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Funky bean bag for toddler playroom

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arabicabean Thu 11-Jun-09 16:49:11

Does anyone have any recommendations?

I will probably buy this as I love the look and think it's just right for the room (waiting for the swatch to arrive). I was wondering what other eyecatching beanbags people had bought.

Itsjustafleshwound Thu 11-Jun-09 16:54:21



sweetheart Thu 11-Jun-09 16:56:13

we recently brought these outdoor beanbags from B&Q

They come in really nice bright colours and have the added bonus that the kids can take them into the garden.

We brought 2 of the chair style ones in bright orange and they have been great for both kids and adults!

midnightexpress Thu 11-Jun-09 17:00:30

The Marimekko ones are lovely but <wince> at the price. I saw the B&Q ones and was thinking about getting them too.

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