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It's the FLY WEEKEND - What all the hard work is for

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grouchyoscar Sat 20-Jun-09 03:33:54

Hello ALL

No Missions at the weekend, Family time

Welcome to Audley This thread is amazing and dead supportive. I'm here to stay sane grin Enjoy the wedding

Enjoy the camping Mad

And have great weekend all. See you later

TheMadHouse Sat 20-Jun-09 08:37:25

Morning my wonderful Fly friends

We are off, were off, were off in a motocar, 60 cops are after us and they dont know where we are grin

we can only just fit in the car grin

Boys are breakfasting.

I am doing last min checking and then we are off

Swan I know there are shops down south you know - I am an honoery southerner - we lived near Henley for over 13 year wink

I will catch you all later

dylsmum1998 Sat 20-Jun-09 08:53:21

morning go thanks for thread

TMH enjoy your trip, there lots of lovely shops down south grin thats where you usually find me when i'm at a loose end smile

today am taking ds to get his haircut, pop in the shops while we there then off for ds swimming lesson before i drop him to his dads, head home and have a peaceful (hopefully!) evening with dd

have a good day all

Starbear Sat 20-Jun-09 08:55:39

TMH Enjoy! Have no plans for today. Looking after amates boy, while he watches Rugby with DH. We are going off to the river to see Henry the 8th and then I'll make ((ha!ha!)throw in the oven some pizzas to feed both families I'll try & put the W/M inthe meantime.
beds made.
Have alovely wekend everYone smile

gibbberish Sat 20-Jun-09 09:53:07

Morning smile

Got dd2, dd3 and dd4's dance show this aft. Yaaay! Very excited. Got about 20 of my family and friends coming to watch too. Then this night I am helping out at the evening performance. And have dd1 and dd2s friends arriving for the show then coming back for the weekend. So busy, busy. As usual.

Welcome audley*

have an absolutely fab time!

Sorry for my moaning yesterday. Feeling a bit more positive today and going to speak to dh later about how I need to do less.

prof I think that's a good point about being organised. I do put a good face on being able to cope with everything and am TERRIBLE about saying no and keep offering to help everyone else out when I don't have enough time to help myself. for example, I found myself offering to drive a friend to Prestwick Airport (which is the other side of scotland) through the week. Took me four hours and didn't get home until well gone midnight. Then had frantic rush to get ready for work in the morning. Need to stop doing that, it really doesn't help.

simply Just off to read your mail, thanks smile

swan dh changing? <hysterical laughter> Noo that's not going to happen any time soon. I just need to be more firm about what I am and am not prepared to do. Easy saying that though.

grouchy That was a very motivational statement. Will try to apply it!

Thanks scatty. Not going to get much rest today. Not sure about tomorrow though doesn't look like it. Out in the morning, need to get house ready in afternoon as working Mon and Tue, then out in the evening at a ceileidh rehearsal hmm At least the latter is time for me though!

galen thanks so much. I am going to speak to dh. Don't think we will lose much financially because when I returned to work we lost our working tax credits and I found out I wasn't actually earning any more!! So seems pointless to be killing myself for nothing. dh doesn't see it like that. Think he feels me having a job is a safety measure. He actually wants me to work more.. hmm

Okay enough rambling from me. Do I get a prize for the longest post EVER on the fly threads?? Thanks again for all your support. Will be more positive today and will deal with this practically! Off now for some brekkie. Have a LOVELY weekend everyone. I lurve you all! bbl xxx

swanriver Sat 20-Jun-09 09:53:31

violin, sock wrestling and various chaos here
off to music in a mo, and my "i" key is wonky hmmdd bashed it too hard
more team sprt nec.

gibbberish Sat 20-Jun-09 09:53:48

shock That really WAS the longest post in MN history! Need a few weeks to recover from the exhaustion of typing it now.

gibbberish Sat 20-Jun-09 09:54:20

Sock wrestling??? grin Please explain!

swanriver Sat 20-Jun-09 10:00:56

Gibb, I had a Just Say NO breakthrough when I realsd I decided not to do any social engagements which weren't local. It wsa just a lttle thing (on a par wth Prestwick dropoff) but I realised I was causng myself terrible stress arrangng babysiters homework etc far side of London (let alone feeling cross when I got there for not looking glam enough) - so just said no.

audley Sat 20-Jun-09 10:35:41

Good morning everyone, thanks for the lovely welcome smile
Anyone else dread Saturdays? It's the only day with nothing planned and DH is usually recovering from a night out with his friends. Took DS to a sheep dog show and fair but got there too early and it wasn't open and the electicity was off in the lovely farm shop! DS now asleep so I'm off to iron and may go swimming with DS this pm

swanriver Sat 20-Jun-09 10:36:28

aka trying to get kids to put socks on, and also balcne on one leg without falling over puttng my own on [arthritc old lady emotcon]
Dh has taken dcs tomusic in a huff having made me "lie in" too long.
Dancing comp sounds fab, you must be v.proud.

swanriver Sat 20-Jun-09 10:38:41

oh yes, Sats were not our frend.
Due to dh not being a "planner", we have now come to a good arrangement where we do classes or fixed actvity like swmming, and it somehow gves good structure to the day!

swanriver Sat 20-Jun-09 10:39:28

Again I'm blaming the poor fellow, I'm not really a planner either blush

audley Sat 20-Jun-09 10:39:58

On a positive was sitting on the floor this morning wracking my brain about what to do today when DS wandered in and for the first time ever planted a big kiss on my lips and toddled off again! Ahhh what a gorgeous chap

