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how would you store fragile 1930s magazines?

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Gemzooks Thu 04-Jun-09 11:35:59

I have a lot of Punch magazines from the 20s and 30s, inherited from my Dad. I would like to read them occasionally, but also protect them from damage. does anyone have any ideas how?

nancy75 Thu 04-Jun-09 11:44:33

you can get special bags that people keep rare comics and stuff in, and also boards .
hang on will google grin

nancy75 Thu 04-Jun-09 11:48:49

this stuff! i think you put a board in the magazine, put the magazine in a special bag then keep them all in a box 9friend is comic obsessive so i know all about it!)

Gemzooks Thu 04-Jun-09 12:10:25

thanks! will take a look!

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