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WAY-HAY...The weekend is here! No Missions, Family Time for now

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grouchyoscar Sat 13-Jun-09 09:27:53

Where has everybody gone? hmm

Hello FLYers, Welcome one and all, Here is the weekend!

Just straightening my head out, back later

grouchyoscar Sat 13-Jun-09 10:08:30

I'm being hassled for Moshimonster time (grrh) soI'll let you know what I've been doing before I'm denied anymore PC time by the Family Fusspot

OK poor DH is sufferring (self inflicted hmm) I'm not going to tear a strip off tho as he made a lovely meal last night (poached Italian chicken, slurp) The sun was shining so I got up and

Installed Ed in the front room
Emptied DW
Put away
Emptied WM
Sort for drying
Peg out
Water plants
Clean loo
Put bins out
Load WM and run
Load DW and run
Empty WM and sort for drying (again)
Put white load on

I'm still feeling a bit not quite right but, ho hum, things don't do themselves do they? I am going to take it easy, honest.

Hope your geeling brighter today Tort Poor Bob but it isn't your fault,it's a fish thing.

Starbear Sat 13-Jun-09 10:24:14

grouchy Thank you can't start a 'homework' day without posting on Fly blush
Okay, I didn't go to the gym (pls don't be upset with me tax payers)Going to put 'shave legs & armpits'blush on next Friday's list!
Dh has gone to the gym though.
Okay so far
Breakfast Done
beds made Done
All washed and dressed Done
DH tided kitchen Done
To be done
Washing in machine
Shopping list
Get Ds sleep over bag ready
Quick once over the house (shoes away etc)
Put new blankets away (find a place to put them!
Meet DH at Gym coffee
Boys going to watch rugby
I'm going to scrap moss out of my lawn.
Over to mates for dinner/tea Ds is going to have his first real sleep over (I don't include Nan & Aunty)
DH & myself are going to wine tasting at church. Yippee! a night out.
Have a lovely day everyone. smile

TheMadHouse Sat 13-Jun-09 10:44:14

Morning all

I am feeling a little out of it still due to the new meds and a late night (power cuts) and two pesky children shock

DH has

Done a wash
Jung it out
Dealt with the children

To Do's

Collect new specs from optican and pay
wrap MIL's pressie
write cards
DS1 off to football training with DS1
Whats for lunch
Load car with tent etc
erect tent
family day

gemwow2000 Sat 13-Jun-09 10:47:02

hello everyone.

I am not a mum or mum-to-be. I am a student nurse from Newcastle. I was just hoping someone would be able to help me with an assignment due to be handed in next week
I have to give an account, from the patient/client perspective of the role of the midwife. So basically I need someones story of their midwife during and after there pregnancy. Whether it is a positive or nagative experience. In depth detail would be good, seeing as I have to write 2000 words.

*Please can someone help me*

It would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Starbear Sat 13-Jun-09 11:15:22

I'm not sure I can put it on my fly list! I'm really lazy.
Did you think ask a busy woman.........
Okay I'll see but it won't be until next Thursday when I have PC time in the evening to myself....

Starbear Sat 13-Jun-09 11:18:14

Washing in machine done
Shopping list Done
Add empty recycling bins & normal bin
Put another load on.
Off we go to meet DH (when ds puts on his trainers hmm

Wolfcub Sat 13-Jun-09 12:05:50

good morning ladies

I was so physically and mentally exhausted when I finished work last night that I could barely hold my head up straight - much improved now but still feeling somewhat exhausted and flat


bathroom s &s
washing machine on
bed stripped
kitchen tidied and cleaned a smidgen
wm unloaded, reloaded and on
washing out
back door wiped down outside - still not clean but decidedly improved
rubbish out
milk bottles out

spent hour dealing with ds having a major meltdown. I now have bruised arms and chest but he is asleep - thank god for Ivor the Engine stories.

TheMadHouse Sat 13-Jun-09 12:33:04

wolf sounds so like DS2 - he had a complete meltdown last week - tipped over chairs etc, had to put in bedroom nad let him thrash it our, as I couldnt hold him.

It happened again last night, as he didnt want cream on his rash - 40 mins - DH tried to hold him, he raged so much he made him self sick and nearly passed out from holding his breath - he went blue.

My mother thinks I exagerate the issue, now DH has witness one of the tantrums, he has to believe me. They are so hard to deal with. We never had this with DS1 and I thought we had excaped the terrible two's with DS2 as he is three in 2 weeks, but I was soooooooo wrong sad

I am sorry that you are finding things exhausting at the moment - you must feel pulled in all directions.

Try to have a relaxing weekend - if that is at all possible

Wolfcub Sat 13-Jun-09 12:44:07

mad I think we have the same child!

swanriver Sat 13-Jun-09 12:53:51

Those tantrums are really frightening aren't they?
With dd it is like she is thrashing out some issue to with dependence and independence all the time. She wants really close contact yet she doesn't want to feel so "bossed around" for want of a better phrase. It is almost as if she wants to be the baby cuddled and cherished, yet also she knows she wants to be free and make her own decisions without criticism or judgements. She wants to know what the boundaries are - that makes her feel safe, but she wants to know that her ideas about things are respected.

