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don't procrastinate- Just FLY!!! its wednesday

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dylsmum1998 Wed 10-Jun-09 08:52:57

back in a mo

dylsmum1998 Wed 10-Jun-09 09:02:02



prof i have bagged all ds's toys up and put them in the shed before and made him earn them back, i didn't tell him they was in the shed for a week, i did it on bin day and told him i had put them in the wheelie bin before the bin men arrived blush i did work tho he only needs nagging gently reminding that his room is getting messy and he cleans it grin i also have linked pocket money to a clean room, ds loves to save so hates to think he has lost money

tort and go hope you are both feeling a bit brighter today

today i have
sort dry washing
load washer
dc lunch
dc dressed
beds made
wash up
ds taken himself to school

now need to;
s&s bathroom
dd to gym
take nan shopping
pop to my aunts

would also like to clean behind cooker/fridge etc but i only have 15 mins til i need to leave so don't think that will happen today

have a good day all

epimum Wed 10-Jun-09 09:38:00

good morning,
i think i might try that take toys away and earn it back with ds!
still got cold today sad as does dd who had a seizure last night so were tired today
at least i did a good clean yesturday which mean i dont have alot to do today so we can rest,

to do this morning:
wash up breakfast dishes done
wipe up and put them away
hang washing out
put next load in wm
make beds done
s&s bathroom
sort out dinner

will check in again this afternoon ahve a lovely day everyone smile

galen Wed 10-Jun-09 09:50:00

morning all
dyls thanks for thread - I've done that with Dc toys before as well!
epimum hope your cold lifts soon

well lots to do today...lets see:
Clean our ensuite - next
General downstairs tidy
hoover stairs
sort dinner ??
reeboot laundry
Paint at least one more wall in littlies room

Right best get on then!!
BBl grin

TheMadHouse Wed 10-Jun-09 10:04:41

Morning all

Had a bit of a morning already, DS2 has had a mega meltdown tamtrum (40 mins) trashed his room and everything and all becasue I asked him if he would like breakfast


Up, dressed and preschool drop off
washing on
TD on
DW empties
Swimming bag packed

To Dos

Swimming with DS2
Lunch - leftovers
Put ironing away
Ring brother, homestart lady and friend

Epi Sorry about the fit, hope you both manage some rest today.

Later ladies

swanriver Wed 10-Jun-09 10:08:52

Dh and I have just been sitting in rain under the garden parasol having a cuppa. (Tube strike today - he is working from home)
Feels like camping at its best LOL.

He kept asking me where all those coloured things I had last year had gone - finally deduced he meant GERANIUMS. Garden is very green and tasteful at the moment ie: flowerless, but lovely. Potatoes are flowering!

Now first thing - get dressed
then ironing and putaway
then more curtains and radio

Go for the painting Galen
Was yesterday's mural out of your head or did you use any tracings?

Epimum it feels like a day for resting doesn't it, very misty and damp.

Dylsmum, what colour will you do your dresser? Sounds a fantastic bargain.

My vindictivness/firmness on toymess front is in proportion to general rattiness. So generally just either hide the toys in shed to begin with or tidy them away in vain hope of setting a good example.
I tend to wait till bedtime for duvets though and just say get it yourself from downstairs if you want it [mean mum emoticon]

swanriver Wed 10-Jun-09 10:12:11

x-post TMH. xx for tantrum sit.

epimum Wed 10-Jun-09 10:51:13

hi swanriver where are you to? its sunny here, i think its meant to rain later though,
so got dd fav film going to cuddle up on setee with popcorn smile
all for her benefit of course grin
tmh thanks, shame about the tantrum i've got a 5 yr old that still does that, getting less freqeunt now though at long last, have a nice time swimming,
galen thanks to you to, sounds like you got a busy day, good luck

LoveBeingAMummy Wed 10-Jun-09 11:07:52

hello all

had a rough night with dd so didn't wake up till 8:45 and bloke doing the poorch roof was due at 8:30 so full panic that he'd been and gone!

any way, got all of dds clothes sorted yesterday i cant believe how many there are but at least ive manged to get some together to get rid of.

got up smile
me and dd dressed
erm thats it!

To do
washing put away
Dishwasher emptied
pots washed
tea sorted
post letters
post dvds

Tortoise Wed 10-Jun-09 11:15:24

Morning all.
Feeling a bit better this morning. Had a good start to the day without any problems before school!
Went to a friends for a bit after dropping kids off.
Now home and faced with the mess again.

littleboyblue Wed 10-Jun-09 12:10:13

Hi all. Sorry for constant lack of personals, I know I am rubbish at keeping up with this thread! I am still doing well FLYing though.
As I don't have a school run, I am at home all morning, so most of my computer time is at about 7ish while ds1 is having breakfast, they don't make it easy to get on again for long through the day grin
I do try to read as much as I can from you ladies, so don't think I'm not interested!

