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redbush tea - who'd have thought it would leave such a horrible stain

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LaTrucha Wed 17-Jun-09 12:06:27

Ok so I shouldn't have let the stain dry but the toddler was calling.

I was taking up my brand new beige linen trousers while my Lo played on the floor and just as I finished I took a slurp of tea which then sloshed on the bottom part of the trousers.

LO was calling and it was linene and tea and therefore not a big deal IMpreviousE so I left the trousers and went to play.

Now I cannot shift the stain. I have soaked, scrubbed and washed with all that I have in the house. Admittedly, that doesn't include a suitable stain devil but what would get it out?

And I stress: brand new trousers that I ironed, decided needed taking up, left a while, ironed again and then took up before spillign tea on the behind, making them unwearable!


LaTrucha Wed 17-Jun-09 13:16:34

Obviously, I'm the only clumsy one round here wink

LaTrucha Wed 17-Jun-09 17:32:46

Or the only one who drinks redbush tea.

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