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Pomi Sun 14-Jun-09 17:54:10

I am going to move from London when 9 months pregnant. What are your tips. I am already throwing away lots of stuff and not buying much stuff.

Jaquelinehyde Sun 14-Jun-09 17:59:33

I moved from Nottingham to the South East coast when I was heavily pregnant.

I bought hardly any baby items until we had moved. One thing I did do for the bigger items was order them early but aranged to have them delivered the day after we had moved (to the new address obviously)so they could go straigh where they were needed no fussing and panicing about not having the essentials.

If all else fails just remember babies need very little apart from warm clothes, some form of milk and, some form of nappy. The rest can be bought anytime.

ThingOne Sun 14-Jun-09 18:24:51

I moved when 8 months pregnant with my first. The only thing I had bought was a drop-sided cot as I got a massive bargain. I then bought everything else on-line once we were in.

You really don't need much to start with. Half the stuff you see for sale is completely unnecessary.

I agree with clothes and nappy. You will need vests and babygros even if your baby is born in high summer as to start with they really need to be kept warm. You'll need a light blanket. You need a car seat. You need nappies. You need cotton wool for washing, and for nappy changes. If you're using disposable nappies you need little plastic bags for bagging up the poo-ey ones.

Work out your list and where you're going to buy it from and just order it once you have moved. You can wait for things like a bath or changing table. They don't need baths when they are little (although many like them) and you can change on the bed or the floor.

Pomi Mon 15-Jun-09 18:25:09

Thanks for the messages. Its my third one so i already got some baby items like car seat,cot and buggy. Someone advised me to clean every thing before i move.

MatNanPlus Mon 15-Jun-09 18:28:31

If you clean it all now and wrap in clear plastic - not black bags - then at least that is 1 less thing to do in the new house.

Wonderstuff Mon 15-Jun-09 18:43:40

Label all your boxes and pack your kettle and all the things you need for making a cuppa separatly in a box that you pack last. Nothing worse than spending 2 days looking for a kettle. grin
My other top tip is to make sure you know were all the bedding is and make beds first so you can collapse in a heap ASAP.

I find moving really stressful and find that the best thing to do is stay away on moving day while dh and his mates put together furniture and stuff. I normally go and buy lunch. Haven't done it with DCs yet (house on market). Can you all go out for the day?

woodstock3 Mon 15-Jun-09 21:21:46

i moved when 8 months pregnant: my main tip is dont do what i do and decide to do my own packing to save money.....
put your feet up and pay removal firm to do it. also make someone else deal with all the stressful stuff (like ringing the electricity company when you get there and discover they havent fecking connnected it despite your 78 previous phone calls)
other than that:
1. be UTTERLY ruthless about throwing stuff out. i thought i had been yet so much stuff went from the loft at the old flat to the loft at the new house and has not been needed since
2. like wonderstuff said eerything you need for first night in one box (yours and dc's night stuff, washbag, plus things like kettle, teabags, mugs, looroll, lightbulbs, cleaning stuff in case the new house is left filthy, mobile phone chargers) that you do not allow out of your sight. i also did a morning after box with breakfast things in it cos it'll be weeks before you unpack properly (in fact with third baby arriving, let's face it, it may be years). obviously also your hospital bag should be on top of the pile just in case.
3. do NOT attempt to cook on first night there. have a takeaway fgs.
4. have a contingency plan for how you're going to handle things if your baby makes earlier than expected appearance (would they all move without you? could you change moving day? etc)
5. make the removal men leave one comfy armchair until the last thing to go and then you sit in it until they more or less carry you to the van. this will stop you being tempted to do anything.
6. pets, young dc and anyone else of a nervous disposition should be sent to grandparents/friends for the day.
good luck!

Pomi Tue 16-Jun-09 12:19:46

Woodstock very good tips indeed. We are going in a rented property so hopefully all the fittings would be done. Yes i am going to pack my hospital bag before. Also nowadays i am in a mission to throw things out.
Matnan why not black bags? I think no prop as long as you label it as wonderstuff said. but there is no chance i can go somewhere, this is not my nature.

MatNanPlus Thu 18-Jun-09 10:58:42

I have found that they tend to disappear.

Do label them, A4 sheets on 4 sides and top of bag, labelled with contents and number of bags involved and fingers crossed.

FourArms Thu 18-Jun-09 18:02:37

Sometimes things in black bin liners can develop a funny smell.

Pomi Fri 19-Jun-09 20:38:24

Ok then i buy some white bags. My friend helped me packing my crockrey today. She said i must put in boxes otherwise it will break, i was going to put it in bags as well.

Pomi Tue 23-Jun-09 13:30:10

Any other suggestions?

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