Right, can't be bothered to write my to do list on here, it's on paper, but have so much to do today as I said I'd cook dinner for the children at playgroup (they have dinner there every wednesday and we all take turns cooking), so just waiting for ds1 to finish lunch and go for a nap so I can get peeling potatoes, it has to be in oven at 2pm latest.......


scattyspice Wed 10-Jun-09 12:52:34

Hi all.

LBB - thats a nice idea (cooking lunch for playgroup smile).

library after school
kitchen jobs.

Tortoise Wed 10-Jun-09 13:05:32

I have sorted DD's box of magazines/puzzles/painting etc and chucked most of the magazines in the recycling. I doubt they will even notice! I don't really know why i have so many toys for them, they hardly play with toys. They prefer immaginative play together.
Debating whether i should get rid of their Duplo bricks. Not had them out for ages and ages!

Need to clear the bits of the floor then hoover before lunch.

TheMadHouse Wed 10-Jun-09 13:17:31

Afternoon all

LBB Lunch at Playgroup sounds a great idea to me

Tort Well done for the de-cluttering

I am a very angry mad house DS2 had another tantrum regarding lunch.

My mother wouldnt believe me regarding this mornings (she collects DS1 from preschool on a wedensday allowing me to take DS2 swimming).

So not much done

I have the washer on - with the swimming bits in
Lunch for DS1
Doing toasties for me and mum, as mine went on the floor

I need to take mum home after she has eaten

I also didnt get the stuff on to e-bay must do that tonight

Tortoise Wed 10-Jun-09 13:24:53

TMH Sorry to hear DS2 had another tantrum.

Floor now tidy and hoovered. Still have lots of mess round the edges with piles of toys! hmm

LoveBeingAMummy Wed 10-Jun-09 13:53:04

Hi all

got up smile
me and dd dressed
erm thats it!
pots washed
Dishwasher emptied

To do

washing put away
tea sorted
post letters
post dvds

Feeling awake now. DD is just waking up from her nap so going to get to the shops, wll decide when i'm there if i am making tea or buying it blush

grouchyoscar Wed 10-Jun-09 14:12:28

Cheers for the thread Dyls

I will employ the bin liner method to get Ed sorting stuff out, Thanks grin

OK, I'm giving in, running up the white flag etc etc. I can't keep burning the candle from both ends and I know all I can do is ferry Ed to and from school and no more. I'm not going in the next 2 lunchtimes. I need to rest up. The world can go to hell in a handcart.

Well, except my FLYfriends that is

epimum Wed 10-Jun-09 14:53:33

hi grouchy are you feeling better?
*swanriver it tipping down here now sad

anyway hope everyone is having a lovely afternoon me and dd have smile
we've watched beehoven (dd would watch it everyday if she could, she knows the words of by heart}
we've got the face paints out and painted each other's faces in fits of laughter (i look like the incrediable hulk)
right better go and wash face before picking ds up from school grin
i better go and raid my freezer and think about what to do for tea tonight
have a lovely afternoon flyladies

swanriver Wed 10-Jun-09 15:20:21

Tort, you could give Duplo to your school reception class, ours always are grateful for it...(if you can't face ebaying it)

Good sorting vibes, here I've tackled that dreaded junk room.

Just been to school garden open day - so sweet to see them all weeding and digging (not all pupils at once lol, just selected few I think) My potatoes are taller I think!

Off to pickup now.

dylsmum1998 Wed 10-Jun-09 16:44:51

tort i feel the same about the mounds of toys in here, they play with a selected few but prefer arty things.

swan i think i am gonna try and sand the dresser down and restore to natural pine colour. love the sound of the school garden, hope it isnt like the garden project when i was at school- one minute wonder

tmh sorry your having a bad day with ds today

GO hope a few more peaceful days helps you to rest and feel better

ABuzzardAndACowNamedTalent Wed 10-Jun-09 16:45:05

Hello all. I haven't read the thread yet. I'm just back from work so I'm bookmarking it for later. smile

Tortoise Wed 10-Jun-09 17:20:22

Swan Would love to be able to that but really need to get some money for it. We have a massive tub of it plus an aeroplane. smile

Dyls Yes mine prefer arty stuff too. smile Maybe i should get ruthless and sell loads. Wouldn't make much difference to the space they have in their room though!

Tea is cooking. Mince and potatoes (chips for me and DS2 cos not enough spuds and no money until tomorrow!)

Kids are outside. The sun is finally shining after quite a showery day.

swanriver Wed 10-Jun-09 17:21:45

Good for you Grouchy - a live SAHM is better than a dead dinnerlionlady

All is calm here, for now. can't hear anything...just yet...

Now just have to give everyone dinner and then hem the Brownie trousers.
Done dd's homework.
And I've practised piano for 10mins smile

swanriver Wed 10-Jun-09 17:24:42

Tortoise, definitely de-clutter it. I think lego is the next stage.
Dd has always preferred making things out of loorolls than duplo grin

Tortoise Wed 10-Jun-09 17:26:07

We do have some lego. DS1 has all my old lego from when i was young! grin Might invest in more for them.

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