TheProfiteroleThief Sat 20-Jun-09 10:43:52

Hi all
have homework (boo) and cake decorating to do (yay) - one for fathers day and one for friends birthday. The father's day on is going to be very interesting shall we say grin

epimum Sat 20-Jun-09 11:04:41

hi everyone,
sorry i havnent been on for over a week dd have been in hospital poor girl i hate epilespy!! they've changed her medication now so hopefully will see an improovement soon!!

welcome audley its nice to see another new member, smile that was so sweet of your ds dc can be so sweet sometimes,

anyway dd is asleep on setee, ds is waiting to go on cebeebies website and dh is working so not sure what today will entail, need to catch up with all the housework after a hectic week, will read threads later and catch up with you all, have a nice saturday everyone

grouchyoscar Sat 20-Jun-09 11:51:02

Hello again All

Madam insomnia called last night. Drifted off at 5 but up at 7:30 as I needed to enrol Ed for swimming classes at 9. It's a bit of a farce as it's a 1st come 1st served basis so it was packed shock Well Ed starts his lessons next month so Yay!

Did some light shopping (bird food, oven cleaner, sandwich supplies) and came home. I'm very tired now.

Ed wants to make some kits and has turned up with scissors, pva and the bits so I better give him my undivided so TTFN

MaggieTulliver Sat 20-Jun-09 11:59:33

hi all

welcome audley

epimum - hope dd on mend

gibberish and mad - i do think that about a month or two after surgery (yourself/loved one) there is a natural dip in our emotions. The high of dealing with the issue itself subsides, everyones empathy wanes and your kind of left to it then. Hope youre both ok. Gibberish - how is dd?

Been out to town. DD2 being the "Two monster".

SimplyIsATalentedBuzzard Sat 20-Jun-09 16:11:41

Hello to all.

Thanks for the thread go.

Hi gibb. Hope you're having a good day. smile

epimum I hope your dd is feeling better now.

I'm back from my travels and have just had a nap. Thank goodness someone rang the doorbell or I'd still be snoozing cos I'm a lazy devil. wink

Now that I feel refreshed I'm going to do a little list.

To do:-
~ pay D for ticket and S for other things
~ put a load of washing on
~ write a letter to neighbours who've moved
~ start on tidying up paperwork mountain
~ decide on what we're having for tea
~ remember car paperwork x 2

wendyredkitchenredspots Sat 20-Jun-09 19:51:13

Welcome Audley
Hello all
Sorry I haven't been around much. It's been a very busy and frustrating week here. We are all shattered - the children are both up very early again with them sharing a bedroom they wake each other up. do you have this problem, Galen? I can't cope with early starts!!
Today has been a rubbish day - both of them tired, whingeing and moaning all day, and downright naughty really. Went to local street fair, which should have been lovely, but turned out to be horrible.
Oh well keep on flying!

Hope you are all ok - will try to skim threads from past few days! Missed you all!

SimplyIsATalentedBuzzard Sat 20-Jun-09 20:36:20

Good evening one and all!

To do:-
~ pay D for ticket and S for other things
~ start on tidying up paperwork mountain
~ remember car paperwork x 2

~ put a load of washing on
~ write a letter to neighbours who've moved
~ decide on what we're having for tea

Did anyone see that lady called Samantha on All Star Mr and Mrs? That's what I'm like! Dippy, dotty and lots of other things beginning with d, I'm sure!

I'm going to do some furniture moving whilst dh isn't here for me to have to consult. shock grin

TheMadHouse Sat 20-Jun-09 22:11:24

Evening all

Tent is up, boys are fast asleep, we had a lovley evening at Friends who had arranged a BBQ

Off tomorrow to get arm bands and washing up bowl - the only things I forgot

swanriver Sat 20-Jun-09 22:30:19

I've been fast asleep snce six pm, dh has had a lovely quiet eve without me grin
Busy day
music school in morning for dcs
lunch (made yest) and lots of veg
then off to children's party with the dts, dd at party, ds2 just runnng around outside for 3 hours (open air venue) and me runnng after him grin. Also got to read my book for an hour smile before serious chatting started with other parents.

Nil flyng done really, just a few loads of washng and a bt of hall tidyng (keepng those shoes at bay)

We have an early riser Wendy. But we refuse to talk to him till 6.45. I thnk his downfall all these years has been an eastfacing bedroom, and I'm in process of tryng to get him into northfacing boxroom, presently study/junkroom. He doesn't tend to wake his brother tho (shares room) only us. He really can't seem to go back to sleep, but we've tried to train hm to read or play till a civilized hour. At 5.00am or suchlike we would have put hm back to bed tho, and then he went back to sleep usually.

Simply - furniture moving without dh approval heaven! except difficult then to move the blooming things...

Epimum, hope today was a bit better for dd. Those smiles and kisses do make it worthwhile.

swanriver Sat 20-Jun-09 22:32:45

TMH - hope light rain is not falling - tis here - but I'm sure your tent is a sturdy one.
I feel as if we are virtually camping on this thread now!

SimplyIsATalentedBuzzard Sat 20-Jun-09 22:33:27

Hi TMH. Well done on getting the tent up! I'm pleased you had a lovely evening. I hope the rest of your holiday is as good! smile

I have been tidying up the paper mountain. To start with, I've put a lot of it in a big box and tomorrow I'm going to do some more. It's recycling day shortly and I hope to get rid of lots of magazines and papers. I think I'll aim for 2 bags and see if I can achieve that!

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