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Thursdays FLY

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dylsmum1998 Thu 18-Jun-09 08:03:48

morning back in a mo.....

dylsmum1998 Thu 18-Jun-09 08:06:23


baby steps

dylsmum1998 Thu 18-Jun-09 08:14:14

am feeling very tired today, dd has been awake on and off with trouble breathing last night, then ds woke up and decided to noisiley tidy his bedroom at 5.45 waking me and dd up again hmm

to do list
sort dry washing done
wash up
ds lunch done
breakfast for me
breakfast for dc done
dd to nursery
make beds done
27 fling boogy is in daughters end of bedroom today
meeting at ds's school re 11 plus
collect dd
ds to ju jitsu
s& bathroom

not feeling great, think its just tiredness hopefully getting going will sort me out

star good luck with the exam, when is it?
lbb its hard trying to do things around shift patterns isnt it, sounds like your managing well though

TheMadHouse Thu 18-Jun-09 08:27:30

Morning Dyls, thanks for the thread

I HATE thursdays and today is even busier than usual.

Preschool drop off
Aldi shop with mum - hope she is up
Home and shopping away
Homestart review
Preschool collection
whats for lunch?
Phyc visit
whats for dinner?
put ironing away
start sorting paperwork in spare room
Script from GP's
Bath for boys
PJ's for boys
Bed for boys
Ring a couple of people

Right ff to drop off and shop hmm BBL

dylsmum1998 Thu 18-Jun-09 08:32:02

thanks for reminding me tmh i need to take ds prescription to chemist as was closed when we came out of docs last night

Starbear Thu 18-Jun-09 08:59:16

Morning all, Thank you dyls exam will be Friday!
Hi TMH Again such a lot to do.
LBB It seems like the fly is working well for you as your getting so much done. I hope you have items on the list just for you e.g paint toe nails grin
Well its a beautiful day here. ds has gone to nursery so I have the morning to crack on.
So here goes

W/M load on
Get new load ready
Make beds
Dress and wash
Phone to get fridge fixed
Find number for plumber
Fold clothes
Get clothes sorted for next week
Get Ds to make ‘Thank you’
Buy more parking permits
Buy batteries for jumper shaver thing
make pumpkin soup
label ds's new jacket
Write another letter to nursery!
have a good day everyone grin

swanriver Thu 18-Jun-09 09:47:29

Lovely day here too down South. Children were inspected strawberries first thing and have managed to eat them before the slugs.

Dh is here, being slightly irritating, only slightly grin, tidying books in playroom
feels a bit ill

violin practice for ds1 (lesson today)
dd violin too
what's for dinner chicken, courgette gratin, potato
emptied waste basket
dcs to school with kit and waterbottles

bake slow rising bread hmm
hang out more washing
put thankyou notes in envelopes
hairdresser at 1.00 buy nail varnish remover en route

oh dear now he's in a state about toycupboard, wish he would go and lie down!

dylsmum1998 Thu 18-Jun-09 10:41:19

sort dry washing done
iron done
wash up done
ds lunch done
breakfast for me done
breakfast for dc done
tidy done
hoover done
dust done
make beds done
mission done
27 fling boogy is in daughters end of bedroom today done
meeting at ds's school re 11 plus
collect dd
ds to ju jitsu
s&s bathroom done

have spent nearly an hour in th ebedroom but it looks much better now, i hoovered behind all dd toy boxes, cleaned off th ewindow ledge and got rid of all the hotspots. so feeling very pleased with it in there. didnt take her into nursery as she didnt want to go and didnt want to force after her night last night. so have managed to distract her while i culled the bits if hers lying around for her to spot something through the bin bag. i told her its staying there and she now wants to go to nursery to tell my friend i'm mean!! hmm
am now going to go round and see if the man is at the garage today to get my car sorted and go in the chemist for ds's prescription

swan dont blame your children for eating the strawberries quick, i have found a new place to go picking so hopefully will be doing that at the weekdn with dc

galen Thu 18-Jun-09 10:49:35

morning all
dyls thanks for thread, sorry bout your rough night. Hoe you're feeling brighter later!
mad oh dear Thursday again...hope it goes ok for you and goo dluck with psych
swan well done to your dc...must go out and pick mine actually if slugs havent had 'em yet!
star morning. Looks like a busy day for you.

Very tired here today too...not sure why really other than life with 6 dc LOL
Struggling to find motivation....
need to :
washing update - lots!
mop floors
sort dinner
bathrooms (still not S&S yet hmm)
not sure what else...

have been distracting myself by musing on the joys off toddlers!

DD4 driving me mad today....

deep breath...cuppa then crack on I think

BBL grin

swanriver Thu 18-Jun-09 10:51:14

washing hung out
hoovered and tidied dd's room and changed sheets
tidied boys' room
more washing on
more rubbish culled
now to work

swanriver Thu 18-Jun-09 10:58:28

You needed a lollipop too Galen! I think they all deserved one...
another hubpge restoring me to sanity and smiles - thankyou!
How is the ds2 waking going?

swanriver Thu 18-Jun-09 11:04:54

Further re: lollipops and suchlike...This morning dd was trying to find some special sellotape which we had bought last week - nothing would satisfy but this essential item in its own dispenser. Finally located in car, after much gnashing of teeth. But without that sellotape she could not rest, or go to school even. They just have a singleness of purpose which I suppose is admirable smile

