:24:54

Please help I need some advice on dividing my childrens bedroom, they currently share and I need something with storage to divide the room and ideas what to buy and where from.

Also have a red carpet what colours could I use in the bedrpoom on the walls thanks.

thisisyesterday Sun 21-Jun-09 20:28:44

what about something like the expedit range from ikea?

thisisyesterday Sun 21-Jun-09 20:29:47

see here

jadine Sun 21-Jun-09 20:45:44

Thank you very much any ideas what colour to paint the bedroom walls its difficult as I have a red carpet.

hoarsewhisperer Mon 22-Jun-09 09:30:37

how about a pale yellow or creamy kind of colour.....apart form that you are right - not alot goes with red. I would avoid anything dark anyway as with the divider in the room will seem smaller anyway...

thisisyesterday Mon 22-Jun-09 09:38:43

i would maybe do it all red and white. i saw a lovely kids room on a makeover prog once.
white walls, red gingham curtains. and a few red bits on the walls, pictures or some of those stick on things that you can remove once they grow out of them

thisisyesterday Mon 22-Jun-09 09:40:42

i love this but depends how old the kids are i guess.

jadine Mon 22-Jun-09 11:48:02

thisisyesterday thats a good idea I think I will do that thank you, and I will buy a white divider from Ikea, thanks guys x

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