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Who Will Fly This Wonderful Morning? FLYLADIES ON MONDAY

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swanriver Mon 15-Jun-09 09:07:02

Good morning good morning

swanriver Mon 15-Jun-09 09:16:05

Two dcs to school, but dd is still ill with virus (hot and miserable) so a quiet day ahead.

Dh and I managed to have a nice chat yesterday, and discussed what we thought our roles in the home were grin so I feel a bit less tetchy.

Goals for today
sitting with dd
menu planning for week - check contents of fridge and cupboard
put laundry away

sort out some extra driving lessons with BSM to use car with gears (at moment only manage an automatic)
book hairdresser for some time this week (haven't been for six months blush

You all sound as if you had great Sundays outdoors!

swanriver Mon 15-Jun-09 09:17:29

Our chat was sparked off by him watching the Stepford Wives!

TheMadHouse Mon 15-Jun-09 09:23:26


babay steps

Starbear Mon 15-Jun-09 09:23:52

Morning Swan Hope the lessons go well & I'm trying to grow my hair but it's at the stage, it looks a bloody mess. When I go over to Spain I might get my cousin to perm it for free! or at least cheap.hmm
Looks like rain here! I had hoped that Ds was so tired from yesterday, he would sleep in. No, never mind. Well lets get this party started.
Hang out clothes Done
Dishwasher Done
Make beds
Dress and wash
Re load W/M
Get plumber for upstairs toilet.
Get someone to repair fridge
Shopping & chores out
Buy fish for tea (Fish cakes)
Buy more parking permits
Buy CD’s to burn
Find good containers for food stuff e.g. Rice and noodles
Get Ds to make ‘Thank you’ card & Father’s day card (carried over)
Clean leather chairs (carried over)
Clean another cupboard(carried over)

Have a nice day smile

TheMadHouse Mon 15-Jun-09 09:29:04

Morning Swan - I think it is good to have an idea of what is expected of each other. DH knows his jobs nad I do mine - we are a true partnership, also by having an understanding of just what I do makes him appreicate me more - I think grin


Up, dressed and breakfasted
DS1 to preschool
Washer on
TD on - peeing down
Beds made
Bathrooms S&S

Glad that it is the guest room, as I need to clear it to start putting aside holiday stuff, so will try and do that today if at all possible.

To Dos

Ironing and put away
find child benefit form
repeat prescription
shopping list for holiday
Whats for lunch?
Whats for dinner?
Ring Bra clinic
charge camera
make fairy cakes
Start fathers day cards with the boys


swanriver Mon 15-Jun-09 09:30:51

You are right Starbear, tis not a very nice morning down south, but I was listening to Oliver! (Who will buy etc etc)
good luck with repairs and gym

Dishwasher and laundry in

Starbear Mon 15-Jun-09 09:56:05

Need to find serial numbers, model number for fridge. WHERE CAN the info be. Fridge freezer, to big to move and look! sad
So thats add to my list!
Chq for nursery to add to.

dylsmum1998 Mon 15-Jun-09 10:05:18

morning all i had a busy weekend and dint make it on here. am flying for a little this morning before a lunch with the girls.

swan thanks for thread
star and tmh good luck with your lists

my list looks like

dc to school/nursery
all dressed
all breakfast
wash up

to do
sort computer desk out
go to bakers to get cream cakes for lunch

might have my extra room as the bathroom cupboard as everytime i oopen it i have an avalanch of stuff land on me!

dd cut her own hair this morning- she snipped a huge chunk out f her fringe sad think the only thing i can do is wait for it to grow back. little madam got the stool from the computer desk used it to climb up on the kitchen side get the scissors and go back to her vanity mirror and be a hair dresser hmm

swanriver Mon 15-Jun-09 10:05:49

Starbear, dw model no label is on inside of door, but like you can find not a trace of model no. of our fridge on it.

But have found my missing cash card in process (on top of fridge)! THANKYOU
Have you looked on original bumpf, instruction manual? That should show model.

Which reminds me I need to find everything related to boiler for tomorrow's service appt.

EHM Mon 15-Jun-09 10:55:34

Morning ALL

busy morning so far. ellie to preschool then mad dash home to take Mia back to vets.she is off her food. so they gave her injections of antibiotics & steriods. If not better by tomorrow they are taking her insad

swan good look with lessons. I passed in automatic. Hope dd is better soon. stepford wivessmile always best to talk these things through. DH helps when he can given that he leaves the house most days by 6 or earlier & home 6 or later. Plus he travels a lot with work. glad you feel ok after chatsmile life is perfect & neither is a relationship. We always say good & bad about each other & keep it real. Always being able to laugh helpssmile
starbear when you off to spain?
TMH when is it you go on holiday? My spare room is perfect at moment given recent viewings phew.
dylsmum cream cakes for lunchenvy

right off to iron & do a bit of general tidy s & s. Off to my parents on wed as its my Mums' 60th this week so we are having a family get togethersmile

EHM Mon 15-Jun-09 10:56:35

should say life ISN'T perfectblush

Starbear Mon 15-Jun-09 11:30:13

EHM I'm off on 16th July. Should start some planning. My Aunt lives in Galicia in NW Spain in a place that's too small to call a village. We wanted to go Mark Warner this year ha! Ha! Ha! I've saved for five years to have a blow out holiday and the money has gone! To be fair Aunt & Uncle come over for Gran's funeral and fell in love with Ds. He is going to have a fab time. I'm going to take some books and watch over him the whole time!
I've put lots of weight, don't have the money and haven't got the time to do any holiday clothes shopping. sad Going to clean and iron old stuff & cross fingers.

