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God help me if Xenia ever sees this - do you ever find yourself consciously making sure the pegs match?

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snigger Wed 17-Jun-09 19:57:31

I do actually have a 'real' job.

If it's my turn to peg out laundry, I can't bear mismatched pegs.

It actually riles me when DH does it.

Do I need the support of a mental health professional?

FrontRowFig Wed 17-Jun-09 19:58:23

and i annoy everyone by leaving the pegs on the line.

My mate has a condom she puts over her wahsing line

ilove Wed 17-Jun-09 19:58:31

Yes I have to match them. And it drives me nuts when things are hung out the "wrong way up" as well.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Wed 17-Jun-09 19:59:16

When I got my new pegs I just had to peg each item out with 2 pegs the same colour.

That lasted about two days.

I used to have each persons clothes on a separate side of the rotary washing line too but that made it easier for putting the clothes away.

Now they just go as they come.

Ceebee74 Wed 17-Jun-09 19:59:54

Absolutely - I thought I was alone in this strange obsession about the pegs having to match blush grin

When DS1 decides he wants to 'help' me hang the washing out by passing me the pegs, I have to grit my teeth as he obviously doesn't give me matching ones!!

FrontRowFig Wed 17-Jun-09 20:00:52

dh liberated me by showing me that you cn hang jeans up by their legs( ie by the ankle) therefor e not wrestle with a unpeggable wasitband

FrontRowFig Wed 17-Jun-09 20:01:24

My MIL MOVES my washing that she deems to be done wrongly.


yama Wed 17-Jun-09 20:01:53

My clothes have to have the green pegs. So there.

oodlesofpoodles Wed 17-Jun-09 20:02:00

I threw away all my jazzy pegs and bought lovely matching ones. <preen>

traceybath Wed 17-Jun-09 20:02:35

I also leave pegs on line and don't wipe it everytime i use it - what would my mother say.

And if washing is out and it rains i wait until it dries again - my mother finds this particularly slovenly after all fresh rain water is just so full of ummm dirt isn't it?

MaureenMLove Wed 17-Jun-09 20:03:00

Matching pegs is just the tip of a very big iceberg, in Mo's world! grin

LilRedWG Wed 17-Jun-09 20:05:02

Er yes, but DH thinks I am slightly obsessive anyway. I am coming to the point that I may throw my pegs and just buy all one colour. blush

snigger Wed 17-Jun-09 20:07:15

<<I keep thinking life would be easier if I could just bring myself to chuck 'em and start over, but there's a large sane person in my head that slaps me when I start reaching for jumbo packs of monochrome pegs>>

FrontRowFig Wed 17-Jun-09 20:07:49

my mate puts hers DOWN adn condomms it

psychomum5 Wed 17-Jun-09 20:11:35

oh god, I do.

but then, I have a line for bottoms, a line for tops, everything goes in colour order, pegs match (not colour so much, but definately type), and things need to have two or three pegs and be hung just the right way.

I am a freak with washing thoblush

fin54 Wed 17-Jun-09 20:37:00

I do, I also hang all the whites together and pinks etc together

SoupDragon Wed 17-Jun-09 20:38:11


I simply purchased a bulk lot of plain wooden pegs that all match.

PortAndLemon Wed 17-Jun-09 20:38:31

I think MN really needs a separate "God help me if Xenia ever sees this" section...

(My contribution: I darned some trousers and socks last night. And I rather enjoyed it)

CMOTdibbler Wed 17-Jun-09 20:41:38

God no. Stuff gets chucked on the line as fast as possible.

Pegs left on line, washing line left up, no wiping etc. Too much else to worry about here

KerryMumbles Wed 17-Jun-09 20:44:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Wheelybug Wed 17-Jun-09 20:49:51

You're meant to wipe a washing line ?

Up until a month ago I refused to have a washing line because they are unsightly (which is laughable really because our garden is a mess). Then I <whispers> bought a cath kidston temporary one (meant to be for camping I expect) and it has lovely coloured wooden pegs and am now converted to the idea of a proper washing line. Although am planning to have one I can take out of the ground and put in shed when not in use.

MadBadandDangerousToKnow Wed 17-Jun-09 20:53:32

I used to peg things with matching pegs. But I am cured now. wink

HaventSleptForAYear Wed 17-Jun-09 20:56:09

How can a washing line be Cath Kidston?

I HAVE to see this. Is there a row of bunting running along it?

Is this it?

[mind boggles]

feedthegoat Wed 17-Jun-09 21:00:11

My friends laughed at me when I admitted to doing this! If I'm not in a mad rush to get out the door it has to be pegged out in size order (large to small). Within the size groups it has to be pegged in colour order (black to red for darks, green to pink for lights) grin.

I do break the rules for pj's as I like the sets to stay together. The funniest thing is the way I take it off the line and then just dump it in a big jumbled heap in the spare room! All for show me, obviously wink.

onepieceofcremeegg Wed 17-Jun-09 21:03:38

I have some beautiful pink pegs that are lovely for the dds' clothes and my underwear. However I could not rest if I pegged out dh's boxers/shirts with them. I use the turquoise pegs for his stuff (or lemon coloured if none left)

I also have other things to worry about. wink

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