Anyway her foul behaviour yesterday has turned out to be illness. She is now asleep on sofa...

Otherwise, a nice morning going to music, chatting with friends.
Casserole in oven, and roast potatoes
rice pudding

Kids have gone for a bike ride.

swanriver Sat 13-Jun-09 12:55:40

Sleep over sounds a wonderful new venture Starbear
Tort, sorry about Bob.

swanriver Sat 13-Jun-09 12:56:51

Ooh she's woken up now, and started Moaning again..just going to clear up preps and then sit with her.

epimum Sat 13-Jun-09 12:58:19

hello ladies,
sorry i havent been on for aq few day i've had really bad s & d, much better now still got this cold but, at least im not being sick any more!!
havent had chance to catch up on the threads yet, so i hope you are all ok
have a lovely weekend smile

Wolfcub Sat 13-Jun-09 13:18:50

I am coveting a guinnea pig Eglu

grouchyoscar Sat 13-Jun-09 14:25:47

Wolf An Eglu for DS? hmm Put him out of the way in the garden? My offer to get our 2 together still stands BTW

Hello again I had a bath and fell asleep while getting dry blush but

Up and dressed
Make bed
Empty WM and sort for drying
Peg out
Feed the greedy spuggies

Got a new pair of shoes delivered. DM pumps, I'm very chuffed with them smile The last of my b'day cash (2 pairs of DMs honestly, will I ever get a grip?hmm)

DH's Father's day pressy has arrived. I hope he likes it. That bloke is so difficult to buy for

I ramble, what are we all up to?

galen Sat 13-Jun-09 16:02:55

afternoon all
Have the WORST hayfever ever. Dh has cut the front and back lawns...and I am sooo suffering. I never got hayfever till 4 years ago, then one summer it just started. Been a major PITA every summer since. I so totally underestimated how bad it coulod bebefore I had it!
My eyes are now swollen and bulging, one is actually bleeding under the surface and I can barely see sad
Have been sent to bed by Dh to recouperate..
Have also had to have an antihistamine so am now wiped out too...

Will hopefully BBl for individuals...

Hope all difficult children are now behaving and everyone is having a pleasent Sat afternoon.Right need to go shut my eyes for a while.

Starbear Sat 13-Jun-09 16:08:59

galen Sleep & enjoy the rest. My cold last week really got me down.
grouchy What are DM pumps? Ou you mean Dr Martins?
Right boys out watching Rugby
I've had lunch
Bins & recycling Done
Washing hanging Done
DW on Done
Clothes need folding
Ds sleepover bag
& moss from Lawn
Then a cuppa I think.

grouchyoscar Sat 13-Jun-09 16:28:31

Star Yep, Dr Martens, I'm a bit obssessed by them. £20 on eBay, brand new

grouchyoscar Sat 13-Jun-09 16:28:37

Star Yep, Dr Martens, I'm a bit obssessed by them. £20 on eBay, brand new

swanriver Sat 13-Jun-09 16:33:19

Been to the recyling dump TWICE with garden clippings
feel very pleased with myself, but managed to acquire some small items from another tipper..hmm

nearby friend's 40th party this evening - dh and I will take it in turns to go, thus avoiding stress of babysitter (who I haven't managed to find)
now I'll take boys swimming I think
then have to make effort to look glamorous

TheMadHouse Sat 13-Jun-09 18:01:21

Just to say we are going to sleep in the tent - will post pictures of our new baby tomorrow - have a nice evening all

I have only come home to get a few bits we need!!!

scattyspice Sat 13-Jun-09 19:51:34

Have a good camping trip mad smile.

Hope everyones having a good weekend (hayfever and tantruming toddlers aside hmm).

Have been into town again today (actually went twice, as i took some photos to Boots to be developed and forgot to pick them up blush). Bought present for mum, more wool for me and sorted library tickets.

I have also bought a popcorn maker grin. DC are now watching Magic roundabout and eating popcorn.

I have also done:
ds homework (with no help from dh who maintains that he shouldn't have to do homework tsk!).

Hopefully have a day out somewhere tomorrow.

galen Sat 13-Jun-09 20:20:21

mad enjoy the tent!
scatty yay for popcorn machine. I love the Magic Roundabout...did have the DVD but one of DC scratched it....must get it again..grin

Wolfcub Sat 13-Jun-09 21:43:51

grouchy sounds like a plan to me. I am also on leave the week after next with no major plans except going to see sick friend on one day and wedding of another friend on the friday so ds and I could take you out for coffee and a bun if there's a day you aren't too busy

mad sleeping in the tent will be fun. We are considering going for a Yurt holiday!

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