Starbear Mon 15-Jun-09 11:39:55

Washed dressed After Swan's post I washed & blew dry my hair. Doesn't look any better smile
DW empty Done
W/M loaded and on
Small run around tidying bits
Phone call from work I have to deal with angry
Another call from nursery saying I haven't given enough notice for terminating contact angry angry angry at myself.
Must fly paper work, since Ds have not stayed on top of it.

Tortoise Mon 15-Jun-09 12:35:36

Hello all. smile
Had a fun day yesterday thowing buckets of water at each other. Funnily enough the water seemed to miss me grin.

Have had a good tidy round the front room this morning as well as booking local hall for DD2's birthday party. Think we are having an inflatable slide. So i will need to make sure i am careful with money so that i can pay for it!

Have also printed off and filled in budgeting loan form. All ready to send off.
Looking at maybe going to Dawlish Warren.

Hope all are ok?

Starbear Mon 15-Jun-09 12:46:56

Tortoise Dawlish Warren is lovely been there lots of times. Good luck with the loan

TheMadHouse Mon 15-Jun-09 12:51:47

Afternoon all

Busy morning doing nothing but playing with DS2 really [smile

Lunch has been eaten and all tidied

I am off to collect friend pop to Argos and then Matalan

EHM We go sat morning, would love to see you before if we can fit it in - let me know your movements


scattyspice Mon 15-Jun-09 13:00:24

Hi girls.

Tort lol at yesterdays activity grin.

star - staying with family in spain sounds like an ideal holiday.

swan - maybe I should get dh to watch stepford wives hmm.

dyl - your dd sounds very resourceful lol.

To do:
swimming lesson
mission (no spare room so easy week for me lol).


Tortoise Mon 15-Jun-09 13:10:09

Starbear That is nice to hear. I have no experience of the area but wanted a change to Weymouth! Holiday park i have found is quoting just under £600 for beginning August which sounds perfect. Now worrying that it will be booked up before loan is sorted!

galen Mon 15-Jun-09 13:33:33

afternoon all
swanglad you cleared the air with your dh.
tort we've also been to dawlish warren - lovely, kids had a great time.
mad good luck with the room clearing and holiday sorting
star Spain sounds like it will be a lovely holiday. Hope you enjoy!
dylsalso envy at cream cakes for lunch!
scatty we also dont have a spare room ...if only LOL but I'm sure I can find another room to tackle!

A good day here so far. Was feeling a bit overwhelemd last night and first thing due to general accumulation of weekend chaos innevitable with 6 children running in and out of garden with hundreds of toys for two days etc...
But my lovely homestart lady has been this morning and I have just about restored the house to rights grin DS also managed to stay awake all morning and played in garden with dd4 and homestart lady so now he is napping and I have got an hours peace yay!

Home bluer - hoovered, dusted, emptied bins, general bedrooms tidy
Laundry reboot
been shopping
sorted out fridge
shopping away
mopped dining room and kitchen
hotspot put out

to do:
sort dinner...hmmhmm
school pick up
rounders club pick up
mop hall
clean washing away

right off to finish indulgent cuppa
bbl grin

Starbear Mon 15-Jun-09 14:27:05

Galen You've been posting passport forms for ages.hmm Let me kick you up the bum. GET THEM DONE TODAY. You don't want to be standing in Victoria Passport office begging for passports. I Wished someone kicked me up the bum re letter to nursery angryI'M STILL VERY ANGRY galen Don't be a pudding like me!
Friend has invited us around to play in paddling pool. So it might be frozen fish cakes not home made blush She is also going to look at contact and see if I can have a go at nursery re fees.
So 'Thank you' & Father's day card won't be until Friday.
Found details of fridge (while looking for nursery contact!)can't see serial nuber will get DH to look tonight.
Find plumber on Friday!
Have a better day than me everyone!

galen Mon 15-Jun-09 14:29:34

oh star you are soooo right. I have been putting them off for ages! Thanks for kick up bum! off to satrt them now wink

swanriver Mon 15-Jun-09 14:55:44

ironing with dd
dcs' bedrooms brief tidy
cleaned bath loos etc
3 loads of laundry
read to dd
put her down for a nap

Good luck with forms Galen
Glad you had a good morning - home bleuring really sets one up for the week doesn't it?

To do right now
hoover playroom for 10 mins

Tortoise Mon 15-Jun-09 16:11:03

Lol Star Good kick up the bum for Galen!
I could have done with a kick up the bum to sort the loan out sooner. grin I would be able to book sooner then!
DS's very excited about the possibility of holiday happening! Especially as it says there is a karting place very close to the holiday park!

dylsmum1998 Mon 15-Jun-09 16:30:40

afternoon all, have got ds preparing dinner while i check emials play on here.
have been to my friends for lunch was good to have a girly lunch. and cream cakes were yummy grin
my friends baby is so cute, am worried about friend as she is a bit down, told her to call me if she needs anything no matter what is or what time is. hope she will.
must do sme ironing today.

good luck with the loan tort
i booked our hols today so excited now. just need to sort the ferry crossing to get there now.
sorted ds's swimming lesson out, he started on sat but was too advanced for the class he was put in so have changed him t the next one up

scatty dd is very resourceful, and was very clever of her to think through the problem of how to reach the scissors hmm grin

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