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Help - 16month DS on rampage with sudocream

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Roscat Thu 18-Jun-09 20:53:59

As I was hoovering today, my 16mth DS managed to get hold of the sudocream. By the time I had noticed that things had gone awfully quiet, he had scooped most of it out of the tub and smeared it all over his clothes and the bathroom carpet.
Normally babywipes do wonders for our long-suffering carpet but with this I can still see white marks.
As for his clothes, I've no idea what to do. He smeared vaseline on a t-shirt only last week and the washing machine had no effect on it whatsoever. I really don't want to throw the outfit away as it was the first time he'd worn it and it's v cute.
Please help!!

nancy75 Thu 18-Jun-09 20:57:31

sudocream is a bugger, because it acts like a barrier between whatever its on and water. for the outfit i would try smothering it in washing up liquid, rubbing it in a bit then rinsing it out before washing it. if its any consolation i think its some kind of rite of passage, every child i know, including my own dd has done this with the sudocream!

Roscat Thu 18-Jun-09 21:12:39

Thanks, Nancy75, I'm off to try the washing up liquid.
I've had a bit of a day of it with him. While I was trying (unsuccessfully) to scrape off the sudocream with a toothbrush, he got hold of my laptop and managed to pull off 4 of the keys.
Then later on I went into our bedroom to find he'd pulled out an entire box of tissues.
There is really no point in trying to do housework..

nancy75 Thu 18-Jun-09 21:28:01

Roscat, i think they all have days when they turn into the devil! i might invent a toddler straight jacket, i'd make a fortune.
hope the washing up liquid works smile

Roscat Thu 18-Jun-09 21:34:46

I can't help wondering how long he's been lying on the changing mat thinking, 'If only I could get my hands on that..'
The washing up liquid seemed to be working on the t-shirt, am less hopeful about the trousers. Anyway, they're both in the machine now, so time for some naff tv. Let me know if you invent any toddler tamers wink

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