Starbear Thu 18-Jun-09 11:24:25

Swan It must be drummed into them, place for everything and everything in it's place.
I haven't started yet with Ds (4yrs) but I'm going to start tonight! blush
Galen How the passport job going? Will you need another kick up the bum? I'm going to write another letter to nursery tonight. Join me in the paperwork quest? We will conquer it. grin
W/M load on Done On the line
Get new load ready DoneIn W/M
Breakfast Done
Make beds Done
Dress and wash
Phone to get fridge fixed
Find number for plumber
Fold clothesDone
Get clothes sorted for next week Done Need ironing now
Get Ds to make ‘Thank you’
Buy more parking permits
Buy batteries for jumper shaver thing
make pumpkin soup
label ds's new jacket
Write another letter to nursery!

laurasmiles Thu 18-Jun-09 12:02:06

Hi all - FLYing went out of the window this morning as we had the call that my borther's wife has had her second baby boy! Lovely -all good: quick labour without any problems. Little Rudy is here!! grin

Off to get dc's from nursery and then crack on. Yesterday's afternoon nap almost turned into an all-nighter as dp left me to sleep and I woke up at 9.00pm! shock

Little sis arriving tonight after her GSCE's so must get the spare room ready.

Bfn. x

TheMadHouse Thu 18-Jun-09 12:25:17

Afternoon all

Preschool drop off - done
Aldi shop with mum - hope she is up - done, but she was dordeling
Home and shopping away - done
Homestart review - whist putting shopping away
Preschool collection - done
whats for lunch - jacket pots - cooling as a type
Phyc visit
whats for dinner?
put ironing away
start sorting paperwork in spare room
Script from GP's
Bath for boys
PJ's for boys
Bed for boys
Ring a couple of people

Laura Congratulations on the birth of little Rudy and good luck with the sis - we have my bro live with us for 3 months at 16 - it was a terrible experince for us - he loved it

audley Thu 18-Jun-09 12:32:48

Good afternoon all, DS just down for his nap and this has been my first chance to get a list together.

done so far
Up, breakfast including dogs, ds bathed, everyone dressed, mum and over (they are so loud it's a shock in my tranquil morning routine!), DS to swings, DS drawing picture and covering self in ink, hoovered, reboot, dw, ds lunch and down for nap

to do
prepare tea (turkey pie), mission, post parcel, town for potty and wedding outfit, weight watchers later, expect call from dad re Sunday, some ironing and possibly 15 mins decluttering understairs

Hats off to you galen for 6 LO's!

scattyspice Thu 18-Jun-09 12:42:08

Hi all.

Congrats Laura. I'd love my sis to have a baby.

Hi everyone else.

Have been up half the night with dd (second night in a row!) I think she is getting a cold (when will these constant colds clear up!). So I'm a sleepy head too! Luckily not much to do today.

To do
No after school activities (yay)
Must do ironing (am wearing a very crinkled uniform lol)
book Peter Pan ticets for trip to London (yay)
get stuff organised for mum visit this weekend.


dylsmum1998 Thu 18-Jun-09 12:44:38

galen i love reading your hubpages, always make me grin

my handirack and handiholdall just arrived so that will make things easier when we go to France. dd is sat in the empty box eating her lunch while i grab a few mins on here.

have taken ds prescription to chemist, there was a half hour wait so will go back for it later hmm

the garage is shut yet again, can only guess that there is illness preventing them from working this week, will try again tomorrow

laura congrats on baby Rudy birth, as Tmh my brother lived with me for 2 years, it was an experience, and i am now determined my children will not ever be 14 years old!!
good luck

scattyspice Thu 18-Jun-09 12:48:24

TSK re the garage Dyl.

Forgot to add:
To do:
clear and clean fridge and make list for dh
phone friend who is trying to arrange a night out.
phone mum to see what time she is arriving

TheProfiteroleThief Thu 18-Jun-09 13:39:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaggieTulliver Thu 18-Jun-09 13:47:06

Prof - suggest you set up a good new bank account and give them all of your details of other accounts. They can close them all, and arrange for direct debits etc to be moved for you.

TheProfiteroleThief Thu 18-Jun-09 13:50:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Starbear Thu 18-Jun-09 13:53:52

prof We are in the same boat with finances.We keep promising to sit down together and work it out but it never happens. That reminds me must cancel Lovefilm member ship never send films back in time, go off the idea of them when they arrive!
Collected ds from nursery. Going to have a cuppa & get on with the rest of the list!

grouchyoscar Thu 18-Jun-09 14:24:36


Busy in Grouchyland. Lots of AutoFLYing (doing it without noticing) and trailing to and from school.

Today I cluttercleared the bottom of the smellies cabinet, y'know, all the gifts people feel they should buy you but, you never use IYKWIM. The school fair can raise some funds with them. 2 full bag for life carriers to the fancy goods stall. It's better than them collecting dust in the bedroom TBH blush

Going swimming tonight, then shopping. Have great days ladies

TheMadHouse Thu 18-Jun-09 14:30:25

Maybe we should all endevour ro do the fly finances thing that scatty Did - maybe she can ge our guru. Only once I am back from my holidays though.

I can vouch for Nationwide - they are great - we have all our accounts with them, even the childrens and can see everything at a glance on the PC internet banking page.

I am back from phyc appointment and they are going to ring GP's and get my script sorted. It is possibly just down to the GP not receiving the letter yet angry

At least I have a plan of action regarding moving forward. We are going to try to achieve an acceptance of my phicical scaring/limitations. So at least I wont feel so trapped by the way I feel/look. Some tools to help me with the negatives and build on the previous CBT I have had, which worked well for me. They all agree that I am doing well to be at this place and realise that some outside input was necessary before things got worse and that they can help.

Nothing done fly wise - house looks like a bomb has dropped will tackle the spare room once the boys are collected in 10 mins (dropped them at creshe for my appointment). I wish you could get finanicail help for things like that.

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