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woohoo its the weekend FLY- no new missions!!

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dylsmum1998 Sat 06-Jun-09 08:38:20

back in a mo.........

dylsmum1998 Sat 06-Jun-09 08:43:26

i woke up before the children today which was lovely, i decided to get up and have a go on wii fitness coah in peace and ds woke up half way through, still ten mins to myself was lovely grin

today i need to ;
sort dry washing done
wash up
breakfast dc done now time for mine
sort out the empty pots i have kept for re-use they need somewhere other than the kitchen side ot live on hmm

not sure what the children want to do today, preferably something that doesnt involve them bickering hmm

tmh thats bad news about the dairy sad

swanriver Sat 06-Jun-09 08:45:01

Hello Dylsmum, thankyou for the thread.
Mine are watching Thomas and Magical Railroad.
I am just making a cup of tea feeling a bit groggy..(as per usual)
and have written things in control diary.

Today Dh is at work all afternoon, so I think that means
music school am
followed by lunch here
and an afternoon of swimming

Also need to change the rest of the sheets slowly but surely this weekend. Did ds1's bed yesterday.

MaggieTulliver Sat 06-Jun-09 09:14:28

Hi All.

dylsmum - I have recently bought the fitness coach. Havent set it up yet though. Is it any good?

DH back today after a week away although he'll be jetlagged.

House not too bad although could do with running a hoover over the place.

dylsmum1998 Sat 06-Jun-09 09:40:20

maggie yes i love it, much harder than wii fit, although i've only had it a week so novelty hasnt yet worn off! the children love doing it too, very cute watching my 3 yr old do it with me.

we are off swimming again this morning so be back later
have a good day all

TheProfiteroleThief Sat 06-Jun-09 09:40:22

Hi all
partying today. must actually do something at some point! meal out was fab

swanriver Sat 06-Jun-09 10:01:58

cleared up whole kitchen, dw etc
feel ridiculously exhausted by this simple feat
made a medallion belt with dd
now going to brave violini practice with her hmm
oh dh says he's off now and will be back at three I'm confused

TheMadHouse Sat 06-Jun-09 10:23:42

Morning all

I have a very sore throat and woke the whole house with cramp last night, so it was four and the cat in the bed and the little one said roll over hmm

Dyls Child free time - lovley

Maggie I too have bought it and not set it up £10 in Game at the moment

Prof Glad the meal was good

Swan Whats a medalion belt, sounds like something a 1970's hairy greek would wear grin

I am up but not with it, DH has done the morning stuff with the children smile

not sure of plans, as it is awful weather. We may go look at cabin type beds, I am bidding on one on e-bay.

galen How old did were yours when they first used them

did you get a new oven?

TheMadHouse Sat 06-Jun-09 10:26:14

Oh and re the diary it is really bad news, FIL got notification this morning that he will not be receiving any payments at all as he is not a secured creditor sad. DOnt know how they are going to manage really. it means that lots of things wont get done this year and worse sad sad

Things were just starting to look up for diary farmers, after BSE, Foot and mouth and really poor milk prices. I am so glad that they are older and that we are not farming TBH.

Starbear Sat 06-Jun-09 10:29:19

epimum A friend's son has fits. This lead to her being very stressed too. Please, please get people to help and look after yourself too.
tmh I hope it all works out at the dairy.
dylsmum & Maggie Can you see a difference using wii fit?
Well, Still feel like poo! Never mind
Washing in machine
Change my bed
Shower & dress me & ds
Hang out washing (indoors)
lunch Play with ds
clean out one cupboard
Going to friends for tea/dinner at 4pm lovely.
have a good day everyone

epimum Sat 06-Jun-09 10:31:23

morning all,
thankyou for your lovely messages yesturday,
dd is 4 and she her seizures were starting to get under control with the help of medication, but now have started to het regular again i need to speak to her consultant monday, she is much better today just really tired, thanks again evryone,

to do today:
get dc dressed done
get myself dressed done
breakfast done
go to asda (ran out of cat and puppy food) done
tidy downstairs
sort out my bedroom
take dc's to birthday party this afternoon
whats for tea
wash up
relax with dc's with film (dh is working tonight)

hope you all have a lovely saturday will check back in later

epimum Sat 06-Jun-09 10:35:50

starbear thankyou i do get stressed because i cant do anything to help her, i get really tired because im constantly listening for her, dh helps alot whilst i get rest,

grouchyoscar Sat 06-Jun-09 11:13:16

Happy (wet bah) weekend to you all

Not had chance to catch up on the threads but sad for any poorlies

Should do a list of Hellos as I haven't for ages so

Wolf have you had a great b'day?
Wendy Have you settled in yet or is your life still in boxes?
TMH Hope you are taking care of yourself.
EMH Muppetty morning to you and yours(doing it, doing it together, we'll be friends forever.....)
Prof How the devil are you?
Dyls Thanks for the thread
Galen How do you do it all you amazing lady
Swan Hello there, good to see you abouty
LBB I was making jam at 10 pm last night, I too am a sad case grin
Starbear Love the name, welcome to the FLY world
Epimum Hello and welcome to you too

I've been to Tesco this morning for the stuff I missed last night. I forgot the cat food and our poor moggy had to have a tin of mackrel last night, I think he is still well happy. So Tesco done, breakfast had

Oh yeah, I chopped into my ring finger divving up the Rocky Road Crunch. Loads of AB- all over the sink and DH has all the 1st aid aplomb of the surgeon on the Victory hmm It's stopped leaking now so fingers crossed

Out at a friends this aft. Going to get DS and their DD to make dough with fresh yeast, alway fun!


littleboyblue Sat 06-Jun-09 13:37:47

Hello all.
No FLYing here this weekend. I am child free until tomorrow afternoon. Woo-hoo! The boys are with my parents. Just got home from dropping them off, straight in pj's, feet up on sofa, think I may climb back into bed with dp wink but might get in the bath with my book, oh the choices!!!!!!
I cheated on my morning routine and didn't mop floors, oh well. I do however need to empty and soak the nappy wrapper and change oil in chip pan.

