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Help please - a horrible cat/fox poo question

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sg49 Tue 09-Jun-09 14:05:40

Help please - a horrible cat / fox poo question

Recently I have been discovering lots of poo in my garden! We own 2 cats so expect to have to clear up a bit, but usually it's well covered and hidden. However, I'm now finding 3/4 large piles each day. Some of it is on the surface of the soil. I'm wondering about foxes, but the poos are not dark and musky. Some of them are very sloppy poos, gross. especially as I have a 1 year and 4 year old and the 1 year old is obsessed by being in the garden and playing with soil... I've planted a couple of scaredy cat plants, put down pepper dust, cats get off. Is there something that repels cats and foxes from pooing?
I'm also having a cat spray inside the house from time to time, once inside my daughter's bedroom.
I'm considering re-housing our cats as I'm finding the whole hygiene and young children situation too much.
However, my 4 year old loves the cats..
Do you have any ideas?

crumbled Tue 09-Jun-09 19:25:13

I think garlic powder works quite well.

Think how people feel who have this problem who don't even own the cats! Believe me, it's gross having your toddlers playing with someone else's cat shit in your own garden. angry

We've tried everything in the past to repel cats from shitting in our garden, the battle has almost made my husband ill he got so obsessed with it. He tried a catapolt when he saw them doing it but I guess that's a bit extreme. When I was pregnant he was even more outraged as he saw me scooping cat shit off our garden so our toddler wouldn't tread/fall/play in it. It can be very dangerous to pregnant women - I didn't know.

On a lighter note, have you tried training them to use a litter tray?

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