Starbear Sat 06-Jun-09 14:11:45

littleboyblue Enjoy. I loved last weekend.
Washing in machine Done
Change my bed Done
Shower & dress me & ds Done
Shopping Done
lunch Play with ds Done

swanriver Sat 06-Jun-09 15:27:34

What lovely parents LBB. Don't think I have ever ever got the weekend you describe in the last ten years, and don't think it is likely now...

Ho hum,
despite these envious feelings, weekend here is going very well. Dh is still at work.
We have rummaged our way through afternoon,
played shop
pictures of Deathstar and furry hotwaterbottle
swiss roll making (ten minutes prep ten minutes cook) and 2 mins to eat hmm smallslice left for dh
earthed up potatoes
planted out a 3 courgette plants in a morrison's recyclable bag
broke up 2 minor fights
scrapbooking for ds1
now ds1 wants to play on the electric keyboard so I will assemble it...

Kitchen is a cosy muddle/tip again.
Swimming at 4.30 I think.

TheMadHouse Sat 06-Jun-09 15:34:43

Afternoon - where has the day gone

We went out and bought a few bits of shopping - not much, but the boys have been terrible sad I hate it when they misbehave angry

DS2 came home and proceeded to have a masive tantrum

DS1 just wont do as he is told

I NEED to escape and do the ironing

Starbear Sat 06-Jun-09 15:35:13

swanriverWhat a lovely vision. Sadly, Ds is in his room alone because he just won't play with his toys at all on his own not for 5 mins! I've made him a fish tank out of mega bricks, read him stories etc.. I feel a little mean sad He has to learn to play a little on his own. We are going out to see friends with children as soon as DH get home from my Mum's after finishing touches to decorating.
Dishwasher empty Done
clothes drying Done
Another load on Done
shopping away Done
ds Still creeping in and out of his room for a chat! smile
Now just dress & relax!

wendyredkitchenredspots Sat 06-Jun-09 15:49:15

hello, where has the day gone indeed!
DC up at 5.30 shock they seem to have started with the morning wakings again. As a a result all of us have been lethargic and in a daze - except DD who has had a sleep, of course!
epimum you're amazing coping with all that.
Mad my two are the same! No oven yet - can't afford it atm and anyway, we had two single ovens anyway hmm a strange thing about this house we inherited. Pondering a double oven or just another single one not sure yet.
We are off to a wedding reception tonight - kids sleeping over at grandma's house hurray!! DH is very grumpy though and I am pre menstrual so it won't be much fun in that sense grin
BB tomorrow

Starbear Sat 06-Jun-09 15:57:44

wendy go for a double oven that grills too! So useful honest! must go and get dressed!

epimum Sat 06-Jun-09 16:48:36

afternoon all
wendyred thankyou smile
well i've tided downstairs done some dinner and just got back from taking dc's to a birthday party, ds was a little sod i dont know whats got into him, so i've come home quite stressed,
oh well just made me and dh a cup of tea always seems better after a cup of tea hmm
have a lovely afternoon bbfn

TheMadHouse Sat 06-Jun-09 17:17:22

Wendy Hope you have a nice night, tis a full moon on the rise that is the issue with the children. Tomorrow night at 18.00 is full moon - argggggggggggggggg

I have done some ironing and popped it into the correct rooms to put away later.

We have been in the loft and resurected the old VCR to watch star wars on - we have the first and the last three on tape - rest on DVD. DS1 is getting in to the clone wars on TV, so we thought it was time to show him it all Swan it was you that brought it back to mind.

So I cleaned behind the TV in the playroom
Dusted the DVD and Sky box
hoovered the floor

I am just sorting out dinner

Chicken, chips and garlic dough balls (leftovers from our chicken - rest will make a lovley curry for Monday)

I am contenplating getting out my sewing machine and attempting to make a door stop for the conservatory doors - will see what fabric mum has got grin

Will be back later maybe

swanriver Sat 06-Jun-09 18:30:32

Had a GOOD swim. Played lots with kids, but only managed 10 lengths (sort of).
TBH, TMH and Wendy, mine have melted down quite a lot this afternoon too. And I've been exceedingly ratty, all this supermum is just a veneer. The minute I found there was not a SINGLE clear surface to put the piano keyboard on, began to seethe with rage and resentment about their incredible messmaking abilities (and mine of course) and lack of helpfulness, poor los. PMT too, no doubt.

Ah well, Dh IS in a good mood, so he defused things on his return at 4.30.
Tidied kitchen and playroom with him watchingkids, and then got to pool at 5.00 with dcs - better than nothing...

Epimum, hope your cup of tea was a strong one.
Grouchy was your jam rhubarb by chance?
Scatty, hope museum proved a lovely break from being indoors.

swanriver Sat 06-Jun-09 18:32:14

Oh yes, Starbear, I think it is personality rather than siblings - dd cannot stand to play by herself either, and follows me round the house suggesting projects...I have to have lots of playdates for her.

Tortoise Sat 06-Jun-09 19:12:16

Hello all.
Hope everyone is ok?

Had a really busy day yesterday pulling everything out of the cupboard. Have photographed everything to sell and put it all on here. Also weighed everything as i photographed it so i can work out postage cost and made a list. Then put it all back in the cupboard. grin
Have started a thread on MN for sale for anyone wanting anything before i start listing on Ebay. grin

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